How we know that Enlil represents the "Nibiru"...

How we know that Enlil represents the "Nibiru"...

The "Nibiru" also known as the "divided amongst two" are a race that came about from the blending of two clans from Sirius B and Orion, according to Contactee Alex Collier.

Nibiru is where we get the word hebrew from (Nibiriu, Hibiru, hebrew).

As you can see on the sumerian tablet, Enlil (the man) is seen 'riding' a Griffon. From this we can tell that Enlil is to do with "Nibiru" because the infamous Griffon is actually a symbol of the Nibiru on the sumerian tablets. The symbol represents both an eagle and a lion.

The lion of course represents orion while the less obvious eagle represents Sirius B. So the eagle and the lion represent the coming together of these two clans to form a new clan.

Also Enlil is seen shooting an arrow at another Griffon which symbolises a dispute between two tribes of Nibiru.

The fire breathing aspect of the griffons symbolises weaponary and war.

Also for the first time we actually see actual evidence that the bow in mythology is symbolic of star systems, we can see stars all along Enlil's bow.

This is obviously because his Bow represents the constellation of Orion:

Enlil verses the griffon is symbolic of a dispute betwen two clans of "Nibiru". Which contactee Alex Collier talks about aswell.

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