John the Baptist's head is the Face on mars

John the Baptist's head is the Face on mars

the character John the Baptist from the bible takes from the story Enki a bit, hence why the equivalents of john the baptist in mythology are sometimes associated with mountain peaks and water because of this fact. For example Isis is associated with water. Amaterasu in eastern mythology has the word Tera in the name which suggests associations with the earth etc.

For the rest of my pictures:

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bluesbaby5050: They KNEW About the Face ...........

The Face on Mars back in 1958! It Shows us Plainly, that there has been ALOT of Cover-ups even futher back then 59 years ago,and then Some More! Tesla's Free Energy inventions was Supposed to be for the Benifit of ALL of Mankind! And NOT for just the Elites=Hybreds, and the Jews! And those people are using all this mordern technologies for themselves, While we Humans have to PAY for the DIRTY Energy to live. The Lies, and the Cover-ups can NOT be HIDDEN ANYMORE, and they are Surfacing at a Rapid Rate. Let's Watch these SCUMBAGS Fall Off from their Pedestals ! HAHAHAHAHA! (Nice post TR).

Terran resistance: god alive...

all you do is waffle on and on about nothing....

bluesbaby5050: TR- I was Speaking to the people in this forum....

And I was also Speaking to the people that are NON-Members that Do Read all the Postings. I was stating FACTS,and The Pictures are FACTS=PROOF! EXCUSE YOU I was referring to the Cartoon Comic Book.I do Not Believe JtB was Enki. ( My Opinion).

Tarheel: You're thinking JtB is En Ki ?

Or, is that just lineage you posted.

I didn't realize there's ANY affiliation whatsoever but I will entertain possibilities.

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