Great Seal of the United States Symbolism

by Quinton on August 29th, 2013
Great Seal of the United States Symbolism

"The Great Seal of the United States of Aton - A shield is shown in front of the Eagle, protecting it. The stars and stripes (America) are literally a shield for the Eagle, that is for the Cult of Akhenaton and Aton.The motto: E Pluribus Unum - "From the Many - One" - is a clear reference to the one big star created from the thirteen others. This 14th Star corresponds to the 14th and highest cornerstone of the pyramid, also seen on the American one-dollar bill. The star is not "Judaic" in the sense learned and accepted today. It is the royal Star of David, that is of the House of Aton. The arrows represent the militaristic faction of the Cult, while the olive branches represent the theocratic or religious faction. The Eagle faces left, that represents the past, or the history that has been before. The term "Star" was used in the earliest times by hard-line Essenes and Jews in reference to their lineage of Messianic leaders. These men were not thought to have come from god. They were merely tribal or clan leaders in line from "David." The 9 tail feathers represent the 9 degrees of the Illuminati (Atonist) Lodges."


"Egyptian solar eagle with "Star of David." The term david is a code for "The Beloved One" - a reference to the Pharaoh Akhenaton. The 13 stars are the 12 tribes around Aton. The Eagle is the hierogram for the "First" or "One" - connoting Aton. The image of an eagle stood for the term Akha (or Akhem), as we find in the name Akhenaton. The words "Annuit Coepti" above the pyramid at which the eagle is staring means "He Favors Our Undertaking." The "He" is Akhenaton and/or his god."


"The Latin inscription seen on the banner around the Judaic eagle's head (below the Star of David) - E Pluribus Unum ("From the Many, the One") - refers to the god of the henotheistic Judites who was, quite literally, chosen from the many gods of antiquity. It does not refer to any high-falutin concept of Fabian humanism. It is also a cryptic reference to the separatist, monotheistic, light-worshipping Cult of Aton, that has hidden their ancestry behind the myriad cults, religions, and secret societies of history."

-- Michael Tsarion

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Gary1776: Great Seal origins


Last May, I resigned from the Board of Directors as a trustee to the National Museum of the American Revolution. The was the result of the Musuem having purchased the 2nd Great Seal of the United States made in 1783. They purchased stolen United States Government property in the 1980's they the board and all top branches of the Federal government refuse to police this stolen seal in their possession. No one, but noe in the United States government is allowed to have an original Sovereign Great Seal of the United States by INTERNATIONAL LAWs of sovereignty.

This seal in question is the only surviving Great Seal of the American Revolution. The original seal of 1782 is not the one in the National Archives, but a later seal, after 1785! The government wont let you see that seals obverse side of the seal, because they said it does not exist. The 2nd seal that is in the collection in New Jersey, is a hybrid bird that looks like a Hawk and a Turkey, with a 3-d Roosters comb. Where the birds brows transform in this illusion.

Let me assure you that there are no 13 feathers or 9 feathers. There are 8 tail feather that represent the last King of Scotland, James Francis Stuart VIII. Means this history has ZERO to do with Illuminati, it Jacobite origin! The real story will be out with in the Barns Review Magazine, January 2014 issue, online! The entire seal makers history and their secret families have been found and identified for the first time in US history. Masons were seen as Plebeian by these royal families who were the heads of the British Government for several generations.

Best regards,


Tarheel: Aton= Of The Sun

Truth is much, much stranger than fiction.

The lineage and history of man and nations(especially US) is so disconcerting that I have chosen to not involve myself with it. My reasoning is multi-fold. 1st-I cant control the past. 2nd-I don't know who's story to believe any more. 3rd-I enjoy reading the different sories, BUT I have chosen to work on personal development so I may evolve & further Humanity as best I can.

All the different hostries contain believable elements, and ALL claim to be THE Official Story (which is actually quite humorous). See my post on HISTORY forthcoming..

Gary1776: The Offical Story? Humorous!

What is humerous is that of the many people who researched the Great Seal history, they never bothered to research who the seal makers were. No one ever studied who he is or what his other job was at the time! Most of it is about Money and the control of information(Printing) control!

Tarheel: Exactly my point, Gary.

I don't doubt your claim. See my History post.

Gary1776: Which ubject?

Which Subject?

Tarheel: I will admit Lineage & Other history is fun to read.

It is always fun to see or hear someone present a new spin on the old story/stories. I just cant subscribe to any particular story any more. Here is where recall from prior incarnations would be a damned great attribute to have. I'm gonna petition the resident geneticist (laughing).

Gary1776: What are we if we Have no Identity?

What are we, were do we go as a society if we have no identity?

bluesbaby5050: What are we? Where do we go from here?......

The people that Know the TRUTH will BE the people that Care Enough, and they will be the people that will have to pick of the Torch, and be the Carries of "The SHINING LIGHT" on the PATH to this nations True Course as it was supposed to be from the beginning. A FREE REPUBLIC for the people, and by the people.

bluesbaby5050: Please excuse me Gary............

For answering Tarheels question you put before/to him. I waited enough time for him to answer your question, as you see he didn't, or he couldn't, and so I did, only because you asked for it to be answered. ( You seemed to be left hanging there )

Gary1776: Identity

Well, I have a great deal coming up with addressing this history and stolen government seal. Keep this in mind, this is what the fools in the government forgot, historically! When and if the Sh-t really does hits the fan. These government leaders, wind up getting eaten by the dogs they feed. They will try to throw their dogs who serve them under the bus and the dogs attack the hand that feeds them! This has happened over and over for hundreds of years and no media is going to prevent this from happening. So lets see what happens?

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