Face on Mars

by Quinton on November 1st, 2010
Face on Mars
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bluesbaby5050: Gee---? I wonder who built this,and to whom?

Isn't this an awesome picture of the surface of Mars, our neighbor planet? I think so. This is NOT a natural ground formation here. Do you Really think YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO NOW? AND BY WHO? Inquiring minds want to know! YES WE HAVE! We have been Lied to for generations! Now it is TIME to WAKE UP to THE REAL TRUTHS!

wmarkley: face

i believe this to be a tomb, in honor of Lord Enki, after being betrayed, and murdered by his own brother Enlil, or son Marduk. and if this is not Enkis tomb, then it may be the tomb for the king who was overthrown by king anu in the wrestling match before earth was found, i forget his name, but he discovered earth and the gold, and was sent to die on mars after he bit off king anu manhood and swallowed it.

bluesbaby5050: To Wmarkley---

This was built to honor Inki.He was murdered by Marduk.He was murdered there on Mars when he stopped there form the Pleadian System.It was planned before hand. Check ur inb. The Falcon.

wmarkley: tomb

I thought that there was a tomb built for a dude named AL-AL who was sent to mars to die, i could be wrong.

bluesbaby5050: I remember reading what you wrote about AL AL ---

I KNOW this is where Inki is also buried as he told me this in Private.That is his old moument. Of course it has been damaged though out time. His family killed him.They wanted him out of the way for good.He went to the Pleadian system to Populate the system there with the First EVE He Said.. I did read what you wrote also before this. I will look for it again. To Wmarkley-Check inb. Falcon.

wmarkley: i read

that Enki took the first humans to the pledes star system to evolve without this shit we have here on earth, great for them, in the mean time we have work to do here, we need to take this planet back, let obama start the arrests. because of constitutional law, he may not stay as presedent because he served foreign interests.

bluesbaby5050: Ya they had it better then us here,but they do not have the---

Wide range of emotions that we have here. The Annunaki came here and installed all their crappy systems,for our control,but they also taught us some good stuff too. This is why the Pleadians have evolved faster then us.They did not have the set up we had.We Will win though. Alot of us humans are aware of what the game is, The real question is are the people going to get off their butts and Enforce our rights before it is too late? Obama needs to be impeached now! He is playing with us. He is playing the Villian,to make us hate him,then he will do a complete turn around to MAKE IT LOOK LIKE HE IS REALLY FOR THE PEOPLE,WHILE THIS WILL BE JUST A FRONT FOR THE REAL GAME PLAN AGAINST US! This will happen after Enlil shows up,and fools more people BEFORE THEY START KILLING BY THE MASSES! We NEED TO ACT SOON! Don't just talk about it,this will not get the job done! The Falcon.

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