The flower of life symbol

The flower of life symbol

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Arctos: Looks like merigold or

Looks like merigold or dandilion.

Terran resistance: good observation!

lots of things in our natural envrionment mimic the flower of life symbol, like a honey comb for example

Arctos: I find it interesting that

I find it interesting that the flower of life can be founds in so many different cultures aims the world. In my opinion its just another sign of common origins.

bluesbaby5050: Geometery designs---

These signs are all over ,as it is a universal language.Snow Flakes just another example.

Kierkegaard: Interesting

Are sacred geometry and repeating patterns merely forms of language then? If so, how do we deduce the meanings? Are those meanings the mysteries taught in the Mystery Schools?

reginahoward: Flowers are a very common

Flowers are a very common sight in weddings, and have been for centuries. As more information is discovered on what exactly the colors and types of flowers meant to our ancestors, many young couples are beginning to choose their bridal colors based off of the meaning attached to them rather than based purely on aesthetics. By spending quality time choosing your flower and color scheme, you are ensuring that the wedding will be a cohesive beautiful affair.

catherinescott: Thanks for the post. it was

Thanks for the post. it was very interesting. Flowers have their meanings.

bluesbaby5050: Math is a Universal language!

It is in all geometry! Which another form of math!

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