The Great City of Atlantis

The Great City of Atlantis

In the center of this great city of Atlantis, looks to be the famous crystal.

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bluesbaby5050: This is one picture of the Great City of Atlantis.

This is a general picture of the Great city of Atlantis.This was supposed to cover the area of the Altantic Ocean. This would have been quite a massive size of land.

bluesbaby5050: RE-POST of the Giant Crystal, and the city of Atlantis.....

This is what Tim is talking about. Notice the Giant Crystal in the center of the city. This city was located just off the coast of Spain, and connects at the opening of the Pillars of Hercules in the opening of the Mediterranean Sea in the Atlantic ocean.

Annunaki77: You make me cry Bluesbaby505

Atlantis was a hub of Creativity, Arts, Music, Knowledge, Wisdom, Intergalactic Trade, Commerce, Biological Studies, and many other activities.
Atlantis was an Awsome City and it will always be remembered as the Crystal City of Lord Enki.

The Bull was the Symbol of Atlantis, the Bull is a Sacred Animal , known for it's Strength and its
Sexual Virility. The Bull is part of SPAINS Culture.
Spain is where ATLANTIS was thousands of years ago.
The Spanish are of Atlanian Bloodlines.

bluesbaby5050: Dear Annu 77---

I am sorry I made you sad. I do understand why. I posted the picture,because I thought the people in the forum would like to see what Atlantis looked like. I already know you knew Sir. I am glad to have you back again. I missed you Sir.The members in the forum that know you,also have missed you too. Try and get some much needed rest. I am with you ALWAYS. The Falcon.

bluesbaby5050: This is what the city of Atlantis looked like.

The Pleiadians were intergraded by way of their Huge Giant Spacecraft into the landmass. It was combined as one huge mass of land. It had alot of their eco systems aboard it,and many animals too. Everything was self contained.They could come ,and go easily this way. I would of loved to see this for myself. Atlantis was a spiritual center for living ,and learning. It was very high tech,and many labs/schools were there as well. Atlantis became more technology advanced, then spiritually advanced,and this had created many problems that lead to this distruction of Atlantis.This is a Lesson to learn from. When this happens in all advanced socities, this is always the END RESULT!

bluesbaby5050: REPOST...........

Refresher for History Lesson.

Silenci030310: Whats your opinion on aztlan

Whats your opinion on aztlan is related to atlantis?

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