Good Illuminati?

by Crackdown on October 23rd, 2013
Good Illuminati?

("good" - benevolent towards the majority of humankind)
There is a theory that there are not only "bad illuminati", but also "good illuminati"
who are their mortal enemies. What do you think (or maybe know) about that?

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bluesbaby5050: I have to disagree on this one...sorry....

I have to disagree on this one. THERE IS ONLY ONE TYPE OF ILLUMINATI. ALL OF IT'S MEMBERS HAVE SHOWN WHAT THEY ARE LIKE TO GET TO THE LEVELS THEY NEEDED IN ORDER TO CLIMB HIGHER, because they ALL have done Horrible, Unspeakable things to humanity, and to this planet to get to the higher levels within this group. They have shown their TRUE COLORS UNTIL DEATH-THEIR DEATHS! If you mean the Lower group members within this group, then they are Eager members as well, and would do anything to advance higher, and this includes murdering innocents, MEN ,WOMEN,CHILDREN,PLANTS,ANIMALS,THIS PLANET AT ANY COSTS! (This is just My Opinion on this one).

bluesbaby5050: The Illuminatic are similar ...........

Are similar to the Masons. The Masons, like many other groups have all been INFILTRATED BY THIS LARGE GROUP OF MEN OVER TIME. The Masons DO HAVE GOOD MEN AT THE LOWER,TO MIDDLE LEVELS, and the lower levels never learn the inside of the upper levels until they advance higher. But to reach higher levels though this group, those men would also have to do devious, and horrible actions to gain a higher seat inside this Masonic group. The Masonic group thinks it's all about religion into the higher realms, and all is a secret to get tto those higher realms.

nivine: yeah ive heard about it

I was researching once and a page appeared about the good illuminati
Please check this link:

I dunno if they are confusing us, but I can't build any conclusions upon that. This needs alot of research and time just to try to analyze it

UN.i1-PHI: Dis-Info!

This 'info' on that website seems clearly like alot of dis-info and a bunch of pathetic excuses for the NWO to appear being benevolant and liberating humans from the 'evil Old World Order'(a term they camu up with too) so they can install their New World take-Over global control and enslavement system and justify it by makin people believe this illumicrazy Secret Society who are promoting and participating in this ancient conspiracy holding humanity hostage, are actually the benevolant ones who want to liberate us from the 'real malevolant enemy' wich they refuse to reveal due to threatening 'secrecy'...

AND to deliberately 'de-bunk' the malevolant 'illuminati conspiracy' as truely being benevolant towards humanity,(wich is clearly has opposite aims), and so that those who do expose them, can be labeled by them as being a disinfoed foe/enemy of humanity, so they can seemingly reverse the roles with self-promoting disinfo wich denies the real thruths about them and cause confusion on this area. and also to deny reptilians etc (see their piece on David Icke, ..lizard theory.. preposterous and discredits all sensible things he says..incredible theories that no rational person could take seriously)

i dont think this website needs alot of research as its getting very obvious with their sneaky pathetic tactics, i havent read this all and i would not want to but i've read few things troughout it and i think i remember this from before and i am sure this is nuthing but a bunch of pathetic 'swiching-roles' disinfo tactic, so the tyrants can become justified in their NWO of enslavement

but its pretty amusing to analyze and expose their poor tactics and debunk the debunkers if you know enough of how and what they're really up to...

but not way imma confuse the sick perverted pedophilic blood thirsty sadists conspiring tyrannically against humanity trough their insenst bloodlines and their collective ill-mentality illuminati(= their kind of 'enlightenment'/ their way of defining it), with the innocent children of humanity living for a better tomorrow..

and they actually expect some ppl to buy into this crap...

fuck them plans for their NWDisOrder its set-up fake Armageddon bluebeam global invasion theatre intro

the real 'armageddon' they've lost already!

VaCagre: If only you could write as

If only you could write as well as you can mindlessly babble, then maybe you could make a cogent point.

UN.i1-PHI: im sure i made my point clear

im sure i made my point clear in the title
if you could comprehend meaning beyond verbiage as well as easy you are to dismiss one's intentions and meaning as mindlessly babble due to unusual use of their grammar wich you find so important..
then maybe you would be able to comprehend ppls messages better who wouldnt even speak thesame kind of language..;p

my point was y'all think those illuminazis have would make up their own self-justifying disinfo version of who they are and what their agenda is, as the 'good illuminati' story on that website i was referring to

if you have any proper beforehand knowledge&perspective on their sick ways it won't be difficult to debunk this theory of an excuse for justification for organisation and denial of their crimes and to blame it on those of the 'old world order' so they can install their fucktup 'new world order', wich is doomed to fail as the humans get are more aware

UN.i1-PHI: Correction..

*dont u think those illuglyazis wouldn't have made up their own versions to deceive diffrent kinds of publicity groups suiting to their (un)awaress of different kind of aspects of their existance & agenda

unfortunately we dont have an edit button anymore wich could solve such errors, wich i dont really care so much aslong as the intention isnt reversed or confused
and it would support updating & correcting topics

bluesbaby5050: These men always take positions............

Of power in Politics though out Government, Military, Police, Medical fields, Civil Duties /Courts, any seat where they can have influence on society. They are the "Brother-Hoods".

nivine: Well

I think it's so easy to come up with such an idea, so they will confuse us.. They smart enough to even more than that also
Things now go back to all of us, maybe there is even a 3rd option that we are not aware of
They were able to run the world for centuries, they know well what they are doing, what to make us believe first, give us enough time to question it and believe it, then later they throw their second story, and so on.
I do believe that sick people are running the world, but also I do believe that they will never give their true identity

nivine: correction*

They are smart enough to even do more than that also**

nivine: guys!

No matter how we think we know things! It's not even close to enough! Even if we know every single information on this planet, there are things that we don't even suspect their preScene!
We have to deal with things upon that, plz dont tell me the whole universe is just based onthis? The illuminati, reptilians, aliens, ect..

bluesbaby5050: No Nivine the whole world, Universe is NOT.....

Based on that. It is Polarity playing itself out on this planet. Yes there are also Good Reptoids that do exists, and they are very ancient, and they are Tinkerers with Genetics of all kinds, and they also help to bring life of all variations to all planets every where in the universe. This is an ancient life form in itself. This is where the TEMPLATE for humanoids came from in the first place. There are alien beings that do exists on all levels of evolution. Some are SERVICE, and SOME ARE SERVICE TO SELF, and then there is the ones in the middle of these classes. They can go either way. The choice is always theirs. Love does exists in this universe, because without Love, WE WOULD NOT EXIST.

VaCagre: They can't be the *template*

They can't be the *template* because reptoids are ugly mudda fuccas and humanoids are not.

Tim Lovell: yes but the annunaki were not

yes but the annunaki were not all reptoid or amphibian , the family of Anu was a grouping of many different races, including lyrian humans from sirus that is why enlil is a blonde haired human , enki is amphibian , innana was a blue skinned human type marduk was a pure reptilian etc so with this grouping we are dealing with a wide variety of genomes, they are a grouping of ets that came together and agreeded to merge genetics and evolve together on their artificial planetoid `nibiru` this merging was agreeded to to avoid conflicts that were going to be envitable otherwise

bluesbaby5050: Tim....You can't teach some one the truth when........

The just come here WITH OUT STUDYING THE INFORMATION WE HAVE GIVEN THEM. They are stubborn, and blind by their ignorance. This will be their own down fall in the end.

Tim Lovell: yes I know BB mabey when some

yes I know BB mabey when some of his memories activate :)

bluesbaby5050: Sorry to BURST YOUR BUBBLE OF THOUGHT!


UN.i1-PHI: beauty is real on the inside,

beauty is real on the inside, but an good illusion from the outside..

every being can choose their own degree of benevolance to malevolance, its just many surrender their will to anothers out of (hierarchical) authority, competition/jealousy or copycatting etc ...

so just dont forget there are different kinds malevolant humans and there are some benevolant reptilians too!

real benevolance is conducted out of altruism!

bluesbaby5050: Correction where it says.... Service to Others, and Service Self

Correction was made.... Service to OTHERS, and Service to Self.

nivine: I agree

But thats not what I'm talking about, I know that each constitutes a huge variation..
What I'm talking about is the facts and realities that is there, but we don't know about it's preScene. We are not even allowed to know about it.
I wish I can put into words what I mean

Quinton: Are you referring to

Are you referring to something like the Great White Brotherhood or maybe the Hidden Masters? I am definitely of the opinion that there are entities working behind the scenes on this planet to help humanity. Whether or not they are tied to the Illuminati I would not know.

I probably have a view of the Illuminati that is different than most people. I can see good that comes out of a lot of things that the Illuminati does. For example, you could say that by the Illuminati doing certain acts of evil it allows for us to learn about this evil, think about this evil and overcome this evil to where this level of evil no longer controls us. They are basically gaming us with 3rd density tactics to the point where we move beyond 3rd density. In a way they are helping us grow up. I'm obviously not in favor of the Illuminati or the way they do things but I can see the good that comes out of their bad.

Crackdown: Secret societies. Are you illuminati?

In my perception, there are at least two secret societies standing behind the illuminati name and symbols, which are on opposite sides of the barricades. We could divide all the secret societies to two groups - those who are benevolent and those who are malevolent towards the majority of humanity. This benevolent/malevolent division is determined by a careful analysis of their deeds

The members of the one of these societies are doing some genuinely good things in order to awaken the humanity. A clear example is neurolinguistic programming. This powerful tool could be used for bad or good things. Mass media, which is controlled by "bad guys", is programming people in the bad direction, so someone should confront them by programming people in the good direction, through videos and other means. That is about awakening people and helping them to discover their hidden capabilities

In order to discredit a specific secret society, a similar secret society with the same name and symbols but with a completely different purposes can always be created - and that could be actual not only for the "illuminati" case. At the end, "illuminati" title is given towards those who enlighten others. Suddenly, we are illuminati - a good ones ;)

nivine: good point, but..

This may be one of the possibilities, or its just another concept to confuse the hell out of us.
Maybe that its already their plan!! Showing us under their '' name'' lies the good that will help in protecting us, and the bad which works on ruining that. but in fact its the same game! .. so on both ways if we choose any,they now assure that no matter what we choose, we are still due to what they already designed for us.

Crackdown: Benevolent illuminati are real

Perhaps I would share an excellent proof that at least some illuminati
are benevolent, a bit later. This stuff makes me think that, behind the
"Illuminati" name, there are many forces hiding - with contradicting purposes

And secrecy does not necessarily mean malevolence:
some stuff should not be shared openly, in front of all the Internet

VaCagre: NLP was created by a Mason

NLP was created by a Mason (Richard Bandler) high on copious amounts of hallucinogens so he could access temporal realms and download information. Like how some musicians go into a drug induced ZONE and automatically write down lyrics "whispered" into their ears from "other realms"?

Same shit with NLP.

And it's mostly been used for negative shit.

Only waking up your brain to the tune of the original creator will set you free.

Wake up you dummies!!!!

Tarheel: I respectfully disagree re: your take on Illumi-naughty acts.

To me, their end doesn't justify their means, and I don't think they intend benevolence to Humanity with their evil. I believe they are serving themselves only at Humanity's expense. Hence we are expendable to them and they couldn't care less about us.

obsrvantlouie: I concur with this p o v

I concur with this p o v

VaCagre: I couldn't find a better line

I couldn't find a better line of apologetic programming on any site than this here posting if I looked for the next dozen years. You Sir, and exactly the kind of devotee that is being created for the grand unveiling of our controllers as truly benevolent ends-justifying-the-means kings of our existence. Only through chaos could their new order be established, and all bad deeds they dun was dun to make us good and open our eyes. Yep, excellent programming, and excellent parroting on your part. Well done! The simple mind-fuck has worked.

Tarheel: I am sorry that...

I am sorry that I don't know you well enough to tell if that was sarcasm in your reply or not. It certainly seemed to be. No harm, no foul, no offense intended from me, anyway.

nivine: ok..

I highly agree with ur point, maybe there is something behind their actions that is beyond our thoughts. But it's a lil bit confusing, I mean all their signs show that we should sell our soul to the
evil, And in return we will have the perfect eternal life.
Don't u think that there are millions of ways to let us learn about the evil rather than making us part of it? Or driving us slowly without any intentions to that side!
Ask urself, if u want people to be ready for this what u will do?
And one more thing, can't u see how alot of famous people, which are mainly the source of delivery signs and some points.. During their interviews, can't u see how scared they were? It was so obvious in their eyes!
I think whatever that power is, its trying to make a good image out of the "evil" concept
I know maybe what I'm saying sounds nonsense, I'm just trying to question things to get clearer image

Sky: I would hope your all correct here.

The implications are certainly vast. I am written out . Ha! Ha!.. I just posted something and have used up time already in which I need to do very practical things. I hope your right about the Illuminati Quinton. Their are a few Jesuits [being of course just one part of the illuminati] I TRUELY enjoyed reading. I wonder if FATHER Padray & Bisphop Romero of Alvavadore (not sure of name of Father Padray. They both wrote wonderful homilies even thou leftist liberation theology is not cool Ann Raynn stuff) are store fronts so to speak of the Jesuit order that is appearing to be advanced spiritually when really being sinister puppets even if well intentioned SO their literal facial affect matches nonverbal body language. They THE jeuists are no doubt on a level on the perimid of Slavory in the Albert Pike sense of jerry mandering & co-opting power groups like the ancient Paroah Ignotin (phonetic spell of that pharaohs sorry folks) did no doubt. Sigmond Freud in his book Moses and Monotheism I suspect would agree in spirit if not in part explicitly agree about Pahroah Ignnotin's behaviour of doing a coo like the director Pinoshay did in Argintina in early 1970's to get controle with impure spiritual light obsessed products.

bluesbaby5050: There is nothing like Hands on Action to Learning/Feeling...

For instance.....We are all players on a stage---of life. THEY ARE THE DARK EVIL SIDE= The VICTIMIZERS, while WE ARE THE VICTIMS, BEING VICTIMIZED BY THEM. BOTH SIDES are Learning, and Feeling what it is like playing our parts in this life. Some of us have ALREADY TAKEN TURNS/EXCHANGED ROLLS to Feel / Learn what it is like from BOTH VIEWS. This is Hands on Experience=POLARITY PLAYING/ACTING OUT. This is a SCHOOL HOUSE=CALLED EARTH. ONE OF A KIND OF NO OTHER ANY WHERE ELSE. Within this school house is a University,and some students will graduate with their MASTERS DEGREE. With out the Dark side=Evil ones, Humans would become stagnant, and stop evolving. So you see this is necessary for both sides. Some will continue to evolve, while others will not.

Quinton: Agreed


Sky: Yes. This earth is a school according to hip gnostics.

What a school house. That is why I feel people who come to earth with say help from a spirit guide and what I call VIRTUE angels (no doubt cool aliens to get politically correct) help use write our astro record whereas some say achastic records. I feel we pick a major like in college that will be a theme. Some souls may (for instance no puns here) major in being an irritant like a stereotypical cop but really be good since that is their theme. So not to confuse irritable behaviour with being evil. Well that is only one theme as an example. A minor theme could be something a person wants to overcome such as being of victim. I feel people on their last lives to earth are more likely to have many major and minor themes that are less narrowly defined so as to prevent coming back down to this hell hole (planet earth place to perfect one's soul) despite having to have the chosen a metaphorical vehicle (physical body& support system & socioeconomic status ) with all extras like being good-looking and wealthy or not really depending what one charted. However, I believe 2/3 of what we charted with our virtue angles & spirit guide (also the council) is SOULY FOR OUR HEAVENLY PARENT FATHER God (intellect). Mother GOD (emotion integrated) is the only one of the few that can tweak and change what we wrote/agreed to buy in a was perfect "feel good" environment. The REMAINING 1/3 is something to make us more functional in heaven. This could be an alien entiity that makes us say a quarky word too oftend such as saying YOU KNOW obsessively that makes heaven not heaven for some.

nivine: this subject include millions of "what if?"

How about they are getting us to ask the wrong questions? How about all the sources we are using to ask questions upon are already wrong? Or just 1% of the real Ones?
We can't solve the problems by the same way it was created! We need to get out from what have been told to us.. And analyze things in a different perspective!
Yes I believe that there is something good somewhere hidden, but where is it? The world is falling apart already, we are coming to an end! I can't see their role! When they are planing to make a change? We must seek them, we can't wait till they find us..maybe the answer is between us and we are busy looking in the wrong place!

HebrianDaniel: arent illuminati by the name

arent illuminati by the name itself in latin means enlightement. the starter group was the bavarian illuminati . are the illuminati today are the same illuminati as bavarian illuminati?
was bavarian illuminati good or bad? i dont know much about them but i have wikipedia source about them
the orginal illuminati was formed by adam weishaupt

bluesbaby5050: Adam Weishaupt was ..............

German. That should give you a few clues HD :-)

Quinton: ...and a Jesuit.

...and a Jesuit.

UN.i1-PHI: Illuminati

We humans with good intentions and agendas to free humanity of this slavery by exposing it are the good illuminati/enlightened ones, what they consider enlightenment is reversed in meaning at its very core and full of ignorance , hatred , jealousy and obedience,
their enlightenment is probably referring the secret knowledge of abusing mankind in disguise , wich they recieve/achieve while they rank up into their hierarchy system of their own deception and control
we have no reason for secrecy, as our objective is to expose the secrecy that has kept us into the bondage of our unseen enemies, so we can take action toghether(benevolant humanity), we have no reason to harm, as it takes a peacefull revolution to succeed to lead and show the example, to NOT become too hypocritical in our ways and keep our dignity while exosing the Cabal

they arent illuminated, they just claim and call themselves like that, probably for self-satisfaction/promotion(deception) and for justifying their good-illuminati theory wich is a hoax/disinfo to make ppl think in the way they wanted/designed so they can get away with their crimes and continue under guise of benevolance/protection/liberation/..something 'good' for us, wich really is nothing but an deceptive excuse

dont forget they like to confuse ppl while they play both sides of their own coin, seemingly opposing eachother, but theyre strictly parrallel!
its up to us to keep flipping the coin, or throw it away back to where it came from


UN.i1-PHI: lol

Doing Bad in disguise of Good (well theyre gettin pretty Bad at that too.. )
Controlling both faces because their on the same head, but you only see the nice/normal appearing mask placed at the back of its head, while its wearing a hoodie covering its true ugly face
so dont loose your own...

Tarheel: 2-faced suits the Illumi-naughty.

I see ZERO illumination in that doomed clan. The very name carries their deceit.
Good find, Unify.

bluesbaby5050: I agree with everything you said B U T.........

I REFUSE TO SHARE IN THIER TITLE OF BEING ILLUMINATED. The PLAIN WORD BY ITSELF TRUELY MEANS ----> To be FULL OF THE DIVINE LIGHT. They Chose, and Used a ONCE -beautiful name, it is now Distorted with EVIL-UGLYNISTS! It became deeply Tarnished, and Warped though their Actions, and Behaviors. We Took that same "PURE LIGHT" and MADE "THE TRUTH BECOME KNOWN BY TURNING IT BACK ON TO THEM, and EXPOSING THEM. we Hold the Divine Light, and use it for ALL GOOD PURPOSES/INTENTIONS. We stand for the Light of The Truth. May it Shine ever so Brightly!

UN.i1-PHI: me too! and i was implying that too right

just because they call themselves like that doesnt mean they are 'enlightened'...
they are not what they claim to be, as in that desperate attempt for justification and their NWDO deception/religion in that 'good illuminati' website from the UK

gingersamurai: No matter how much any secret

No matter how much any secret society claims to know honestly I think it is nothing more than manipulative ploy. I think the so called puppet masters themselves are slaves and furthermore enslave themselves. I mean can you imagine how miserable someone must be to spend their life controlling everything around them via lies, deception, and malice. I have been doing much research on the new world order, old world order, Rothschilds, etc and the truth is no matter how much illusory power they wield that people buy into the bottom line is that they are still human just like us. They just got enough people to believe they are all powerful and have some amazing secret. I can tell you the secret right now. PEOPLE are gullible. They will believe any fantastic story even there is some illusory carrot hanging in front of them in the form of some "secret". I think the secret is that there is no secret and everyone goes down the rabbit hole hoping to see a wonderland that shows itself only to be a dystopia like this one only with a prettier coat of paint.

I will say I do give the Armageddon conspiracy sight some credit because they do admit that some sort of salvation for ourselves can be found in math. The truth is everything we know comes from math. The illuminati, or masons, or whatever gain their power from understanding math better than the majority of the population. If you want to gain your independence from secret societies then it will come from the masses coming up with solutions that result in better outcomes for all humanity (yes even the the tyrants that loathe so much) that there will no longer be a need for conflict because such a solution would make conflict obsolete as well as fear. The members of these societies are just as scared as we are and they share the same blue and green ball as us. We need to figure out a win-win where everyone wins. Some say that would be a redistribution of wealth. I disagree because money is the source of our conflict because it feeds a materialistic and narcissistic perspective but at the same time its a part of human nature so it can be eradicated. It can be redirected in a more positive direction though. That's why I think the entire concept of money must be phased out and a more altruistic system of self governance must be found. The ideas of an inheritance tax and meritocracy seem favorable but they can also be corrupted but the idea is a step in the right direction. We need to find the power within ourselves to make world better for those around us while the rest of us seek to do the same.

Conflict is becoming outdated now. Our violent actions can be shown in all of its glory thanks to the internet and as we have learned time and time again there is no glory that comes from it; just blood and tears. That's what needs to stop. We need to stop looking for reasons to kill each other. War has shown itself to be outdated as well as secrecy. That's why John F. Kennedy said it was repugnant.

UN.i1-PHI: illumicrazies are controlled fools too

those ill-mented-nazis are just part of one of them sects/groups(consisting out of other groups&layers..) but there are many other secret societies on earth too and they arent the boss at all, as they are groups of puppets being manipulated too, by greater Extra-&Intraterrestrial malevolant forces than those pathetic fools

they may have their own pyramid of control hierarchical structure but they are part of a greater pyramid of control, like pyramids stacked on eachother..

them stupid fools just wish ppl think its only them and that they will get/keep their 'high positions' in society granted by their masters in their NWO dream, but they can be discarded as shit and replaced by their superiors if their nwo would succeed ...
i think the NWO would imply depopulation for the Cabals too, to be replaced by new incoming players..

bluesbaby5050: Hellooooo?


Annunaki77: Does bloodline make you better , I don't think so.

No , EN KI was not of pure Bloodline. Are Extraterrestrials better than Humanity.
No they are not, they are the great decievers.
Searching to be someone your not is not your mission here on this World Stage.
Your Mission is to Chart your Own Destiny, your Soveriegn Destiny and not the New World Disorder.
That is Enlil's little trick and his Orion Buddies.
Are you a Drone or a Free Soveriegn being?, You are Free Soveriegn Beings.
If you don't use your Brains you will lose your ability to be Soveriegn.

The Awsome is in all Adamu. No Geo-Egineering will work. Do you really think Alien Grey Tech will Work on EN KI's World. I don't think so!.

Annunaki77: Become a Renegade , Learn from the Renegades

Are the Wild Animals following Rules?, Nope.
Is Nature Controllable? Nope!.
Does Life find a way?, Yes.

Who do you think I favour?.

The System was never a part of EN KI's doing.
The System was designed to serve the Control Freaks.

On Sirius , On Orion and now on Earth.
I am Anti-Control Freak.


Tarheel: Flashback !

I'm having another FLASHBACK. Too many Grateful Dead shows, I guess. Maybe I should call it a rewind.

Crackdown: The meaning of symbol from "illuminati" thread

It is symbol of healing, which emits the kindness and light

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