Image of a nordic looking alien, living amongst us

Image of a nordic looking alien, living amongst us
came across it when researching.

To understand follow this link:

For the rest of my pictures go to:

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dvogel: Am I also a Nordic Alien?

So if I upload a photo of myself being Scandinavian, you will call me a Nordic Alien?

Terran resistance: lol

I wouldnt recommend that but, she has things which makes her look alien, I did a post on it a while back:

Terran resistance: its hard

its hard to draw conclusions sometimes. Trust me I know, I have sorted through 100s of pictures of people who I thought were alien only to find a handful worth keeping. Its from my own experience I draw from. Im a firm believer that they are living amongst us, so its a question of finding them.

what would you do if you were an alien and helping out here?

dvogel: Finnish people might like Aliens

This Woman looks just like a Finnish person to me. They often have high cheek bones.

Wellif they are among us I think they will be working in the secret bases.

Terran resistance: or

or doing charity work and protecting people.
thats what I would expect aswell.

Its okay to be open minded, you dont have to believe every picture of a supposed alien I throw out there, i have much better ones. White aliens I usually avoid for this reason, because its hard to tell the difference, they are human afterall.

my quest is to get people open minded to idea that aliens are living amongst us :)

dvogel: Hard to imagine

Its hard to imagine that they would do charity, since they most likely will be scientists, pilots or military I dont think you really can spot a human from another planet, since we all look different just here on earth. However I am open minded about the idea that aliens live on this planet :)

Terran resistance: I found pictures of bluey-black people

I found pictures of bluey-black people when I was a kid but I wasnt enlightened enough to know what they were at the time. I pretty much lived on the internet as a kid XD

dvogel: Then you cant be too old

Then you cant be too old if you lived on the internet as a kid :D

I lived a big piece of my life on the c64, then amiga, then PC, then the internet :)

Terran resistance: yeah but then again

yeah but then again shills are out there to get me and I have to feed them with something dont I XD. Just kidding im not that paranoid....

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