Greek god Dionysus is on the Sumerian tablets

Greek god Dionysus is on the Sumerian tablets

Dionysus is Isis and Quetzalcoatl also:

and represents John the baptist from the bible:

The whole Jesus could turn water into wine thing was stolen from Dionysus who could do that. Jesus literally comes from the name Isis as does the name Dionysus which was the biggest cult in Rome before Christianity.

John 15:2
"I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful."

Brings a whole new meaning to the word Di-VINE.

John 2:7-9
"Jesus said to the servants, “Fill the jars with water”; so they filled them to the brim.
Then he told them, “Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet.
They did so, 9 and the master of the banquet tasted the water that had been turned into wine."

More Bible Quotes:

"I am the vine, you are the branches: he who is in me at all times as I am in him, gives much fruit, because without me you are able to do nothing."

"I am the vine, you are the branches: he who is in me at all times as I am in him, gives much fruit, because without me you are able to do nothing."

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edisonik: Sirius / Olympus the Pinecomb is Soul

Awaken the God & Goddess within. You are all family. The Soul screams to the heavens for Truth and Justice. You History tells you your Awsome Past.
Humanity be Praised.

Terran resistance: pinecone

has nothing to do with the soul... but what ever rows your boat

Terran resistance: pinecone

pinecone is the flower of life symbol which represents the way that atoms align themselves I believe.

bluesbaby5050: The Pineal Gland inside the brain, has liquid fluid inside it...

And this has to be maintained at it's best performance,by diet,and clean water. Also over time,it can,and should be activated to a higher Frequency,to better transmit,and recieve information from wave frequencies,and by ways of spirtual growth=wisdom.Light ,and sound will benifit this if it is incorperated into all of this. Otherwise it will not happen. A person will stay in the lower frequencies by it's own choice.

bluesbaby5050: The Pineal Gland inside the brain has the same SHAPE AS.........

The Pinecone! The Pineal Gland is also the SEAT OF THE SOUL! THIS IS WHERE YOUR SOUL RESIDES BEFORE A PERSON'S DEATH. Then the soul will leave,as the ORIGINAL LIGHT BEING = THE PERSONALLY. It can also take the TRANPARENT Light Body FORM at will if it so chooses too.

edisonik: Awaken the Awsome in all of Humanity

By Divine Right you all deserve to Exist with Dignity. You are not Animals to be used and enslaved , you are Divine Beings created in the Image of the Kods.
Defend Liberty always. Do not trade Liberty for Security.

bluesbaby5050: Your words are of Great Wisdom Sir!

Thank You for this, and for all your support from Our Royal Falcon Bird Warriors for the protection of all Humanity,and for the protection of our beautiful Mother Earth. Please send our Thanks to all the loving ,and caring Aliens that are on the side of Humanity,and for all their help risking their lives,and their families lives in our Quest for Freedom from the InSlavement of this planet, and the Human race.

Terran resistance: im sorry but that is just new age bullshit :)

How do you explain the link between the pinecone/flower of life symbol and the belly button? If it did not represent creation itself like I said before:

so the pine cone symbol does not represent the pituitary gland or the soul.
Also the soul is not in the pituitary gland its in the back of the spine just to add.

bluesbaby5050: All great points you made 11O11..........

I am also aware of this too,but I don't bother to get into the math part of all this,I leave it to TR as he REALLY GETS OFF ON THIS, as we all tend to notice. LOL! It's just Universal Geometry any ways. All plant life has this, and so does the Human body. Most of it is hidden inside the body though. Water, and ice,and snow has it to for an example. Keep up the good work }:>) TR love's a challenge.LOL!

Terran resistance: Also the oldest pine cone symbol

Also the oldest pine cone symbol to date is from the sumerian tablets where eagle men are taking them from the tree of life/flower of life.

what do trees have to do with the pituitary gland? Nothing.

Terran resistance: show me a mythological figure

show me a mythological figure with a pine cone for a third eye then I will think your right, simple :)

you still havnt explained the connection between the pine cone and the belly button lol

Terran resistance: @Orion

serpents represent DNA which represent creation! and the pine cone represent the flower of life symbol which represent creation... your picking at straws, are you planning on building a house with it or what? Lots of geometric patterns are to do with the atomic structure of atoms again which is to do with Creation!

Terran resistance: ....

it isnt just the pine cone taken from the tree of life see my other posts down below...

bluesbaby5050: When a person dies.............

The Soul/Astral LIght Body, will leave the body by way of the Silver Cord that is Attached to the Crown AT the Top of the head where a babies soft spot is. The Astral body, or the LIght body will leave the physical body at the CHEST area by way of the silver cord that pulls the body out, and Away from the physical body FROM THE HEAD WITH THIS SILVER CORD. It has been seen lifting the astral body up outwards from the heart area. NOT FROM THE HEART PER-SAY. The Soul is NOT in the back,or in the Foot, it is in the head! This IS NOT NEW AGE MIS-INFORMATION HERE! THIS IS THE TRUTH, IT IS A FACT! The silver cord will be cut one week after death, and no sooner. This is why people wait a week before they bury, or cremate a body, and this is the reason why. This is also how a person is able to Astral Travel in the first place. The silver cord will always be the way back to the human physical body when it is done it's Astral Traveling during sleep, or Daytime Astral Traveling, as this can be done at any time. It is a proven fact. Science has already proven this. This was found out with the Montauk Project during many different experiments the Shadow Goverments were involved in. I have had many Astral Journeys myself. I myself actually died in the hospital in the year of 1973, and I was revived after, so I do know what I am talking about. I have many experiences with my astral guides,and I know them by their names. I do NOT engage in Channeling enties of any kind. This is for many reasons I will not go into here. I do not need to read the New Age material to find the answers to life, and it's meanings. I get it from my own actual experiences. ( NO, I DO NOT READ NEW AGE MATERIALS. I BELIEVE THIS COMES FROM THE MANY EGOS INVOLVED FOR PROFIT. There is too much competition amoung the groups of people in it.)

Silenci030310: Interesting thanks

Interesting thanks

Terran resistance: the devolution of the pine cone symbol

The pine cone symbol comes from the tree of life in the sumerian tablets correct? Another variation is flower being plucked from the the tree of life which is used by the sumerians ASWELL, what does flowers have to do with the pituitary gland, nothing!

Flowers and the tree of life:

In ancient greek mythology the golden fleece is suspended above a tree, in a masonic organisation called the Jason Society they believe that the golden fleece is in actual fact the apple from the Garden of Eden, which I agree with.

The idea of a golden fleece also hints at who satan is, book of revelation lamb with 7 eyes and 7 horns which represents the 7 stars of the pleiades.

We can all can agree that the apple from the tree of life represents knowledge (well I hope so anyway) so what represents knowledge? well you need an answer to the ultimate question dont you, how are we here? the pine cone, the flower which is plucked from the tree of life on the sumerian tablets represents geometry by the way that atoms align themselves in the universe to create everything we see around us. This wasnt done by gods, this "knowledge" was given to us by ET's in order for us to be fooled into thinking a creator did this.

Terran resistance: so again at orion...

what do apples, golden fleeces, bees, and belly buttons and flowers got to do with the pituitary gland

Terran resistance: arr okay

theres lots of ways to interpret a symbol, pine cone open:

maybe my initial interpretation wasnt clear, but thats my fault. Much more hexagonal, if you look at it sides ways.

Terran resistance: its hexagonal, hexagonal

its hexagonal, hexagonal pattern can be found in the flower of life its not really a stretch to imagine:

The sumerian god Anu is seen holding flowers from the tree of life:
(well they look like flowers anyway...)

The tree of life is just symbolic of the flower of life aswell XD


Kabbalistic tree of life:


So the flower of life symbol and tree of life symbol are the same.

Terran resistance: Also

a cube composed up of the flower of life symbol:

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