Here is Pure Love!

Here is Pure Love!

Here is a picture for you Karam,since your a bird lover just like me }:>)

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karam: pigeons r also kiss....

pigeons r also kiss....

bluesbaby5050: Honey---

They ALL DO!! HAhahaha!! }:>

karam: i some time see male pigeon

i some time see male pigeon running after female pigeon and then male pigeon trying to make sound to atract female pigeon but female pigeon runs away

bluesbaby5050: This is Called Flirting!!----

They have to Keep the Bird Races Alive! Though Attraction! Of Smell/Sound/Colors, for Starters. Please Feel Free to Jump Right In to This Topic Anytime! Your Views are Welcome.

karam: Do you believe?

Do you believe aliens are controlling every living organisms and we dont know it.they are in full control?

bluesbaby5050: Really? Please Explain?

Will you Please tell this forum what you mean from this? Thanks.

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