The Hollow Moon!

The Hollow Moon!

Your being Controlled Form the Moon by Negative Wave Frequencies Beamed to The Humans of Planet Earth!! Your The Targets of the NWo=Disorder!

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bluesbaby5050: This is how the Human Race is being Controlled!

There is a Mind Control Machine inside the Hollow Moon in one of the Moon Bases there!! There are Humans Living inside the Moon,along with Alien Greys,and Alien Reptoids,and Reptilians Aliens! They are all CO-Existing on the Moon, and Deep Inside of it.They are working together to Control the Human Populations of the Planet Earth! David Icke, and Alex Collier both have written books stating these FACTS! They are still in Circulation ,and some can be read Free on the Internet, by way of Kindel, and by ways of handing the books ,once read on to other people, and so on. This is all Forbidden Knowledge that the Human Race Was Not Supposed to Learn! It is now way TOO LATE! THE GAME IS OVER! YOUR SECRETS HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO THE PUBLIC--> Around The Globe! -->The Secret Black Opts.

bluesbaby5050: The Secret Black Operatives=Black OPTS. have been----

Carrying out these Missions to Control YOU!

bluesbaby5050: Sorry for the double hit--

I guess the pc burped? Not Sure? Oh Well--- Repeating it is good -SOMETIMES,as people will read it,and it will SINK IN! LOL!

bluesbaby5050: Next time You Look----

Next time you Look Up at the Moon, Please Remember, that You are being Controlled by ways of a Wave Frequency Beam Machine! YOU the Humans, are the TARGET!! This only has an effect on the human populations,and not the animals. Also, there is 12 Total Haarp Machines in different areas around the planet! Not just the One in Alaska! All of them are being used to Reak Havoc on our weather systems,and even when the weather is really supposed to be nice weather! They cause the Droughts,and the Tornadoes,and the Hurricanes, NOT ALL OF THIS IS NATURAL!! They use these in combinations together too. So they can strengthen the bad weather, to increase,or decrease it. This is why they say nice forcast for the day,and then it turns ugly! They do this to stop crops from Maturing to Full growth, and the crops turn out bad. Food will Rise in Price because of this,and they are the Ones controlling this. This is to Create Hunger in areas of the world! It is NOT GLOBAL WARMING! THIS IS ALL LIES!! They Want Us to Believe this, as they REALLY THINK WE ARE ALL STUPID!! Your Being Informed of their Dirty Tactics being used against us!

bluesbaby5050: I did more research,and found out--

There are actually 17 Total Haarp Beam Machines around this planet in different areas,located in different regions on this planet, all to work AGAINST US!

Annunaki77: You truly are knowledgeable Bluesbaby5050

We will Win, Humanity will Prevail, the New World Disorder will Fail.
Our Mandate is Destiny. Some Little Ones, do not get it, they can headbutt the wall many times, but this is just the bottomline.
The Secret Socieities are no longer needed.

11Orion11: censor

they always show the planets/moons from the side,
or the poles cut-off,
i saw an discovery program or something and they had this planetary system simulation,
and the camera went trough all the planets and stuff, .it rotated and zigzagged here and there
but in a way, that you always see the planet from the side like here, isn't that a coincidence?nope..
you can laugh at what google earth/moon censors, they texture the planet like orange skin slices, so at the poles there are so many thin slices the whole thing is disturbed, but that ironically makes an kind of circle around you can see at the texture

what does it take to see a good picture of the holes,, i mean poles,

karam: What do they eat and drink

What do they eat and drink inside moon do they have advance spaceships for supplies of food and water and other stuff

bluesbaby5050: Reptilians EAT Humans!!

They Always have. They do NOT eat what we eat.They are strickly MEAT EATERS. Humans are their Choice of Food. They love Human Blood,and Human Flesh.They Need the human Hormones that is made from the glands in our brains.This is like a drug to them,and they are Addicted to it! Just like in the movies.

Annunaki77: The Moon is a Space Station

The Moon is older than this Star System. It comes from a Star System called Chow Taa. The Moon can move under it's own Power.
The Reptilians used this Vessel to Colonize Earth 12,000 years ago.

The Operators of this Moon live below your feet, within the Bowels of Earth.
Reptilians are Carnivorous.
Human Flesh is their Meat of choice, this is an abomination because Humans are not supposed to be abused in this manner.

karam: So can it be some missing

So can it be some missing humans on earth are eing abducted by reptilians and eaten?

bluesbaby5050: You are correct Karam.

This is very true Karam. All this is True!

BenjaminFalkenrath: Yes an they have for many

Yes an they have for many many years. But they pref younger ones which is why we have such a missing population. It is sick because the government allows X amount of people per year to be taken. They do also like to leave us here an feed on our energy, but normally the ones without a physical body Like to feed off our energies. In the 4thD.
Those in the 3D are in our skies have bodies like to feed on us.

Annunaki77: Yes Bluesbaby5050 , The Tales of Vampires are True

Reptilians are Sangerian, they consume Human Blood and Flesh.
They think of Humans as Food, just look at your Hollywood Movies, they show you these things as Entertainment.


Rain127: Sangerian

Is it possible to be turned into a Sangerian? And I've been writing about Sangerian for some time, but I had no idea what they were, do you know why that could be?

karam: Annunakiiii!!!!!!!!what are

Annunakiiii!!!!!!!!what are 15Dimensional beings please telll????

bluesbaby5050: Karam---

The 13th dimentional beings are Light Beings,and they have no physical body. They are highly Spiritual,and are a high order of Beings. Some have incarnated into physical bodies,while others have Never incarnated into a Physical body. They are pure love.

bluesbaby5050: Karam there are 13 dimentions now----

As there was only 12 Dimentions to begin with.The 12th D has to evolve to a higher level,and so the 13 th level dimention has been created for this. As ALL BEINGS EVERYWHERE IN ALL THE GALAXIES,AND ALL MATTER,AND ANIMALS WILL BE EVOLVING TO THEIR NEXT LEVELS ACCORDINGLY. From the 5th dimention the beings are light beings.No dense bodies like we have now.The 12th Dimention is all light beings.They are pure light.I hope I have clarified this for you.

Terran resistance: dimensions

or more specifically densities, theres only 12 densities, there are no 15th demensional beings, we are currently on 3rd density

Annunaki77: I do not know , ask Lord Chris

He might be able to assist you Karam. So but I know many things but not everything. Peace.

Terran resistance: no

you clearly dont, your full of bullshit most of the time.

Annunaki77: Bullshit?

Is that the way to talk to People.
You have free will , so prove me right. So far your proving me right Terran R.
Your Resistance is being Done in Vain.
You will Fail.
You cannot stop , what can't be stopped Little One.

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