The Internal Power Struggle

The Internal Power Struggle

I've had a bit of trouble with this lately myself.

Dealing with my heart vs my brain.

Our hearts are passionate. An in some situations can bring us a wide array of

But it's often raw emotions, that can also even get us in trouble at times.

I've let my heart take over several times lately. Allowing it to be fueled with emotion. Even to the point of letting others negativity; get me upset enough that I react out of anger. Which has caused me to say things out of character for me.

An for what? To prove a nay-sayer wrong? I'm leaning more towards simply letting it go. Letting those who act as such say and think as they will.

This is hard sometimes, but believe me. Letting it go is better for you.
Especially when you realize you are the one in control. No one will get anything over on you if you simply decide to use your brain. An logically removal your emotional heartfelt poor responses from the equation.

Just relax, breathe, an reminded yourself. There's no one worth losing your shit over.

Easier said than done.
If I can do it. You can too.
Be blessed.

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Quinton: The brain and the heart are

The brain and the heart are interesting things. I wrote a chapter in my book "Rule By Ignorance" about this very topic. The brain and the heart both pull at each other in different ways. It is really hard to balance the two in harmony.

BenjaminFalkenrath: I agree

It is definitely hard. But it would seem in many ways, we are all working on keeping that harmony. I've been reading your book as well as other older articles on the site. In between calls at work and at home. I love writing it helps me a lot. I too was writing a book awhile back. My laptop died, I'm still hoping to get my data recovered one day. I only have portions of it saved on email an thumb drive. Oh well when it's time, I'll have it all again.
All we can do is take it a step and a day at a time.

Tarheel: Harmony

I agree.
Our heads mislead us at times.Our hearts NEVER do.

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