God enlil killing a sun goddess

God enlil killing a sun goddess

The sumerian god enlil, with his bow by his side which is symbolic for the stars in the constellation of orion:

enlil stabs the sun god who has an all seeing eye above her head.
(sun goddess shapesh, to be precise, apparently anyway, thats the name quoted to me..)

Shapesh also represents Orion because she has three eyes which are symbolic of Orion's belt.
But theres a slight corruption of mythology because this is the sumerians way of saying that this goddess represents somewhere in the constellation of Orion hence why theres three eyes, three stars in Orion's belt. But they dont know where in Orion.

The only place in Orion which is even remotely eye shaped is the lambda Orionis nebula in Orion:

So the sumerian tablet is showing a dispute between Orion and the lambda orionis nebula.

According to contactee Alex Collier theres a race called the "Nibiru" where the word hebrew comes from, that live in the lamda Orionis nebula and that Enlil represents a race of "Nibiru" aswell, so this would be a portrayal of a war between two clans of "Nibiru".

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HebrianDaniel: sound very familier to

sound very familier to Marduk and Tiamat story

Terran resistance: I think this mythology represents

revolutions in orion during the black league wars
since I think both gods represent orion to a degree...

the bow and eye are to do with orion thats for sure in mythology.

funkadelic_14: ?


bluesbaby5050: To answer your question............

They were created by their parents, by the method of cloning done by combining both parents Genes/DNA together in labs, and this was the way that their OFFSPRING was created. They thought that this was the best way to RE-Produce their species. King ANU was created by the same methods, and then he created EN.KI. EN.KI later on had created EN.LIL though the same methods. This was normal, and very common for them. This was how they were ABLE to fuse together different kinds of species that were very different, and this is why Reptilians were made with Humans, and this is how the Canus species were combined with the Reptilians species also. If it was not done in this way, it would NOT have been possible otherwise.

funkadelic_14: Thank you for you're response

Thank you for you're response. What I ment to ask tho was, who is the real creator of all beings annunaki homosapiens ...the universe . I am sorrt if this question is too deep forward. I just want to know the facts for the moments I am trying to wake up another being.

UN.i1-PHI: as was discussed recently and earlier on TC..

all beings/souls and everything comes from the spirit/force of ALL/EVERYTHING, the uni/multiversial conciousness of wich everything and everybody is a part of in order to experience itself and manifest creations and its further creations!

and so evolution happened so long ago(before earth & its solar system even existed) in so many stages of wich many continued to progress and evolve, from the micro to macro scale, from primordial energies to 'units and atoms' the mineral to bacterias to bigger organisms to planets, galaxies and and universes/multiverses and who knows what beyond in all kinds of different dimentions...

eventually when some species evolved technologically enough to travel inter-stellar, they were able afflict their influence other worlds wich many of them were still in an more primitive stage and some ones&groups of species took abuse/advantage of it.

and by traveling inter-stellar they met more extra terrestrial beings/'aliens' and managed to communicate in ways or not, and it leaded to many alliances and enemies and the wars resulted from conflicts and different opinions&customs etc...

when some were advanced enough in genetics they used it to alter&mix other beings and even enhance themselves genetically, (and sometimes it went wrong like when they were cyborging themselves/their dna wich resulted created constand need for elements such as gold, see dan winter he goes far into this subject and the et's and how this custom was brought over to earth in many ways and reasons) this is an good example and lesson that you can't just shortcut progress to acheive the desired result(as the result will be different in ways than it would when acheived by 'natural'/'normal' graduation & effort for it..)

some benevolant or neutral beings, and even some malevolants, do not interfere with lesser evolved beings on other planets as this became an moral/ethic rule for some ones&councils&federations.

but ofcourse it happened anyway on many places/planets including earth and you can see this if you take a look at the history and the gods and their religions for humans and in the different races wich are an result of multiple different races inter-breeding and genetically modifying & engeneering.

some planets were destroyed by horrible wars and became destroyed or bare (barely dead), and some of them were restored and re-terra formed, just like that happened some other uninhabitable (for them and others) planets, this happened to earth too, about 3 times according to some stories
(last one was the war between the empires of ORION, SIRIUS & OLYMPUS (home/former mount olympus possibly on former earth in this solar system) after zues heroically lost the war, the others came doing their business on earth and end up re-terraforming earth and genetically engeneering the primitive/original species of this planet and others, but they were intended to became just gold-mining slaves by the will of anu&enlil etc... just for (their) business, restoring their outpost planet nibiru by spreading mono-atomic gold particles in the atmosphere to repair it,(and probably by their (also physically)addictive needs for gold too) and to pay off the ORION Queens because they were now in their property becuase the grandfather of zeus, former king(of sirius/SSRRSS) AL.AL. made a deal with the Orion reptilian queens for claiming this solar system and planet with gold he discovered ( ALAL overthrown by ANU but anu loosing his balls for it...and ironically also his 2 death stAR balls by Zeus in the war wich destroyed so much in this solar system)

UN.i1-PHI: i forgot to mention that ENKI...

did not just complied with their (evil to 'us') system and he followed his own will whenever he managed to do what he tought was right, as he knew how slavery after seeing and being influenced by this slavery in SIRIUS and ORION and others...

and so he dis-obeyed and used his own genetic dna and with aid and genetic donation of the Akhu'
he managed to create the beings with much more awesomeness than was prescribed to be... and he was punished for this...
he also was the one who had saved so many beings on earth by helping noah/ziusudra and creating the 'ark' wich was an genetic databank for survival wich he helped to create with his spacecraft while he actually wasnt allowed to tell the ('ordinary')humans and they laughed at them when they were building an awesome ship in the middle of the desert, soon after they were gargling and washed away wich made enki suffer so much emotionally to see and experience...after they docked in in the mountains of ararat enlil almost strangled enki and got furious and after he almost killed him in an space-fight attacking his fleet near mars etc.. and then MARDUK/RA, enlils first son(also by genetically engineering) stepped in defending his father and kicked enlils ass to the point of killing him if it was not for En.Ki telling him that despite all his tyranny and treachery (wich made marduk furious too) he still is their family and that he should NOT kill him! so actually enki spared enlil too!

the motives for allowing/enforcing the flood by the gravitational disturbing effects of nibiru passing by again was to eliminate and extinguish the many genetical engineered ,experiments(crossings etc..) and inter-breedings(semi/demi 'gods' ect)...wich were threatening the rule of control and was considered as chaos to some (as many were excersizing their free will and was also threatening to the empires/systems of control)

Tim Lovell: you realise right that we are

you realise right that we are all just remembering what happened back then now and thus continuing the old same dramas from back then into now , how does this serve anything atall but to recycycle the past , the past is over the past is gone just stop bringing it back up , the only reason you all are is to try and use it to help remember your old selves and thisd will somehow do what?.,...

Come on guys the point of this time is to evolve not recycle the past ...

UN.i1-PHI: dude it was not my intention to bring drama...

or recycle the past...but to help to explain the history including the extraterrestrial influence wich happened long ago and still continues...
and to try to briefly sum up some interesting teachings wich can be learned about here at TC for newer members and for reconsideration and in attempting reconciliation of some history...
(in the way i have come to know/believe/realize since being here on TC for one and half a year)..any corrections or contradicting comments are always welcome on tc as long its in authentic/genuine intention to help us get In-formed and NOT dissin-formed ;) )

i wish i/we could just remember it all! thats why we're so hard trying to figure out what really happened because history has been his-story for much too long and that why i think we should also study the more critical and mainstream challenging versions we're just able to discover recently in this/such way!..

even then there is the possibility that some memories could be implanted to people for purpouses/agendas...

i know and want to remember that hisstory is NOT te be trusted in many ways!!!

Sky: mrcury in vaccines is the primary problem in my view

My best guess is to FIND A CONSUMER AWARENESS GROUP THAT IS CREDIBLE. ASK AROUND USING YOU BEST JUDGEMMENT.I know that that vaccines that have mercury are a HUGE NO GO. There is a type of mercury used in vaccines that is the primary problem as I have heard from credible sources but cannot recollect other than David Ick and Michael Tsarion. I wish I could be more of help.

Sky: My mistake this was posted on

My mistake this was posted on the wrong post I could not sleep and thought I WAS MORE ELERT THAN I WAS. This was meant for FUNADELIC regarding vaccinating his new born children or not.

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