Help with this symbols pls

Help with this symbols plsHelp with this symbols pls

Can someone help with the symbols on the figurines attached photo . They were bought from Greece

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Tarheel: The modified swastika....

....can mean several things, depending on it's age. In it's Sanskrit origin, it can mean "good luck" or be a good luck charm.
Bought from Greece can mean it's a Christian symbol.
I've read it was also a Buddhist symbol for peace.
It is also an aged symbol of the Sun.
In old Vedic culture it referred to a demon obsessed with world domination and it's subsequent annihilation of certain races (which is why the Nazi's adopted it (imho).
It can also mean the 4 powers of nature.

Take your pick....I'm guessing that, being from Greece, it's an old Christian symbol.

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