HAARP in use in Saturn War!

by bluesbaby5050 on December 28th, 2012
HAARP in use in Saturn War!
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bluesbaby5050: The Dark Hole you are seeing......

Here in this picture, is the Polar Region,and the BASE OF SATAN! This is the area where all the Mind-Control Frequencies were sent out to Bombarn the Human Race,and it was also being sent from the centralized Moon Bases of EN-lil from the Moon too! There is wars being frought on the Moon at this currant time now. It can be seen as Light Flashes from the surface ,and the surrounding areas above the Moon as well. Nasa will not show us this, and NEITHER WILL THE VATICAN! THEY ALL KNOW THE TRUTH OF THIS! NOW WE DO TOO!

Tarheel: I've seen some FREAKY Moon light "anomalies" with my tele.

The LIGHTS I see are always different in number and in different places. The LIGHT anomalies (as THEY call them) are "reported" to be trapped gases leaking out.
Trapped gases? What a crock!

wmarkley: Humanity is a sleeping giant

Humanity is a sleeping giant that is waking up, it wont be long now, i can sense the fear in the bad guy now, they are desparate, they have lost control, even the bad annunaki will recieve no mercy from the people. the bad guys will get lead poisoning soon, or a stiff neck.

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