Goodyear Blimp or UFO at 2012 London Olympics?

by Quinton on August 2nd, 2012
Goodyear Blimp or UFO at 2012 London Olympics?

Taken from:

"This image shows four configurations of a Goodyear blimp. Upper left displays normal Goodyear branding name; upper right is a close-up from a video taken at the London Olympics opening ceremonies on July 27, 2012, showing what appears to be a disc-shaped UFO; bottom left and right are images provided by Goodyear that clearly show their blimp (sans branding name) over the Olympic ceremonies."

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bluesbaby5050: Blimps?

Yes ,some Goodyear Blimps were there in the skies,during the Olympic events,but this picture looked nothing like these posted here. They are great shots of the Blimps,but they don't look like the picture of the shot taken of the so-called UFO,Flying Disks that was posted.I just thought that the picture I posted was questionible.I no pro. The shot had no blue in it at all.I thought this was a topic of interest,thats all.

bluesbaby5050: The picture on the upper right?

Maybe the same picture of the one I had posted. I don't know. Question it All.

Quinton: Yes, the one in the upper

Yes, the one in the upper right is the UFO. The other 3 are the blimp. They look different to me. There is also video of it:

bluesbaby5050: Quinton---

Ya that's why I had posted this,because it did not look like a blimp to me. I have seen Blimps where I live.I live where there is alot of Tourists,and this is used as a way to advertise to the public,around the coastline,beachs etc.Thanks for this video,as this goes great with the topic,for those that like to complain lol!

Quinton: I don't think it looks like a

I don't think it looks like a blimp either. I've also read that earlier Goodyear said their blimp was not in the air at this time.

bluesbaby5050: There you go !

No reason for Goodyear to lie! }:>)

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