Jesus is Lucifer

Jesus is Lucifer

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bluesbaby5050: Jesus ,Not the Real name of this so-called man--

Has another name! The man people call Jesus was really a Rabbi,and he was FRAMED FOR A CRIME HE DID NOT COMMIT! TELL THE REAL STORY TR,AND GET IT RIGHT FOR A CHANGE! I DID tell this story last week,and your on this forum trying so hard to spread YOUR DIS-INFOMATION,AS THIS IS WHAT YOU GET PAID TO DO! YOUR A PAID PHYSOP DIS-INFO AGENT ON THE PAYROLL OF THE UK!!! WE ALL KNOW THE REAL TRUTHS HERE ON TRUTH CONTROL!!

Tarheel: The passages prove nothing.

They arent even relevant and none of them says Jesus is Luci. Jesus is like 3rd or 4th person he accused of being Luci.
Dude, please.

And furthermore, Venus is The Morning Star !

Tarheel: TR proven wrong again.

morn·ing star (Noun): 1.A bright planet, Venus, when visible in the east before sunrise.

Gosh-nobody knew Venus wasnt a star until you told us. DUH. pssst-sometimes it's the evening star,too. It's just nomenclature TR, Venus is just KNOWN as Morning Star and Evening star. Ya see, for most of Earth's time, people didnt have telescopes.

BUT, it's ot my definition of morning star, it's Wiktionary's. Every time The Mental Midget (a.k.a.TR) opens his mouth, he is proven wrong. Once again, you have brought checkers to a chess match. Grow a brain and THEN you can come back and maybe we'll let you play, dejected Limey.
TR-REALLY, You are really not that LOVE to listen to yourself talk but at TruthControl, we arent impressed at all. Go AMAZE someone else, somewhere else!
Or, go back to "getting HAPPY" with the picture post feature, just dont talk. I dont want to embarass you further but if you open your mouth, I will. AGAIN. As usual.

Tarheel: I forgot more than you will ever know.

Perhaps you should read your own posts, because it says, The Council of Nicea CREATED a new state religion (pssst-they altered the Bible, which YOU TR said was unaltered word of God).

If THEY (the Council of Nicea) altered it, it was NOT the unaltered word of God, now was it? Right. You're catching on if you will only read wtf you post and stop trying to impress everyone with SOMEBODY ELSE'S material, which you obviously do NOT understand. Perhaps you WOULD understand if you would take the time to digest what you post.

I've never seen a priest with a dog collar, either. If I do, I'll be sure to give him some ALPO.

Terran resistance: I never said such a thing

you could perhaps find the quote for me

Bellerophon: TR - I actually like you, but

TR - I actually like you, but still, deleting your previous comments is just childish man ...

if you made a mistake its okay to admit, we all do.

Terran resistance: huh

well there is more than one light bringer in the bible
so im trying to avoid any light references in the bible like the plague at the minute...
the conventional lucifer son of the morning has to do with Khepri (hollow earth) not the dog star which I initially said...

its defo not venus!

Bellerophon: Thanks for the explanation TR

Thanks for the explanation TR, although I couldn't understand what you mean, as I haven't read the previous comments (that you erased). I'm just saying, try to to fight all the time? :)

And I agree with you that it isn't Venus, but I'm not sure its Sirius either :D

bluesbaby5050: All this is in the Past now,as I have.....

Mended fences with TR a while back. Tarheel never will/or can't.

Terran resistance: nah

me and tarheel are like double rainbows now XD

bluesbaby5050: TR are you being Sarcastic now?

Double Rainbows? A Rainbow has only One other meaning where I come from,and it Means a GAY day! LOL!.

Tarheel: Amen to the "misatkes" comment, Brotha Belle.

And WE ALL DO. Some here just wont admit it, though.

It's Natural to make mistakes. No Pain, No Gain.

bluesbaby5050: HAHAHAHA!


Tarheel: Tarheel proving ONCE AGAIN TR doesnt read his own BS

It's in your link, SUNSHINE! Read your own posts, you mental midget. You cant hang with me so quit while you're behind.

You're a buffoon, TR. (psst ..buffoon is 1.One who acts in a silly or ridiculous fashion; a clown or fool.

Yep, you are an ASSCLOWN exemplified is TR.



bluesbaby5050: I have Read ALL this information about This subject----

But,I DO NOT FEEL THE NEED to Post This Material ,AS OTHERS HERE HAVE THE SAME ACCESS THAT I DO! I do my research,and do not Quote other people's facts,because this is so Obvious when someone does this,for attention? NOTT!..I Know What I know,and I Have for Years now. I'm Not a Mason,and I do know this Shit too! HAHAHAHA! To Prove a Good Point }:>)

bluesbaby5050: This man called Jesus,and EN-LIL! They ARE BOTH PARTNERS!

They are Both Annunaki from Niberu.They are Both in on this Huge Scam of the Control of the masses of people--> Though The Churchs! These Two were Always Together,and they Still are! They want to KEEP Control of the people ,and this planets Resources to this day! You/We Have been Lied to! This is Still going on Now! They Are The GREAT DECEPTION People!

seeker612: want to know

Seriously, i dnt read Bible but what i know is. If Bible and Jesus are propaganda then how come all the things mentioned in The Bible are coming true. I think its time for you to keep your records right.

Tarheel: Really ? Everything?

Well, I guess we should "Go ask Alice" about life and prophesy.

Perhaps one man on the chess board will get up and tell us where to go.
Oh, and remember what the door man said..."Keep your head."

bluesbaby5050: There is some truths in the bible..............

There had to be,so it would be believable to those reading it, and preaching from it. The bible was only allowed to be read by the priests,and not for the common man/woman. It was printed in Latin, and the common people could not read or write.This was done for a reason.The bible has been RE-written many times to match with the changing times of that Earth period. Each person doing the writing had expressed his viewpoints from what he saw,and felt during those times. So SOME truth is always added to keep people believing the bible word for word. Not all of it is the truth, because this book was written to help keep the sheeple under control,and the churches had the job of doing this,and the Priests ran the show in the countries around the world. The Pope was viewed as the living god inbodiedment on the Earth in the days of darkness on this planet. The pope actually ruled the lands Rome had conqured. He lived in Rome,and Rome had conqured all of Europe,and Rome was an Empire back then. The Vatican in Rome, no longer has the power it used to weld on the peoples and across the landTimes are changing,and for the better.

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