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Falcon Goddess
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bluesbaby5050: Royal Falcon

A Preditory Bird,a Hunter. My Royal Bird Falcon Clan.(My Family.)

Ecbra de Oaoj: Dear Mylady...

there was 3 days; that im waiting other to continuing but; none. like its, when you feel that is one; soul flee adn back. i would like share with you and; all here that; read our things. about because...
i dont sure if Freud explain. their sciency ark-tipes yet icompletes, perhaps few diferents.
after here im seeing onirics; more inteligibles. i think because pieces of puzle have now names.

and i; respect so much all these; entities. that exist; in web. in dream. and sure, in real plane.

i was in one vast lowland; and. sundely. apears on sky light caming. and when i saw i was alone; people run, desapear from; and i saw again; one whole navy arrive. and; i think to get my sword in hand but; im walled by one awful army.

Their one came to floor; have 20 or 30 meters size i supose. Enlil.
and;.. i will paint what i; expected with my colours; words dont full but are what i can.

he aprouches; and i hear theirs speacking their idiom and dont understand; how sayng what it (me) said about you Lord... and put one light in me; and im clear. they dont found no one injury from me to he. instead; had many worshiped Bible when i prayed to the Kod of Davi; many regards and flavor about Salms and Salomons proverbs and ... chield conscience; etc.

so they stoped; i understand that was time to me speack. i was trembling but; dont fall on knes although not easy ti.

and i think i said more or less it: Lord of Hosts. Salam. i dont know what you plain here; but please remember that you are a Prince on sky; have misericord of us, siners and small creatures, me and this all people along. we are able to try live in Freedom, we are seeds of yours vine. i realy want that you and your brother reconcile and live on eternit with Peace and Harmony.

i said it looking on his eyes. and...dont see more.

hapened that i compressed; when you in worst part of roller coaster, these park's toys... my body was on terrible speed, i was sufering something as it but dont know if survive finaly. and it went during, during... until... went soft the nave.
while i vomited, disturbed a lot... entered one; being. like a huge octopus; i undestand was one Orion Queen. she aprouch; seems; happy to see me. and with i supose mouth; snaped up me entire, i dont know if i was swallowed or kissed, but she leave me, i exit her with like a gel impregned, she was done this... and...

when i look around he... instruct his son i recongnaze; Ninurta to something about me and...

looking to a hath; i could see; i supose the Enki's nave coming to along universe... he could seems dead but whe all there knew its not such... and i look to it with desire to follow to my home...

and; Ninurta tall; 20, 30 meters looks to down and his eyes reach me; and i look to he.

and i wake up.


i dont wanna jest with serius thing Mylady but; i think here is a place where to; post it. and you who submited; because we are searching understand and; better future.


Tarheel: Thank You for sharing with us, Ecbra!

Your dreams-they are beautiful Ecbra.

The Falconess will help you understand the meaning...she knows about these things.

bluesbaby5050: I will try to tell you in private,what your vision means for you

Of what you told me of your dream.You can go to you inbox,and I will tell you what your dream is about. Not in the forum.This is Private for you only Ecbra. Falcon Goddess.

Ecbra de Oaoj: ok Goddess

thank you Tarheel, for atention and consideraction.

maybe better in private Milady; its not joke. neither too surreal. i will send message to you since now.

Love and Justice

Peace and Free Will

bluesbaby5050: TO Ecbra-go to----->>

Your inbox now.You will find your answer.Peace,and love to you,and yours Ecbra. The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Ecbra de Oaoj: yes, I understand

and; yes, it realy is reasom to; cry. and...

how i said to you, Dear...

i will continue thinking positive; beliving that True God take care of all souls. and living; today.



thanks for atention

with respects

bluesbaby5050: Your welcome Ecbra.

Your welcome Ecbra. Pray all the time. Ask for your protection from all negative forces,and ask for the light of God to surround you ,and protect you,and ask for the same for your family,and your home too.Always pray for Peace,and freedom. Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

bluesbaby5050: Re-post for new comers............

A little History on the Royal Falcon Bird Clans,and their Purpose. They are True Friends from another Star.

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