Google, what could you tell me about New Age?

Google, what could you tell me about New Age?Google, what could you tell me about New Age?Google, what could you tell me about New Age?

I was able to make screenshots, but after I tried a few times,
it does not show this way anymore for the same IP address.
Perhaps, that is made to fool the people who just heard about it,
and at the same time to avoid suspicions from more experienced.

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Crackdown: Also...

Also, it would gladly show some of very stupid "articles" at the top results.
Clear example, read it just for lulz :-)

freedmftr88: New Age Controversies

I wonder where most of the Anti-New Age stuff comes from. I'm guessing fundamentalist religious people who seriously think that Satan is going to take over the world at any second. But don't they think that about practically almost everything ? lol Even Halloween and other consumer holidays that originated from Christianity ? Speaking of typing New Age into Google , anyone ever notice just how many Christian sites there is with Anti-New Age blog posts and such articles ? When I was doing research , I keep clicking on the links to these sites by mistake. From what I remember , the title of their articles / blog post just sounded like basic information. "What is New Age ? " for example and then as soon as I read it , it's just a bunch of anti-New Age bashing which ends with bible quotes , devil pictures through out and how "Jesus is the ONLY way." I see similar ones regarding Christians who know of The New World Order , but in their version illuminati is Satan who lives under the earth or something. And I think they mentioned that Satan created New Age to confuse people about the truth of NWO. Maybe they are the most angry about the subject of New Age , I don't know. I think the first time I ever heard about Christians against New Age was Demond Wilson's ( aka Lamont Sanford from Sanford and Son ) Book.

Another Anti-New Age side I could possibly think of is people's perceptions on spiritual entrepreneurs. On one hand there's spiritual people who are real and speak from their own personal experiences and just earning money doing what they love doing. Plus they would have written inspirational books , had successful seminars and been interviewed. And then there's the online salesmen who sells it like a pitch sort of like a mystery box or a question " This will change your life and you can have everything you desire". And they will sell it at an expensive price probably because they either know it works and people need it or they don't believe in it themselves and they are going to sell it for whatever they want. Either way , it's not really a scam and it does bring value to people if the product is only the basics of The Law of Attraction. The big selling hook I often see is "The Secret got it wrong , here's the REAL answer."
However according to the wikipedia article I've read , there are some New Age people who are anti-capitalist though I rarely ever hear of them online. Still there's people who just put up new age information online for free. The point I wanted to make is sometimes there's people who just find the information and repackage the basics. How someone could call it a scam or a lie is probably the way it's pitched in the mainstream , being sold to ordinary people who aren't into New Thought / New Age spirituality and they try it once and it doesn't work for them so they dismiss it as a scam or a lie.
That's why I think an experienced spiritual person is best because they know what they teach as well as their like minded target audience. If they want to target a more mainstream approach , it would be several things for their MSI ( Multiple Source of Income ) but if it's a cult following approach then the price would be expensive but people who care about it would by it.
Then there is New Age politics . But from what I remember reading there's ones who are left wing and others that are right wing. Speaking of which , I remember hearing that there was actual New Age politicians who were trying to get elected in the UK . I don't know if David Icke got on board with New Age Politics but I remember hearing time and time again how he was the leader of the Green party ( mostly from parodies of him from Spitting Image and Have I Got News For You ).
So New Age politics could be another Anti-New Age criticism.

I don't know if some people think New Age is Black Magick ( if they aren't fundamentalist religious ) . According to the wikipedia article I've read , there's often that situation where people link Wicca / Pagan to New Age.
I'm not sure if it's related or not. Black Magick and White Magick and New Age seems to use the same method in channeling spirit entities.

And the last thing I can think of is probably mainstream people thinking Scientology and New Age is the same thing and they never bothered to do their research probably because they think reading is boring or whatever. lol

Tarheel: Thoughts

We're certainly in a new era of ever-heightening consciousness.
Although they do have some facets that are attractive, it's the New Age profiteering that is so repulsive to me. I stay away from the New Age classification due to just that.

Kah-Len: Thoughts... The real truth...

The truth.. Lucifer (soul body) is King Anu (Anunaki) (Alpha Draconian body) King of the Earth and Anunaki. Is the present ruler here and lives underground.. His astral body on the otherhand is presant in many places. He has 2 sons.. Enlil and Enki. During Niburu's last orbit many of his followers fled to Niburu and turned it into a ship/dwelling place. It travels so fast it pulls 3 other planets in tow. Nicknamed "the destroyer" because it changes magnetic poles of other planets.. it knocked Mars out of its orbit and gave us our moon removing the 2 other moons we had. Caused our great floods etc... It is coming here in December 2018 and will change our earh creating a pole shift and at this time we will destroy Niburu using a pulsar beam from Athena. Lucifer will be destroyed and the Cabal will be removed.
The new age was brought here by Ashtar and his people who are part of the Giza Intelligence. Kamagul II is their leader and wants to rule over hearts and minds of men.. Turning us Arch Angeles into Idols. We are not to be worshipped!!!

I am Michael... soon the bandaid will be removed!!!

bluesbaby5050: Niberu.....

Niberu is presently in our solar system now. It has brought along with it 7 other planets and 10 moons and numerous asteroids and comets within it's own system. This truth is being hidden from our skies with chemtrailings that spread the familiar milky white skies. You can still see some of Niberus planets on the Alaskan cams all the time. Ive personally seen all of them in the company of my spiritual guides very recently. They are very different from each other, and they are beautiful!!! Don't fear them. We are being protected. Don't listen to the fear mongers that love to keep us in lower vibrations. Because this causes confusions and illnesses and hinders our advancements.

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