Jack Nicholson doing Satanic as above so below gesture

Jack Nicholson doing Satanic as above so below gesture

Also notice the heart and feather in the background?
these are symbols of egyptian purgatory where the egyptian god of the dead anubis would judge everyone.

if your heart weighed more than a feather then your were destined for some place nasty. Vice versa.

The heart symbol has satanic connotations contrary to popular belief, for example the heart comes from the word hearth which is a fire place in the middle of the house usually, like in roman times. So the heart is associated with the middle of something and fire. Like the earth perhaps.

Also has lots of negative connotations in the bible.
more bad than good

also santa comes down the chimney (hearth) at NIGHT, santa being an anagram of satan and has lots of HORNED reindeers like rudolph.

Pagans used to make offering in the fire place of their house.

Theres plenty more examples but thats all I can think of at the moment.

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