Inki's Portrait

by bluesbaby5050 on November 21st, 2012
Inki's Portrait

ENlil even HAD to wear a helmet with Attached mask to cover his he and, and face away from the priest, so he would not Frighten the Priests. He had ORDERED Those priest to NEVER let anyone into his tent! All the Annunaki HAD to cover their faces, and heads with these head,and face helmets. If they didn't do this, all the slaves/ people would be so frightened that they would run away,and hide because of this fear. They were not human looking at all. Only in the body! The people thought this was because they were GOD'S! ENlil,and Enki were CANIS origins, and they looked like it from the head upwards! Dog looking. Enki looked a little bit different,because his mother was Draconian origin. Enki was HALF,and half. His skull at the top,looks like Canis, with his ears on the sides, and a little around the nose,and mouth. In this picture, he is wearing a uniform. You must also the Annunaki also have very many tribes too. But, Enki,and ENlil are from the Canis Royal house. Enki's mother was one of King Anu's many females in his heirum.If you do not believe this you can ALWAYS ASK ANNUANKI77, because his KNOWS I have this picture!

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bluesbaby5050: This is a portrait of ENki!

Annunaki77 knows I have this picture already, and I had it for a long time too. Enlil looks very similiar as well.The Canis Royal house looks like this.

bluesbaby5050: Now most of us already.........

Already know how ENki died. He is buried on the Planet Mars. He was stabbed/murdered by a family member.

bluesbaby5050: Take a closer look at........

ENKI's INSIGNIA on his uniform, It is a Dragon. Don't you think so too?

HebrianDaniel: this dont really prove its

this dont really prove its his real face...

Tarheel: Portraits are PICTURES and that's NO PICTURE!

Correct, HD !
THAT is a drawing.

bluesbaby5050: H/D some people are actually given information.........

From the Kods in order for the people to be able to evolve, to help them have a better understanding of their history,and to set the records STRAIGHT! Edisonik,and Annunaki77 would never steer you wrong,and never would I for that matter.

bluesbaby5050: The Canis Royal Clans STILL EXISTS H/D........

They really do look like this! Then why don't you ask Annu77 if this is true then? Your not going to get a REAL photo, UNLESS someone take's it first! This is a sketching, and it is considered a picture. People do sketches of people, animals, and outside scenery too, and it counts also. And I RE-mind you again, INki is DEAD, and we will not get a picture taken of him either. They did not have cameras then! This why they did so many drawings,and paintings back then.

HebrianDaniel: untill i never saw a real

untill i never saw a real alien that look like this i cant bealive in it bb5050
we live in world of disinformation and its hard to trust on informations these days

Tarheel: HD-Enki's Mom is reptilian, King Anu is canus.

That info comes from The Kods.
And that's NOT a picture-it's a drawing.

bluesbaby5050: Believe what you want to............

No one is trying to force you H/D. Believe what you want to. Someday, everyone will see many aliens for REAL, and when they at first saw only pictures, and sketches, and paintings before the REAL THING! And then they will SEE THE REAL TRUTH, because SOME of us here HAVE SEEN THE REAL DEAL ALREADY! And most people will really RUN, and HIDE, and CONTINUE to live in FEAR! This is THEIR GREATEST SETBACK!

bluesbaby5050: A sketching of a horse, a house,a cat, dog are all real.....

This is what they all REALLY LOOK LIKE! They look like this, and they are COPIES of what they look like. This does NOT make it a FAKE! They ALL EXISTS, and they all look like their sketches. I hope you understand this now.

HebrianDaniel: its very easy to fake stuff

its very easy to fake stuff around the internet
there alraedy programs who called photoshop that can fake the pictures.
i want to bealive but its hard to find reliable information today
try understand it

edisonik: One does not need to see in order to believe

Disinformation is out there and Bluesbaby5050 is very Loyal to the Kods.
One does not need to see pictures, pictures can be faked but the heart can never be decieved by Truth.
We are not here to Create Confusion but to Galvanize an Inverted World into a World of Truth instead of Lies which have been here for the Control of the Species Created.

You were all created for many reasons and the reasons can be very frightening.

edisonik: You are Souls

A Human Body cannot function without one, a Soul must attach to a Fetus inorder for the Fetus to Work. This Soul Energy comes from Stars. You are all Energy.
The Negative Entities feed off this energy, this is why you must never give in to Negative Feelings, otherwise you will suffer.

bluesbaby5050: This is all the truth.........

Positive energy attract's positive energy,while negative attract's negative energy. Like attracts like. This CAN BE SEEN IN YOUR AURAS! Much can be seen in one's aura. Like I said before, Illness,and emotions can all be seen in a persons aura,which is a persons energy field. Your field of energy can be read by some one that is very sensitive to other's energy. An animal's energy can be read too.

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