Gods and Goddesses with bows and arrows

Gods and Goddesses with bows and arrows

What do all these gods and godesses have in common?
They are all associated with orions belt and/or the moon.
They also all have a bow which shows the connection to the constellation of Orion.
The constellation of Orion is shaped like an archer in mythology hence why all these gods have a bow and arrow.


Lots of these goddesses are also moon goddesses, this isnt a coincidence either.

Top left we have Cupid based upon the roman god amor and the greek god eros. Who is associated with love as most of you probably know.

Top middle we have a sumerian clay tablet of the sumerian god Enlil stabbing the goddess shapesh. Enlil is seen with a bow. In mythology he is seen standing next to a lion which again shows the connection to orion, not just because orion and lion sound phonetically similar but because at the giza pyramids in egypt which are built to the shape of Orion's belt, we see the sphinx which is of course a lion!

Then we have to the right of enlil and shapesh the greek god artemis seen with a bow again, artemis is a goddess of the moon and was believed to be able to morph into a bear which is symbolic of ursa minor, I wonder why that its...

Then we have the blind god Höðr who is the brother of the sun god Baldur in norse mythology, loki tricks Höðr into killing is brother. Baldurs mother thought via prophecy that her son would surely die so she made everything swear never to hurt baldur. Then loki makes an arrow out of a mistletoe who did not swear never to harm the sun god baldur. all the other gods would shoot arrows at the sun god for laughs but all of them would miss because of baldurs mother, loki took advantage of the mistletoe and his brother and baldur was surely killed, loki was later found out and was strapped to a rock until ragnorok wherby all the gods would do battle.

Then second down on the left we have a statue of the roman god Apollo (aka a-paul-lo, the apostle paul from the bible who had only one eye, the same as in freemasonary) this links the all seeing eye to the constellation of Orion (as do other things aswell.) Seeing as the bow is a symbol of the constellation of Orion.

Then we have the ancient egyptian god Neith who is seen with a bow and arrow and was seen as a mother goddess and and an arbiter between Horus and seth. Neith was worshipped as a triad along with the god Sobeck who was a crocodile god (crocodiles are associated with orion) and the god Seth (associated with the Hyades cluster).

Bottom right we have the hindu god rama who is associated with bows and arrows. Rama is most famous from the stories from the Ramayana where Rama fights the god Ravana who kidnaps is wife sita, Rama fights a long battle to rescue her. This is very similar to the stroy of troy, and its not the first one like it either making me think that the story of Troy probably was a later adaptation.

In the bottom middle we have Vajradharma Lokeshvara balanced on a lotus flower and peacocks who is seen with a bow, the picture of a statue is from Pakistan and in a Museum in the US.

Bottom left we have the goddess Diana with a bow and arrow she was apart of a triple goddess called Diana, Minerva and Vesta, the three of them are symbolic for the stars in Orion's belt aswell, which has three stars. She was said to have been born along with the god Apollo which further suggests that the both of them are associated with Orion, even though Diana is a moon goddess aswell.

hope you've enjoyed :)

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M3RT0M: Nice one TR

I really enjoyed it :)

Terran resistance: lion orion connection

royal arms of england
three stars in orions belt three lions.
South park episode where there are (three owls and) three lions symbolic of orions belt
orlando city:

Langton coat of arms of yorkshire:


etc etc etc

and ignore what zahi ha-spazz says about the pyramids hes a fraud and is in prison/going to prison.

bluesbaby5050: There are plain humans,and...........

Cat/humans ,and some Canis humanoids types,which are also mammals,warm blooded beside the Reptilians,and the Blue colored skinned -humanoids with the big heads/slant eyes,some are bald that live on Sirius A. The CANUS live on Orion B also, along with the reptilians types, and the Amphibians Humanoids types too, and the many MERMAN,AND MERMAIDS, and others.They are into Slavery Big time. The Orion constellations also has some humans,and Humanoids types,not just the Queens,and the Dracoians,and Reptilian hybreds,and even Greys too. This place, THE ORION Constellation is a STAR NURSEY,and a place where stars are being born all the time. Most people don't realize these facts about Orion. It is a HUGE AREA!

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