Family Tree of EN-KI, and EN-LIL

Family Tree of EN-KI, and EN-LIL

Here's the Family TREE of EN-KI, and ENLIL.

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bluesbaby5050: Take Notice who is at the TOP of this Family Tree......

It is Apsu, and the Dragon Queen, Tiamat. Anshar,and Kishar give birth to the King Anu, and his 2 siblings ( sisters) It does not state in this Family Tree who King Anu's married to. This must be because he had so many wives, and a large Harem, and many Off-Spring from these as well.

Eldertree: Tiamat the Orion queen, yes.

Tiamat the Orion queen, yes. Anu had many wives, most of them were political marriages. The union between Nammu and himself, was probably the most political and powerful one because Enki was born out of this union. The union was about ending the war with Orion and Sirius and allowing Anu and his faction to have greater power within this galaxy. It hasn't all turned out in his favour now however.

bluesbaby5050: That's Correct

That's Correct. All of them had Issues.

Tarheel: Kinda like Rameses 2 promiscuity (with all due respect).

Rameses2 had over 21 children by his 21st birthday. He was said to have fathered OVER 100 kids in his lifetime. Imagine 100 children to young adults battling for the throne of Egypt!

Oh, and btw, Rameses2 was "one of" THE longest tenured EARLY Egyptian rulers at (methinks) about 67 years.

Quinton: Very cool chart :) Thanks for

Very cool chart :) Thanks for sharing :)

bluesbaby5050: Your welcome.........

Your very Welcome Quinton. I thought this would help the members in the forum, with this Chart of The ENKI, and ENili Clan Family Tree Members. Also, it gives a better understanding of exactly where the family members are in relationship of each other. When you can see all of them, it makes it alot easier to have clarity when studing about them.

Silenci030310: Cool thanks bb5050

Cool thanks bb5050

Eldertree: Nammu did not have the same

Nammu did not have the same parents as Anu, only the father I believe was the same. They were half brothers and sisters. This is well stated in ancient scripts. Same with Ki she had a diff parent as well.. Nammu brought the Sirian throne into the Orion hierarchy because Nammu and Anu were tied to a Sirian bloodline. Anu's other sister was an Orion queen who was more closely related to Anu than Nammu. This was probably the reason why Nammu felt left out and out of touch with the other Anunnaki's. All of Anu's wive's were from different star systems. I have read something similar to this about the connections between Nammu, Anu and Ki. I wish I could find it and post it up here. You will always see stories stating that Enki was closer to the Sirian's, whilst Enlil was always closer to the Orion faction. Sirians, were more pro creative and the Orion's were more left brained and structured.

Anu had a base on Sirius, but he was not a full blood Sirian. That is another misconception from RMS. There is a lot of truth to the terra papers but not everything adds up. Just as the Zeus bullshit doesn't add up either.

I would also state to not take everything I said above as 100percent fact, because I would say I'm only 80 percent sure this correct. I am trying to remember more about Nammu's heritage.

Terran resistance: Anu has nothing to do with sirius

he is a god of the underworld for a reason you know...

Terran resistance: very handy

but I think that its safe to assume that one or more gods are the same like nana and inanana

some gods missing like the moon god sin or is it under a different name?

edisonik: Remember it's Ultimately about you folks

Learn to Love One Another. Thrones are severely over rated. Learn to embrace Love and Understanding.
Learn to share your views, Learn to Respect Life because we are all the Breath of Kod.
You are all a part of one Apparatus , that is the Mechanism called Life.

I am proud of Humanity.

bluesbaby5050: This is a RE-POST FOR A REASON............

Litith was once married to Prince EN-KI! She is the Goddess of the First, and the second dimentions/domains. The Fairies, Nomes, Elfs etc. Just a refresher of Litith's status. (Posted For the UN-Informed people).

hydrotechboy: I'm laughing out loud

Because that is not true.

hydrotechboy: Lilith and Enki

Lilith and En Ki are from different timelines and dimensions. You are putting two different stories and want to confuse people with your idiocy and mockery of Enki? Lol



Eldertree: This is true, wasn't Lilth

This is true, wasn't Lilth also known as Ereshkigal?

bluesbaby5050: This chart is Correct...............

The OFFSPRING listed are correct also. Lilith, and Enki had children, 2 girls as shown above in the Family Tree, and their names were Luluwa, and Kalimath. The chart also shows the names of the 2 males, Cain, and Seth the 2 female children of Lilith, and Enki had married. Nothing shows up after them. Take notice that Lilith's parents were King Nergal of the Netherworld, and King Nergal was also known as Metatron as shown above in the chart. Lilith's Mother was the Queen Eresh-Kigal also of the Netherworld as shown above in the Family Tree.

Eldertree: This diagram isn't 100

This diagram isn't 100 percent correct though. Ninhursag and Enlil had different mothers, there are other errors.

Tarheel: This diagram blows The Bible lineage/version outta the water.

I don't subscribe to The Bible in whole, but there are many other lessons there.

But the Lilith part...not even close to this diagram. And y the way, I'm not condoning either as I don't know for sure.

bluesbaby5050: The reason this chart Blows the Bible version outta the water is

Because the Bible does NOT explain the Family Tree completely. Alot of Truths are hidden, and kept secret for many reasons. If this chart was shown in the bible, then they would of had alot more explaining to do. The point was to keep humanity Ignorant to the truths of humanities history.

Tim Lovell: Im pretty sure Lilith was a

Im pretty sure Lilith was a female member of the annunaki the unlucky ones sent down to earth and the lower dimensions to mine the gold and sort out the lulus (us) she hated that enki wanted the dna left intact so she stripped it down to 2 strands, I have memories of this ,

Eldertree: Firstly I didn't bring up the

Firstly I didn't bring up the bible. The bible is rubbish. Why would I waste my time discussing it.

Secondly this chart is not correct.

Ninhursag and Enlil had different moms. Nammu was not closely related to Anu either. It is wrong and you are wrong Bluesbaby.

bluesbaby5050: Firstly , my answer was to Tarheel,and about his bible statement

I never made a comment to you, as you asummed I did. Take notice of who my reply was to, it says the name under it. AST you always like telling people they are wrong, but you never bring your proof to the debate. This Chart came from an old library book on ancient history, and I no longer have this book.This chart was inside of this very old history book. I didn't dream up the chart. I made a copy at the library,and then I posted it for the forum. I figured the chart was close enough, because I had read all about the family tree before hand,and so I thought this chart would be interesting to show it in the forum to be discussed. I just left it up for debate. If you want to continue to rip it apart, then be my guest. That's why it's here in the first place. But, to have a good debate, you should bring your proof, and not just have nothing to show other then your complaint for the forum. By the way, I didn't see any other charts presented to this forum on this subject. Next time bring your proof, because then we could have a better time making a comparison with the forum included. Thanks for you comment.

bluesbaby5050: @ AST............

You should of addressed all your statements about the bible, and this chart to TARHEEL, as he WAS TALKING to YOU the WHOLE TIME, and NOT to Me. Please don't try to provoke me into one of your favorite past times here, arguing, because your plan for disruption in this forum will not be played out by me. All I did was present a chart of the Family Tree of both EN-ki,and EN-lil's family's ancestry from a very old history book on ancient history I had found for this forum. I never made a claim that this chart was TOTALLY correct in it's contents. All history is NOT correct in every detail. A person would have to be present all the time, and this person would have to be writing/recording a complete detailed account of all the events taking place at every moment of time in history, and this would be impossible to do. I'm sorry to say our Earths History does have flaws.

Eldertree: No Bluesbaby, you "said" the

No Bluesbaby, you "said" the diagram is "CORRECT". My response it is "NOT" entirely correct. You have a habit of twisting things around. Everyone can see clearly what has been written and you don't need to repeat yourself to me. I know exactly what you said and so does everyone else. I hope you understand clearly now :)

edisonik: Good Work Bluesbaby5050

Many Blessings.

HebrianDaniel: so this family tree

so this family tree represent the royal alien family of nibiru?
and what their races mostly?

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