Flavius Josephus on 13 Different Jesus'

by Quinton on November 4th, 2012
Flavius Josephus on 13 Different Jesus'Flavius Josephus on 13 Different Jesus'Flavius Josephus on 13 Different Jesus'

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um.hello: idk what to say but wow

idk what to say but wow

Sky: Saint Paul (Josephus Pistus Flavian) like movie GET SMART

I find it astonishing how few times Josephus PISTUS mentions Jesus. But why not in that Jesus life did not start in approx 1AD & end in 33AD(more likely date of Appollianus of TIANA who lived near St Paul/JosephusPistusFlavian. JOSEPHUS PISTUS was trying to distract away from Saint John The Baptist the real trouble maker to FLAVIAN ROMAN RULERS VASPATIAN & his son TITUS. I feel Josephus PISTUS who I believe was Saint Paul is so similar to the lead character in the movie GET SMART. I am making a post modern ap here to bring out the complex personality of Saint Paul. He probably had a sense of humour similar to deceased CIA(aka like a bouty hunter) William Buckley. Any way Jordan Maxwell site I believe was stolen but that is any other HUGE topic. I feel the book by Kursey Graves THE WORLD'S SIXTEEN CRUCIFIED SAVORS - CHRISTIANITY BEFORE CHRIST ties in well so to speak of this Josephus PISTUS in relation to JESUS. Professional interviewer host named "Mo" on his Gnosticwarrior.com website has a wonderful interview with Professor Joseph Atwill. I recommend the reader listening to it to learn more about Josephus PISTUS FLAVIAN being Saint Paul of the New Testment Bible.

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