[EXCLUSIVE] Human Resistance - Depth Information from Underground

by Crackdown on January 6th, 2014
[EXCLUSIVE] Human Resistance - Depth Information from Underground

Download this video, while it is available, and MAKE IT VIRAL !!!


You could also watch it on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnGUqj-h-Ec
but it is lower quality there, with stupid ads, and biased copyright notice without reason

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bluesbaby5050: This video is a REAL EYE OPENER!

What a lot of TRUTH Contained in it! Everything was explained thoroughly, and this is why it is IMPORTANT to SHUT DOWN the SEX DRIVE=ROOT CHAKRA, but, have it totally grounded into the crystal core of Gaia! Reasons are in this video, and so much more. Also, believe this or not, Eating will have to become a thing of the past, if we are going to BEAT THIS! Sounds Weird, but true. See the list of Bio-Hazard foods listed in this video that people eat everyday. Thanks for this Great video Crackdown.

Crackdown: Thanks to Mister Nobody for

Thanks to Mister Nobody for creating this video, I just translated ;)

bluesbaby5050: THANK YOU TOO! And a ..............

And a Swell job of it you did too. :)

UN.i1-PHI: is there more info from this source? where is this 'depth book'

awesome thanks a lot CD i downloaded the vid btw;p just in case
i'd like read more on the foods especially and how to prevent it and purify/cleanse, out of that list im only consuming mushrooms and alcohol beverages and i did today so i wanna know if&why i should stop with that too especially about the mushrooms becuz of these nanites,theyre everywhere tough...

bluesbaby5050: I thought that this" IN DEPTH" Book was stated to be.........

Located on the Moon in the structures that control all life forms on Earth. Didn't you read this location too? It's called a book, but most probably is a compiled history/record on a Nano-Chip that is /was inserted, and downloaded for safe keeping inside this giant structure on the Moon. This makes sense to me.

UN.i1-PHI: oh yeah...

thats how i interpret it first time but then after i checked it back cuz i wanted more about this and then i sortof forgot about that and tought it was a book i could look up where this info comes from lol i was sleepy

where does this info come from how do they know this i'm very interested

bluesbaby5050: LOL!........ I checked the video again..............

And it stated in the beginning that this "IN DEPTH BOOK" WAS JUST RELEASED, in to the public? But, there IS a book on the Moon called, " The Book of Fate." I want this
'In Depth" book too. :)

Crackdown: "Book of Fate" and "Depth Book" are completely different things

“Book of Fate” - it is just a name for huge databases, which contain the information about people and plans of their life-death cycles

“DEPTH BOOK” - in brief, it contains hidden information about our world and events of the past, methods of purification of the body & preparation for DNA reversal, and more - almost 500 pages of cool stuff! But sadly, no English version, and I do not know if I am healthy enough to produce a complete translation: it will take too much time, and even reading this could be unsafe - learning and spreading this information is prohibited by Destiny. My health already became worse after translating this video, for real :[

Soon, I will upload the "DEPTH BOOK". They do not advice for English speakers to use automatic translators - to avoid the confusion which may be harmful, but I would be able to clarify the translation when there are doubts. Also, I am going to translate Q&A and "7 keys of Rainbow" purification system

Crackdown: about mushrooms and "7 keys of Rainbow" system

Mushrooms are living in symbiosis with nanites, and could contain!
Do not know, if that is true for all the mushrooms, or only for part of them. I like mushrooms too (last thing I have been consuming from this list) and I would finish that "unusual vegetables" package with young bamboo pieces and "MOON mushrooms" (yes, it is another name for chinese black woody mushrooms)
But I will not buy more :P

I am going to translate "7 keys of Rainbow" purification system, it contains more info than this video

Tim Lovell: you must be Shrooming :P

you must be Shrooming :P

UN.i1-PHI: nanite shrooming

symbiotic nanite shroombiotech shrooming ;O

Tarheel: You made me hurl.

I laughed so hard when I saw your reply that my stomach now hurts.
How "psilly" of me.

bluesbaby5050: The structure/base on the Moon...........

Is called the" Micro-Machine", complete with rotors, and Shaft etc, and this is a fully operational system, and it is made up of Polymer Protein. It is a constantly working giant machine within this structure. The book with all this "IN DEPTH" information is called "The Book of FATE" and this is located inside this structure, inside a computerized machine- called The Micro-Machine located in a giant building complex on the Moon.

Crackdown: Note

Please check the message above, to avoid the confusion
between "The book of fate" and "Depth book"

UN.i1-PHI: crack-down the(ir) 'destiny' for us :D

what language is the depth book originally in and how does the author got his info ...? i wonder
much health&recovery wished to u

Crackdown: More about Depth Book ;)

This is one of those ancient books, which pass through many generations and each author adds some information based on his own research. As result, many of sources are unknown, and I know something only about the latest author. It is on russian, and complicated to translate - especially in places where it gives the decryption keys to old legends and myths (earlier, it was too dangerous to share some information openly - as result, it was encrypted into stuff like old fairy-tales) Also, some words might not have appropriate translation at all :( Perhaps, that is why the attached note tells not to use automatic translators - to avoid confusion :P Luckily I am native speaker, so would be able to help to understand the difficult places after it will be uploaded. Also, would start translating the most important parts of it, like "7 keys of Rainbow" purification system and measures to prepare for DNA reversal

bluesbaby5050: Thank You so Much ..............

For your taking the time to translating this material for this In Depth Book CD. Also.......You had mentioned that you had gotten sick after translating this material, and giving the video along with it. Is this because, there was some kind of occult ritual done Over this, and it was warned not to give this to outsiders-other countries? You were cursed, and had gotten ill by the curse put onto this material , because you went against the warning, you think? I hope your better now. Do you think this will happen again to you when you put more info on to TC? I HOPE YOU WILL NOT be cursed. I know curses will work, IF people believe in them, by giving/ feeding it power to do it's negative work, because, after all, it's energy, and how it is used.

Crackdown: Nanites - have you forgot about them? :P

This PRANA is permeating the whole biosphere of our planet. Nanorobots are being controlled by Destiny station, and could cause illness to those who is doing "wrong things". Perhaps, there was a plan that, if I would become ill, I will stop working on video :P After I have finished this video - despite illness - and shared through YT and torrents, I feel much better now ;)

bluesbaby5050: This Micro-Machine is located in a Lunar Data Base called.....

Called, " DESTINY." This Lunar Data Base Destiny is a computerization system of networks of emitter facilities, that controls all processes of all the life plans for every human, and all other life forms from birth to death on planet Earth. This Micro-machine runs on Electric Energy Photons. Nothing in living physical matter is eternal under the Moon.

cosmicstorm: I finally have a reasonable reason to blow up the moon.

I admit you may have won this challenge, it's a coincidence that there's also a new game called Destiny that I really want that talks about a golden age when humanity conquered this star system with the help of the traveler and the travelers enemy finally chases it down and spends time in the moon scheming and then destroying all that was beautiful to humans.

cosmicstorm: Well Technically

It was seized by the Draco empire in the chow tow system before it came to earth and to answer your question, NOPE blow up the moon or I'll blame canada but if you give me 100.99% of the helium 3 on it I won't blow it up...maybe.

Crackdown: More information is coming ;)

Soon, I will upload the "DEPTH BOOK". They do not advice for English speakers to use automatic translators - to avoid the confusion which may be harmful, but I would be able to clarify the translation when there are doubts. Also, I am going to translate Q&A and "7 keys of Rainbow" purification system

obsrvantlouie: Link is down on youtube..

I don't want to download right now because my PC is having enough virus probs as is. However, from reading your guys comments...I surmise the book that can answer so many of your questions is my icon.

Matrix V: Quest of the Spirit - the Ultimate Frontier

Val Valerian

If you are fortunate enough to locate a copy (amazon is the only place I have found one) you are in for a treat. If not, check the following links below in order.



If you have questions about the concepts expressed in the links above I will try to help.

Side note...my challenge for best vid to come.

Crackdown: Thank you for reporting! SIX new links for watching video online

VIMEO - http://vimeo.com/83938864
DAILYMOTION - http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x19jog4
VEOH - http://www.veoh.com/watch/v66442241wx6DegFk

TUDOU - http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/sqXElc7DxIc
YOUKU - http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjYwNDI3NTk2

RUTUBE - http://rutube.ru/video/20c1330b768dba12173e355c7e8cbc89

Interesting fact: while video on Youtube was suppressed - removed from search results and constantly blocked - there were no difficulties in passing the Chinese moderators (uploaded videos are moderated before publishing) I do not see any "problems with freedom of speech" there, yet...

UN.i1-PHI: dont want to download from torrent?

then get the download-helper add-on/extention or some other one if you wish, for your browser so you can easily download/extract the video in the desired quality and format (.mp4 i would suggest and the quality depending on how large you can 'afford'/want the file to be, i think i did medium and its around 80 MB) if you have firefox:
ps maybe it would help/prevent 'official' reasons/copyright issues to pull the vid down if you didnt include the sceneries from the matrix or other movies like immortal(i saw it yesterday:) )

Crackdown: Thank you. about Torrent and Youtube

These video hosting websites compress the video, which results in quality loss for both audio and video. Torrent download speed would be high: because 50+ copies of video uploaded already, plenty of seeders ;)

About Youtube: they have not detected any movie scenes in original video (the same video, but on Russian, is available without problems) and
they blocked mine because of track that was not there! More info: http://www.truthcontrol.com/forum/threat-illuminati-weird-biased-copyrig...

Crackdown: UPDATE

"7 Keys of Rainbow" purification system - PART 1 translated

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