god can never make up his mind

god can never make up his mind

God can never make up his mind.

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Quinton: First, Genesis was written by

First, Genesis was written by man so it would be man, not God.

Second, Genesis 1 and 2 are two different stories written by two different groups of people.

Terran resistance: I like Pie

the edit button is so much fun now its back again

bluesbaby5050: The bible was written by men,as in Scribes! They followed what -

The Annunaki TOLD them to put into it.The bible was NOT written by men,for Men! The bible has been tampered with,and many words,phrases were changed to fit the times men were living in! It can Not Be taken word for word,as the words have been changed by men ,and Not By God! This was done to CONtrol people,and this is why REligions were all Created for this purpose! TO DIVIDE, AND Conquer! This is also why Different Languages were Created for the Same Reasons!Put the Blame where Blame should really be TR! On The Annunaki for all these INtents,and Purposes!

Quinton: The Bible is obviously not

The Bible is obviously not the unaltered word of God and if you already know that why would you post this?

Terran resistance: no you are just all incapable of reading

I was merely stating the christian stand point which is, that the bible is the unaltered word of god, which by the way it isnt! unless of course god was drunk when he got his worshippers to write the bible for him.

I used the words supposed to.

Tarheel: Q, Piss Ant TR missed out on The Council of Nicea part,too.

Unaltered? NOT !
Ever heard of Constantine?

Terran resistance: I said it was supposed to be

cant you read sunshine?

edisonik: You continue to Mock the Gods

Be very Careful little one.

Terran resistance: or what?

or what? your bore me to tears about some bull shit about hows theres more than one god?

I am my god.

Annunaki77: You have no Idea Terran R

You have no Idea, you Insult the Master Falcon. Remember when he said you will call us Master. You will call us Master.

You absolutely have no Idea about the Awsome Power you Scorn!.

Steve Quayle: Nephilim(Giants) & Ancient technology sought by Elite; Host Dr. Bill Deagle


HebrianDaniel: hey Edi do you Speak

hey Edi do you Speak Skaldpaarmal language?

Annunaki77: Awsome Power beyond Human Understanding

You are Awsome Mighty Falcon. You are Exalted above all Creatures on this Planet. Your Word is Absolute.

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