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bluesbaby5050: Goddess

Very Nice! You've got talent.

Tarheel: A plug for...

matriarchy ?

AishwaryaIsabella: @bluesbaby5050

Thank you! :) <3

AishwaryaIsabella: @Tarheel

No, lol :p but I do feel the Goddess has been overlooked for too long. There needs to be a balance

Tarheel: We agree

I was all for a return to matriarchy until I realized it would be best if there was this balance you champion.
I'm on board with balance.

AishwaryaIsabella: Tarheel

Thank you so much :) I will admit I was on board with matriarchy too, but if women ruled, men would probably suffer just like women have over the years. There is an overflow of masculine energy inside us and on earth due to the matrix/prison but calling on the Goddess to help us balance the two energies out really helps. Lots of love

Logical Chaos: nice picture

Really cool drawing. U should make more art. Looks great.

AishwaryaIsabella: Logical Chaos

Thank you! :)

Logical Chaos: Quick question

I had a quick question. Whos is the female in the center of the drawing? Is it you? And is she directly related to the small green aliens beside her or are they other beings from somewhere far from her?

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