This Generation is Spiritual Rather Than religious

This Generation is Spiritual Rather Than religious

[May 10 2014] In this generation, where everyone’s interconnected to one another through technology, a part of us still feels lost. We’re all tech-savvy, financially independent and extremely social.

Yet after a certain age, we begin to sense that there’s more to life than just materialistic things. We begin to feel a vacuum. You feel that happiness isn’t what it is made out to be. And that the pleasures of life seem temporary.

Spirituality is a vague word but can be a path that takes us to our inner self and brings us peace. For many people, spirituality is a lifelong journey of discovery. To some it can be as simple as having a positive attitude, seeing beauty in nature, being mindful, listening to your heart, and being kind to others.

Today, many youngsters have started seeking solutions to their issues through yoga and meditation. For them, this path is ‘easy’ than following a particular religion with restrictions. Spirituality on the other hand, they think, sets you free.

Kriti Jalan, a student speaks about ‘channelising your energies’. She says, “Spirituality means believing in something that is more than human life. It helps me let go off the negative energies in me. Where religion binds me to follow certain things, spirituality lets me create some of my own. Books like The Secret don’t really work with us because we don’t believe in something that we haven’t witnessed. We expect to see results even before we start the process of believing. Patience is the key to spirituality.”

Ashwin Arvind, another student, doesn’t believe in either spirituality or religion. “My parents come from different religions and I am an atheist. Religion isn’t my thing. Spirituality also depends on many things. I think if you have faith and belief in your own self, then that will help you overcome a lot of negativity.”

Sheetal Shah, a yoga and meditation expert feels that spirituality and religion are two different things. “Some young people misunderstand spirituality, they use the word very loosely. India may be the nucleus of spirituality and yoga but we need to look beyond materialism to understand the difference between artificial and pure happiness.”

Aman Jain, a 21-year-old entrepreneur, accepts that spirituality has helped him control his temper.

“I’ve learnt to stay calm and get a grip on myself. Yoga and meditation have become a vital part of my routine. I think most people in my age group will agree that in this competitive world, peace is required. I always think about the repercussions and then talk. Positive thinking has helped me grow.”

Along with a couple of friends, Aman has directed a movie named Eek Cheez Milegi Wonderful. He says, “Its about seeking eternal truth in a very easy language that will help the youth to connect with their soul.”

Maira, another teen, prefers spirituality over religion. She feels, “Where religion controls you, you can control your thoughts through spirituality. It has helped me relax. Yoga helps me keep fit.”

Spiritual books for teens are also catching on. Fire in the Heart: A Spiritual Guide for Teens, by Deepak Chopra is a case in point.Spiritual Solutions - Teaching Spirituality To Children: ; Laura works with children to empower them through art, but she's worried about coming across like she's telling them how and what to think. She asks Deepak: How can we impart spirituality to children without forcing a certain belief-set on them?

Deepak encourages her to engage her students in reflective inquiry so that they begin to formulate their own beliefs and values.] ] ]

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