Iron Cross Symbolism

by Quinton on February 23rd, 2014
Iron Cross Symbolism

"There is not much difference between the cross of the Templars and their related societies, such as the Knights of Malta and the Knights Hospitalers, and the iron cross used by the Nazi Party. The so-called Templar cross was used in the First World War and can be seen on many churches, hospitals, charities, and corporate logos. The symbol is really the Great Pyramid viewed from above." -- Michael Tsarion

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dvogel: Actually the Nazi iron cross

is no different from the Christian symbol.

The Iron cross like the standard Christian cross is (among other things) a sign of the 4 elements with the sun in the middle. The Swastika is a sign of the sun as well as Jesus is.

dvogel: Now that the iron cross and Maltese cross

have more or less no difference, I wonder what this is all about? :)

Tarheel: Do you subscribe to MT's interpretation?

Do you believe he is correctly interpreting that it is "really the great Pyramid viewed from above" ? Certainly he is light yrs ahead of me, but that seems like a stretch. I'd be very interested in finding out how he comes up with that deduction.

Quinton: It's interesting because I

It's interesting because I find that the cross and the pyramid have a lot of overlap in symbolism. As dvogel mentioned, the cross is the zodiac with the sun in the middle. It is an astrological symbol with the sun representing God or spiritual enlightenment. The sun is God according to the ancient mysteries. This is why Jesus is a sun God and symbolized by a cross.

Like the cross, the pyramid also represents spiritual wisdom as you work your way up it. The "chief cornerstone", the very top of the pyramid, represents spiritual enlightenment. The chief cornerstone is the stone that the builders rejected in the Bible. In the Bible Jesus in the chief cornerstone. So once again you have pyramid symbolism telling the same story as the cross symbolism and Jesus is used in both of them.

So the pyramid being a cross viewed from above may or may not be the interpretation meant when people use the iron cross... but the pyramid and the cross share a lot of the same esoteric symbolism, so I could see how it ties in.

Tarheel: Unify is right (edit/correction post)

...that the Pyramid is actually 8 sided. This is NOT an anomaly. It is believed that they were made 4 sided by the final capstones. In my mind this just adds to the mystique.

Tim Lovell: the pyramid represents 4d

the pyramid represents 4d concoiusness , as the trinity 3d, the pentagon 5d etc , its about existing in 3, 4 or 5 dimensions or places at once the star of david( forget technical name lol) represents 6d where enlil etc reside hence why he used it in his control religion symbolism ....
but at 6d you bpass duality so why is an asshole like enlil able to be up there and function ?

but then again as eevie says its all a matrix controlled from above by the ciakars ultimately so its bad anyway , even the good bits that are allowed to exist etc its still all part opf the control matrix , sigh its such a shame we have been lied and manipulated like this but remember anger never solves anything and its what they want , lol just unplug and get out like eevie said , ....

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