Giant Black orb created lightning

Giant Black orb created lightning

It was the first day of school August, 2020. It was nighttime & I was on 35S to San Antonio, Tx. I noticed a giant black orb in the night sky which blended very well with the sky so most people driving wouldn’t notice it, but not me. I pointed it out right away even though I was in a moving vehicle. As I pointed it out, I saw sideways lightning coming from the giant orb. Then the giant black orb released a cloud to disguise itself as a storm cloud. Then it started to rain. The giant black orb creates lightning & disguised itself as a cloud in the sky, this is how a storm was created. The giant black orb exists but obviously it does more than just making a storm, lightning, & clouds to pass by in the sky.

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bluesbaby5050: Giant Black Orb Showing Off in Night Sky🌩⚡🌧

Yes... Some unusual events have been reported by people during the day as well as in the dark skies over our heads. Strange things have been reported by people of all age groups wittnessing many different life forms walking, and then disappearing from out of no where. These huge mother ships have been seen UN-cloaking in the clouds, and then the grow bigger and expand move around the curved edges of these ships until they can't be seen anymore. They use clouds to hide in as it's only condensed vapor easily purged, and used to cloak inside of to observe humanity, and their evolution on 🌍. Arks could be another term used to describe them as they've been seen above all the continent's in the ancient past, and some buried as they crashed into our soil from our past to this present day with great stories to tell. So keep looking up at our skies, and if possible, take pictures with a phone that's capable, and remember that it's your proof that they are here and never left. Some of their ships are now our ancient relics of times past. Thanks for reporting your observations. 🤗 👽👾 🌎🌏🌍🌐🕊🕊🕊

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