by Crackdown on January 19th, 2014
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obsrvantlouie: This is

Quite possibly the worst 5 minutes I have ever spent and I severly doubt it's authenticity. How this information helps/proves/informs anyone of anything is beyond me. Nothing but trashy fear porn.

Even if it is intended to show the "true" nature of reptlian hybrid.....it is far to long and a very poor example. A memo that says "reptiloids are sex and violence addicts" would have sufficed. But, we already knew that didn't we.

Yes, I am sure of it now....the worst 5 minutes I have ever spent....ever.

UN.i1-PHI: you spent 5 minutes on this?

then you obviously/probably havent read it all, or you can read at high speed... ;P

if you would have read it all i think you couldnt say that this(whole convo) is nothing more than just (for) fear porn? atleast not from CD's side, but obviously the other was trying to push some fear porn, but he did not fell for it...
for both 'good and bad' ppl theres a lot to learn from this guys disturbing psychological issues...and how he may got made to believe in such things and be like that,
and from how CD dealt with them and what he tried to teach/show him! for his own sake for consideration and mastering yourself...

obsrvantlouie: Superspeed

Yes, I read very fast...especially when the contect is at such a basic level as above. It was a gues between 5 and 10 minutes...let's say 7. And yes...I regretfully read the entire post. Besides my "spidey sense" going batshit crazy during this read, here is what I observed.

* Uni.1 - CD's positive, harmonious "attempts" to influence are noted and for me, the only items nearing any substance.

* At one point (about half way through) RH says "IF WE EVER TAKE OVER". This is a DRASTIC change from his very stern and consistent attitude of "NOT IF BUT WHEN" etc. Psychopaths don't tend to admit defeat...especially when they have proclaimed quite the contrary the entire time. RED FLAG.

* This "RH" is allegedly 18 years of age. Full blown human males that are 18 years of age are (for sake of not arguing) ALMOST as obsessed with sex as above RH claims to be. That this admitted SEX addict spent this amount of time divulging essentially nothing is a RED FLAG.

* The direction, content and aim of the conversation seemed convulluted and premediated. I can comment further on this if need be.

Now, I notice that none of you have addressed my observations from the initial response.

- How does this content inform/prove anything?
- What does an 18 year old sadistic sex addict care for wasting his time on this interview?

Perhaps...had the interviewer actually "reached" the RH's "soul/spirit" this would have been a beneficial post. Also, that the seemingly most "interesting" (poor word) information is edited is further notice of RED FLAG.

-You've discovered an RH meeting place? Doubtful, but let's entertain this for a breif moment.

Now I am responding to CD's comments...

Firstly - there exists MANY knowledgable, informed and advanced spirits on this website. In my experience...this website hosts the most advanced perspectives dealing with the current paradigm second only to "trufax.org" and the entire Matrix series. Having said that, I would guess that TROLLS would be handsomely rewarded for wasting MOST of the members time who blog at Truth Control.

Secondly - What is your motive CD for hoping someone contacts you wanting to know the "whereabouts" of this location? How does knowing this location help anyone? Is your private army ready to rock and roll? Shall we go "Call of Duty" on this location? If the reptiloids are as technologically advanced as everyone here seems to agree....do you really think you are aware of a location of anything "substantial" if even accurate?

Now that I have taken the night to relfect upon this, I will go a step further. I say this is a "Psy-Op" itself...intended to generate fear and loathing. Either CD was duped by the interview and mistakenly thought it actually to be a RH as funkadelic has suggested....or, it's' something else.

These are my observations....take them with a grain of salt like you would any others...I am not attempting to convince anyone of anything. Finally, I would be very interested in an actual interview with a RH....I just think this is not one of them.

Crackdown: Re: Superspeed

Dear friend, please check your private messages

bluesbaby5050: This is Great Reporting .....

On the "Psychology Of a Reptilian/Reptiloid Mind," Crackdown. I Enjoyed this very much. Keep it Flowing :)

obsrvantlouie: I am working on my

Delivery. My message was not intended to discourage posts of this nature.

Crackdown: I am going to release more stuff like that soon ;)

and also, promised translation of "7 keys of Rainbow" purification system, described in this thread:

funkadelic_14: Damn bro. U weren't being

Damn bro. U weren't being mind fucked by a reptoid it was just probably some troll bored as shit fucking with you.

Crackdown: Thank you for Critics, it is

Thank you for Critics, it is always good to question things ;)


1) discussion lasted more than two hours! nobody in sane mind would be trolling for such a long time. I have encountered plenty of pranks: they are too obvious, and last just a few minutes - not hours

2) aside from fact that neighbour area was already reported as a "lizard place", I have good indirect evidence about that location - but, if I post it openly, they could relocate :P

Why not make a short version?

1) when I share links to 2x"alien chat" articles that I posted earlier, people often ask to read more. So, why not share more from the outset?

2) BB5050 guessed right! if you are not interested in dealing with Rs and RHs, skip
- or you will waste your time. But, if you are "ALL IN" - this interview could be used to
learn their psychology, interests, motives....

Sun Tzu, "The Art of War", from chapter three

It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle

Karoline: Reptile Hybrid my arse!

Sounds like the sort of conversation a schizophrenic would have with himself! Exactly how much DO you get paid for this disinformative drivel?

UN.i1-PHI: your 'back'? ;)

or you havent left really ? ;p

you were basically asked, out of honest suspicion, if YOU perhaps were paind to spread anti-et-reality comments, but it doesnt have to be that necessairly, it may just look/seem like, and you didnt really respond in reference to that, as i can imagine how hard it can be for you to believe in such things without the proper evidence (wich is being cover-up'd for that reason),and these ppl working for such agendas do exist and they mostly try to hide the et-reality/connections and protect the illusionary innocense of their system), but now you just accuse anyone else for being disinfoes...? :p

CD posted and edited this long 2hour conversation he had during an online random conversation session and he found this guy and wants to share the it with us to show it, i'm sure he would not have made this conversation with himself and that there are (HUMAN LOOKING)reptilian hybrid people who think theyre superior because their masters told them theyre reptile gods too and that made him think too good of himself and they reward him in few ways for being one of them and doing the hell they do... and i wouldnt refer RH's to your ass btw :p lol

i think CD 'rang some harmonious bells' with this guy and made this nasty boy actually think some important things FOR his own 'good' and others he hurt/damage/afflict...and made him reconsider why he would be doing this, but he seems very ignorant and loyal to his 'brainwashing'/conditioned programming... i think he did an great job with doing this and spending his time for such asshole others would just skip away because he likes to offend others, but CD knows better and knows how to deal with them and not taking too much offence from his conditioned behaviour and actually have a great conversation with him :D

cosmicstorm: This RH is retarded

he says he's the greatest pimp alive WOOOOWWW. No wonder he got dumped, I lost all respect for reptilians even though I didn't have any to begin with. Pathetic pathetic pathetic reptile, I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

funkadelic_14: Hey bro im not here to critic

Hey bro im not here to critic you. On the contrary all I am trying to say here is that you seem like a real intelligent soul. And you shouldn't waste your time being fooled by a troll. Clearly he was not legit. I have not encountered a real reptilian and i hope i never do. But this person seemed like some bored nerd who has not respect for himself let alone for his reptilian clan. And I believ there are people that are willing to troll for two hours. I appreciate the post and that you are sharing any type of info u encounter. All im saying is that you seem too smart to fall for shit like this

UN.i1-PHI: what about cd's 'positive'/harmonious influence...?

towards this 'retardED guy', i think its quite necessary/important for some change to have such 'inspiring' conversations with these people to so there may come a spark of light back to him.. he have quite some re-thinking to do if he would want to master himself and his emotions etc... he seems pretty broken...poor soul, he even may have a benevolant soul but is now trapped into this materialistic ideology/deception...


Karoline: He's paid to bullshit the gullible on here:

Of course he's smart, www.truthcontrol.com is about making money via the gullible. The more traffic they get from people checking out the site, the more they get paid by somebody higher up the business pyramid. Someone who doesn't care WHAT bullshit people mouth off, isn't that right Quinton? There must be saner people resting in psychiatric hospitals than there are giving out honest information on this site. Truly, i fear for the sanity of humankind, hopefuly sanity will prevail in the end but i'm not holding my breath.

Quinton: First of all, Truth Control

First of all, Truth Control isn't a they, it's a me. I am the only person who owns Truth Control. But if you'd like I can make you a partner. Since it's a losing entity you can mail me a check each week to pay for the hosting and maintenance. TC is not a business, it's a hobby. This site is funded by other businesses I do that make money. I spend a great amount of my time on this site to make next to nothing off it because I love the pursuit of wisdom and I love listening to other people who share this pursuit.

That's not to say at some point it may be a full time job that makes money. But right now it's nowhere near to that. It started with me having a deep desire within to do actually do something in the world that I fully believed in. It started with me reading through books, taking notes and spending countless hours on the computer every night carefully typing out quotes and archiving them on this site. It started with me spending my free time alone in a room studying and working.

People are free to say whatever they want to say here. People need a place to share anything that is on their mind and this is the place to do it. I'm not here to judge or tell people what is right or wrong or tell people what they can say or can't say. I respect all people and their views.

If somebody has a problem with a view they are free to challenge it as is done all the time here. Your view of not believing in an ET connection to Earth doesn't make sense to me, but you are free to have it and I respect you for having it. A lot of times it's not what somebody believes that is important but rather why they believe it. I'm sure your reasons for what you believe make very good sense and that is why you see it the way you do. Different people have different experiences and perspectives which shape their beliefs. You've shared what you've had to say and it's great to have different perspectives. I strive for the greatest amount of contrast to bring about the greatest amount of information, creativity and wisdom.

There's bullshit everywhere you look. Sure, there's bullshit on this site, but there's bullshit on every site. And there's bullshit on the sites you post too. I dare for you to find me one site or even one person that doesn't have bullshit.

TC is much bigger than these petty things. TC is for people who understand these dynamics and are able to use their own internal compass to synthesize the information and file it within as they best see fit.

I appreciate you being here and I admire you speaking your mind. I wish more people would do it. I only hope the best for you and I send you love :)

UN.i1-PHI: and for that...

we are very thankfull to you Quinton, we love you man! you're doing an awesomely great 'job' hosting TruthControl and giving people a place for free speech conversations and share of information, without the madmans censor!
and you also do all other kind of awesome things i saw you hit the piano on youtube your great and full of passion, you're an very inspiring person, i read you said youre like what some people may describe as a 'workaholic', thats really good from you, makes me think of all the things i could(and still can) do if would i coose to, try and work very hard for it,myself and others... :)

Slayerment - Kings of Mount Olympus

obsrvantlouie: Quinton

You are a class act and I commend your endeavors. A truly dignified and noble pursuit that I hope you never lose sight of and that I also hope more people attain. I thank you for the time spent (past, present and future) laboring to create this AWESOME SITE!!

Thank you for leading by example

Karoline: Re reptilian humanoids:

First off, thank you Quinton for at least addressing my complaint. Your truthcontrol is being viewed by several thousand people across the net. They come to your site to get answers to all their worldly concerns. So if I read something which appears to me to be a load of schizophrenic jiberish i’m going to react, which is something that edisonik apparently calls ‘sewing bad fruit’ (though I thank him for calling a 51 year old ‘young one)’

It is David Icke who ‘invented’ the notion of reptilian humanoids. The same person, who in 1991 said the world was going to end in 1997 and the same person who at one point professed to being the son of a God that I don’t even believe in. So coupled with the fact that I am not a big fan of ski-fi, I see absolutely no reason to even entertain the notion of humanlike shape shifting lizards – to me the concept is insane. Whereas the concept of ‘beings’ existing out there in outer space ‘somewhere’ I don’t find so difficult to contemplate.

Re unidentified flying objects (and there are, in the skies above us, unidentified flying objects), you said yourself that the Vatican was at the top of the control pyramid. So it’s never a good sign, when the Vatican attempts to persuade the public that something be so www.educatinghumanity.com/2011/04/vatican-on-ufo-disclosure-alien-contac... The fact that I and others I know, don’t believe that UFOs are Extra-terrestrial in their origin, won’t prevent ‘a plan’ from taking hold. After all, when pagans refused to believe in Jesus, the Christians simply burnt them! Soon we’ll be seeing UFOs everywhere in the sky and why (in my opinion), one of two things:
a. They’re thinking about another terror attack (of course government sponsored) using the ‘man made UFOs’ against all of humanity that are gullible enough to believe that they are ‘real UFOs’ from outer space, and then they’ll blame it on the aliens or:
b. The whole charade forms part of the agenda for a new world order. The alien UFOs attack (except they’re not alien UFOs, they’re made here on Earth) so the ‘forces that be’ move in with THEIR UFOs to ‘take out’ the alien invasion. For which humanity is very grateful and hands over leadership willingly to the powers that be – at a cost to the individuals pocket naturally.
Do I have proof of any of this, no I don’t. Has a reptile told me to say this, no it hasn’t. I need neither God nor alien to speak my mind for me.

Terran resistance: Fake!


Crackdown: Re: Fake!

I expected more detailed comment from you, Terran resistance ;) Anyway, please check your private messages: maybe your opinion would change after reviewing additional stuff...

UN.i1-PHI: well

one of the pictures of the girl he sent was from some from some colleges website and is publicly accessable with a memo of her wanting to become a professor after she graduates and that her major is history etc, the other picture could not be found by ggl pics and seemed to be taken in someone's home while she was showing her certificate/graduation degree etc... and i think the location he sent was somewhere near that colledge, and even to be found on that colledge's website...

this does not make it convincing, especially because he claims that she's his gf and says that you'll become all inlove with her when you see her... after i saw the pictures it really became suspiscious, from his side ofc, as i know CD would not make this all up on his own, so yes this guy could be just a fake, or shall i say a stalking retard and oversexed nazi wannabe reptilian fooling around proudly of the NWO reptilian agenda, and this guy sure has some disturbing issues/problems... and that so called gf of his, really aint that 'hot'/sexy at all! atleast in my opinion lol...

nevertheless i do not think this conversation has no value and so that CD didnt waste his time even if that was this so called RH guy's intention, as he('rh') said himself they were wasting our time!

cryssmo: me!

I'd like to view it, if you don't mind sending me a private message? : )

Crackdown: Sent! Please check your private messages for more info ;-)

I have sent to you the missing parts of discussion, my comments, archive with images and decryption password for it. Hopefully this additional information could help you in your research! :)

edisonik: KAROLINE

The Path is Narrow and not all will Understand.

You are Blind and your Heart is closed.
One will be seen for the Fruits they so and you young one sow bad fruit.
But isn't Free Will a beautiful gift, you still have it.
On some Countries you are not allowed to express yourself.

Be blessed you still have Free Will , Free Speech etc.
It is a blessing that the folks on this Forum are on the Right Track.

These People on this Forum were not meant to " FIT IN " they were meant to "STAND OUT", because they are "STAR SEED".

You now know one of the Dis-informers there will be many more who will come to try to discredit those who are awake from the Global Mind Control Network.

Peace , Truth & Harmony to all.

edisonik: We are not in League with the Rothshields , Rockerfellers etc.

They are Lost and if they do not change their ways , will be lost forever.
We do not believe in Merchandising Life as Product.
You are not Product , you are Free Beings created in the Image of Heaven.

In this we hold our Honor.



moonsstarr923: Hopefully,

we can----at least----all agree about one thing CD mentions: There are a lot (more) of us "awakening". I know. I see it. I feel it. And, we are more so-----whether we know it or admit it----reaching out, or looking out, for our like-minded brothers. Even if we are *not* all on the same page, , , we *do* know/realize that "something" is going on; we are not buying into things drilled into our heads as we were growing up. We are not accepting certain---perhaps---paradigms that my father accepted without question when he was growing up. This notion is going to have to be good enough for me for now, and I'm going to ride out on the hope therein...

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