Gliese 581g

Gliese 581g
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bluesbaby5050: I know a sure way to find this information out for you----

I don't have to wait for the future,and the Nasa commitee to give us the answers. We already have high technology to go to the Moon,and to Mars,and we already know how to time travel. They CLAIM they NOT know, but I Bet that Nasa already knows.They Never tell us anything, and we all know this to be The Truth! When they Finally do give us information, it has been out 20 or more years already. Nasa just Never tells us. They only tell us something when we get close to finding out it on our own. It is hard to keep info from leaking out now, because enough people with the Same Mind Set wants this to get out to the public.We have this right to know what is going on all around us. We should NEVER be kept in the darkness where much has already been hidden from us for so long now.They do this to hold us back from progressing. They are actually afraid of us, and our real powers! WE are all GODS,and Goddesses in our OWN right, and we are taught this all the time by our Master Teachers. We Should Enforce our God given rights! Our Master Teachers have these answers, as they're out in our galaxy flying around to different places all the time. And they're on board these massively huge Mother ships too. They're the ones trying to Help us ,NOT HOLD US BACK! THEY ARE THE REAL EXPERTS HERE! The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

bluesbaby5050: This is good work Alina B.----

Thank you for bringing this information to the attention of this forum. The Falcon.

alinabezerra: We the people are the biggest

We the people are the biggest force of influence and change and power,for me its enough that i know this to be the truth but it would be nice for us to be treated with respect and not kept in the dark.Its our right to know what is going on,and for the gov. to tell us.You are right we will laways eventually find out the truth we are a strong people.

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