Inner Earth Picture

by Quinton on October 26th, 2009
Inner Earth Picture
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11Orion11: you can only access this caves

you can only access this caves with assistance of an (sortof) police officer to guide you.
And make shure you wont get lost, or find the inner earth^^

and the other entrances i bet are guarded /hidden too

HebrianDaniel: i always was wandering if the

i always was wandering if the Inner earth Theories is real that mean
a continents with sea but smaller.
thats sound really great to have another world under our earth.
many rumors says the entrance is in antartica. and only 1 human achavied to reach it
and its a american pilot that reach it in 1947

bluesbaby5050: I have real pictures from space,and you can actually see the ---

The lights coming out from the huge holes at the Northpole,and the South Pole holes there? The space satitilites have shown all of them there! They are real,and awesome looking! I will post it! Falcon.

11Orion11: inner earth is beautifull but also controled by reptilian??

you mean admiral richard bird?

well the american goverment took this "thory" serious enough to sent icebreakers(boats) there and investigate or whatever, admiral richard bird went with plane and he noticed the temperature got higher, coordinations went strange or sumthin and he saw them green hills, he didnt notice he's entering probably cause the gravity still puls you on the edge so you think your going straight(your never going in a straight line but whatever) and he wrote it down in his diary, his airoplane got took over remote command and he got instructed to go to the crystal kastle and meet an alien that had to give him the message to the surface: DO NOT FUCK WITH ATOMIC WEAPON CRAP AGAIN!!!!

the marines got attacked by ufo's and shit, as far as i know,

by the way its said hitler and many nazis went to the northpole/inner earth,

there is a german/american(idoonno but its pretty thesame) building somewhere there around the northpole, also to keep unwanted-to-them people away from it?

the nazis had recovered ufo technology, or they just traded that tech, or both

its kept secret all the time, this theory was documented in the 18'ths
the eskimo's talking bout their ancestors living there in the far north,
i really believe this planet is hollow, just like many others, if not almost all?

it makes much sence and its also logic that where the centre of rotation is, there solid matter cant really stay there.., like when making a clay vessel, on rotation, the top cant really stay in the middle,, for the bottom staying thesame are other factors invlolved, (it sits on the rotation disk)

WHY STAY HERE ON the crappy-infrastructure-by-this system, if there's a paradise inside earth?, thats why they dont tell us this..

theres a central sun, the centre spirit of Gaya that keeps the "underworld"(not associate the hellish picture they fed you to associate with that word) the climate on "perfect" conditions, good for evolution, theres no night by the way..
no aging from the sun radiation..

But i think the reptilians are the dominant species there altough there are much much diffrent aliens there..

anyone can say forreal if the reptilians also control the underworld wich sound logic because they have "control" bout the surface, why would nice aliens let them do that if they "ruled" the underworld..??
can anyone prove me wrong/verify me on things i said or tell more about it.. this is what i got from filtering theories on internet and searching much...

i know not all reptilians are evil and there were some (Sheuty..?) lizards that were loyal to enki once there who saved/kept asian an black race from the flood..?

bluesbaby5050: Admiral Byrd went though near the NORTH Pole entrance......

It was rumored that the Nazis have a secret military base in Antartica, and it was build during WW2 and the Germans kept their space crafts, and many other military armory, and supplies hidden there during, and after the war, and that Hitler had escaped Germany. (Hilter had a look a like close family member ride in his cars with him most of the time, and this close male relative was one of his body guards, and he was the badly burned body found that matched the DNA of the teeth to Hitler, and so the story goes). But, the truth is that Hilter had really escaped. because he had pre-planned his escape from Germany ahead of time, and that he had gone down to Antarctica in a german sub with his wife Ava Braun, and that Hilter had hid there for a while till things cooled off after the war. And then after a while, he then took a submerine to Argentina, and they lived there for a while, and they then moved on to with the approval of the US government, to the state of Oregon in the western US. Hitler was actually photographed while there! Photos of Hitler in Oregon have circulated by the people living there, and those photos have been shown around the internet with him standing next to signs in the cities there. I guess that he did not think about this, or care too much, because he had US protection and he got careless, and a little cocky. Yes, Hitler still looked the same in those photos, just a little older, and worn out looking, because some of those pictures were close enough to get a REAL GOOD VIEW of him even smiling!

manideva: the inner earth

It's real. Shambala, Agartha, Hyperborea - it exists.

bluesbaby5050: Shambala is supposed to exists in.....

In the 5th dimension. And also it is said, to exists in the 3rd and is located through an entrance in the Tibetan mountains near the Gobi desert. And not many people survived this journey, because it is said to have a huge nest of poisonous snakes covering the entrance, and if lucky enough to survive up to that point, that you still would not be able to find the entrance, because it is said to be INVISIBLE TO THE HUMAN EYE. Admiral Byrd got though because he flew though the opening close to the North pole, and then he was ment with the inner inhabitants that met him in their own flying crafts, and then they took, escorted him, and a couple of other crew members down through an anti gravity elevator several depths to this inner city of Agartha, and it was said that those people have a King, and a Queen, and that they stand 15 feet tall, as the other city folk there do also, and that they were offered fruit that was of giantic size. Just one apple was bigger than one good sized pumpkin they reported. And the same thing with all the fruit there that they ate while there. I have never been there, and so I am only going by my own research of Admiral Byrd's accounts in his reports from his journal he kept, and gave to the US Military, and later in his personal diary that his son, and then grandson recieved after his death.

obsrvantlouie: Please advise

How you are able to confirm this.

bluesbaby5050: Hollow Earth

Admiral Byrd left his diary to his grandson and not to be published until after his death. His grandson did exactly that when he became an adult. It goes into great details. Try reading it sometimes OL.

western_yogi: Its not something new

new age just copying old age legends of tibet and other cultures of indians, inca and aztecs of the shangrila or shambala of the underground civilization of legends. I dont think its literal though. i believe its a different dimension and the portal is underground somewhere. the legend being buddah gave up on life and recieved enlightenment on a lunar eclipse. and a kalki king came to him from an underground cave and recieved his teachings and he went back and his entire civilization became enlightened.

its why all the old ancient monuments preserved from the ages from stone henge to the one in canada in the prairies from the native indians in canada, to the central and south american indian civilizations to the ones in the middle east like gobekli tepi, to tibet, they all chart the celestial movement of the stars and sun. why to chart the solar and lunar eclipses during the kali yuga cycles. during the dark phase of the kali yuga cycle which we are in, shadow beings came in, some known as the annunaki and others and they set up to control humanity and other beings during this cycle. so they set up technology on the moon because its the best place to hit the entire earth from to keep consciousness low or asleep. all those monuments allow for accurate prediction of lunar and solar eclipses. because my assumption is what ever technology is set up on the moon is shut off due to magnetism and alignment of moon and sun to earth during that time. so consciousness or enlightenment can be raised more easily during those periods.

these shadow beings are of low consciousness but of higher technology. you will see that technology is what caused the fall from the higher dimensions if you research. so any beings that use it are fallen. higher dimensions they are organic, do not need technology to more or create.

they are doing basically what humans at current consciousness level would do if they found a planet with a primitive life form but one that was rich in resources and minerals, they would plunder and mine it, and turn the existing race into slaves or make them irrelevant, or kill them off. like they did to the native indians of various continents and continue to do so.

i would focus on yourself because what ever is in antartica will not get you out of the corrupt matrix system. you can only get yourself out, and no one else can get you out.

Tarheel: Partially agree

I agree with a lot of what you said but you make some generalizations that I don't believe are fair.
-I don't believe all Anunnaki are here to impede humanity. Like most groups, there are good & bad Anunnaki.
-I don't believe ALL "current consciousness humans" would be malevolent. Certainly there are a sh-load that are, mainly that those in positions of control. Again, there are some good benevolent peeps.

I do agree with the bulk of your piece, and I give you your free will to post/believe as you do.

BenjaminsLove: Well, on the 26th I love my

Well, on the 26th I love my job of 11 years. I was laid off. But I have already got a new job. I will be working from home ish a driving job with no set hours. I work when I want a min of $300+ a wk. i am happy an will be home with the kids more. :) I have not been on here ina bit I am catching up on some of the posts. :) I am on the laptop. Ben is on his old desktop or his phone most the time. He did not feel good yesterday didn't sleep well & did not go to work yesterday. But he slept good last night so he is up an around this morning. How are you today TH?

Tarheel: 5 days later

I'm felling great but I sensed a freaky energy shift about 4ish this afternoon.
Hope the new job pans out for you & fam.

BenjaminFalkenrath: @Tarheel

I understand. I respect the viewpoint I do. I also see where Western is coming from. It is hard not to over generalize. It is kinda like people do no a days with the caucasian race. Which is often demonized for actions taken against any other group which may have taken place a long time before the current people of now.
Sure there are some bad people out there. Bad people now that happen to be white. But all white folk are not bad. Same with the Anunnaki.

western_yogi: Its not about black, white, red, yellow, or brown

its not about male female, tall ,short, fat, skinny, gay straight, transgender, ugly , beautiful, smart , dumb, blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, black hair, blind hair, red hair, the list goes on where those in power use duality and separation to pit one group against another. thats just a small list that those on this planet use to keep people fighting each other with.

if you thought about it, you will see its just the things used by those who are fallen to keep your consciousness low and asleep. because it focus on the external.

your true essence is energy, some call it soul or higher self. energy has neither sex , race, gender, or sexual orientation. your energy essence is on this 3d matrix to experience in a physical body.

so identifying yourself with the vehicle of experience and saying one is better than the other, is like saying a red car is better than a black car, or white car. blue socks are better than white socks or green socks. a yellow hat is better than a brown hat.

its just distraction used to keep your energy low and negative, and your consciousness asleep by focusing on the external. this is what duality or separation is. to keep you distracted and fighting each other. keeps you stuck in the trap or matrix, so they can harvest your energy as food infinitely.

BenjaminFalkenrath: I understand and I completely

I understand and I completely agree I was making a point of the fact inhale at least Western civilizations are so bad at generalizing individuals and putting people into sects. But you are correct look at where this division is ultimately coming from I mean one could cite that the source is government or this or that or what have you but spot on the fact Still Remains that the sources are beyond the throes of our civilization and this Earth. Because the things that control and divide are things that has humans most people cannot see.

western_yogi: why is the eagle the sign of enlil

from basic translations En means lord.

Lil means sky and air.

so enil is the lord of sky and air = eagle

kie mean earth

so En- Kie = Lord of the earth

Those leaders under Enlil and countries, you will know them by the Eagle banner from history to the current time.

western_yogi: As well you have to know those that follow the eagle banner

They are followers of Enlil. Enlil created all the religions to keep control and war. And the nations of the eagle banner you see in history and present that they are one of war and death. From the romans, the germans, to Russia (double eagle), America, they are all one of war, control and death. The Eagle or byzantine eagle is the sign of Enlil.
Constantine used religion to get those to go to war and kill, and divide. Then it shifted to nationalism, then patriotism, and now shifting to further divisions of separation to divide and keep those fighting each other to white nationalism. Patriotism , nationalism, and white nationalism are just the current servants of the day for the followers of Enlil.

As seen in the movie Jupiter Rising recently, it is the time of the great culling by the servants of Enlil and the Eagle by the various tools they have use in history to pit mankind against each other. Some are clever and subtle, some are blunt and direct as we see in the political leaders today. But they are the eagle banner of Enlil.

western_yogi: ok correction

the annunaki who came to earth interfere in human affairs, and the ones that are in positions of power that allowed this for their agenda are all corrupt and fallen. the annunaki that did not come to earth there is no opinion,

in terms of human consciousness whether in power or not, its merely a view of low or high vibrational consciousness. you can see where someone is as whether they engage in duality. if they engage in duality and the games of separation then they are still asleep. you see this separation very easily in american politics where they pits groups against each other and fight each other, as well as on the world scale, as well as in new age. if you get pulled into those distractions, then you allow your vibrational energy to be lowered and controlled, and harvested.
Basically anyone who uses the tools of separation and ,fear, they are not working in your interest.

Examples being recently the 4 tetrad blood moons, where various religious institutions and some in new age were saying it was going to be a time where bad things happen, so people focus on the negative so their energy can be harvested. As well as some in new age currently saying there will be a total economic callapse and nuclear war. Those that promote fear, are merely working for the fallen to harvest energy and to keep your consciousness low.

Lunar and solar eclipses, and full moon is where your consciousness and vibrational energy can be raised if you focus on this, its why all the ancient monuments around the world tracked lunar and solar cycles. its why it was important enough for them to build monuments to track them from europe, to middle east to south america, and recently even the one found in the plains in canada built by the indigenous peoples of that time.

Those that are working for the fallen bring up fears around these times because they know energies are amplified during these celestial events so they want to harvest the low energies.

An example is the solar eclipse happening in august this month. you know the ones working for the fallen if you hear them saying bad things will be happening around the 21st of august in 2017, as there will be a lunar eclipse at this time. They harvesting negative energy from those that are asleep so they can harvest that energy of fear from people so they can manifest more negativity, as energy is amplified at this time, and to keep their consciousness low.

Various cultures in europe, from stone henge, to middle east in turkey, to south and central america

western_yogi: Various cultures and civilizations from past times

from stone henge in europe, middle east in turkey ( gobleki tepe), incan and aztec empires in central and south america, and plains indians in canada as well as in the usa, they tracked solar and lunar cycles. why was this so important. They knew it was a times to raise consciousness faster.

its why those working for the fallen, spread fear and negativity during these lunar and solar cycles to harvest energy to use for their own negative means. so be aware, and be watchful, as you will be able to see in new age those that work for the fallen, by the ones spreading fear around August 21 of this month.

Chris: yeah your right

there is a contactee george kassavalas who speaks of the same things anna hayes robert morningsky and alex collier speak about the duality and traps of the matrix and do you know where i can download anna hayes info i first heard her info in 2009 her videos where all over youtube then got taken down.

western_yogi: its why when we had the 4 tetrads or blood moons recently

all the corrupt systems of control and institutions went out to project fear and gloom during this period saying it was gonna be the apocalypse or the end of the world. because they sought to amplify during this period the lower energies to harvest, and to keep the masses misinformed.

the shadow beings and their minions know what these periods do, so they misinform and amplify their own lower energies by keeping people in low consciousness by having them project the lower energies of fear and gloom during these periods which they use to feed on and also to manifest the current state of the world. to create conflict and friction and polarizing sides to fight each other to keep their consciousness low. it is how the harvest is done.

western_yogi: by allowing them to misinform and keep you in fear or polarized,

and fighting. universal free will allows for everyone to think and do what they wish. the ones that desire to leave the matrix do not engage in it and raise their consciousness to get out of the quaranten field to the higher dimensions.

they hack your 3rd eye to manifest what they wish to project into the 3d reality field of creation on the matrix system on 3d earth. yes its is a corrupt matrix, its why the fallen were cast out, and quarantened in the lower dimensions where polarity exists. so by engaging or allowing them to keep you in polarity, you allow them to hack your 3rd eye and project into this world what they desire, using your god force energy of consciousness to create, because they do not have this connection to source.

Chris: yeah your right

remember when christopher columbus discovered the americas carribeane islands they colonized and invaded the native tribes there who fought back in many bloody wars after the tribes lost they died of desease war and starvation and then the spanish brought black africans to the carribean north central and south americas is why there are african populations here. yeah the fallen et groups are doing the same and even at cosmic multiversal level the same thing occurs in other species and civilvations in are universe.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Bingo!


Tarheel: The message here is... on soul development while you're here and you'll be better off.

BenjaminFalkenrath: I agree. We can only learn an

I agree. We can only learn an strive for becoming better selves in the future.

Tarheel: Yet more incoming LIGHT !

Good commentary, peeps.

BenjaminsLove: * Lost not love, I lost I got

* Lost not love, I lost I got laid off :(

Tarheel: On topic....

How does the light shine on the road to Shambala?

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