Evidence that St.Michael was an Orion ship

Evidence that St.Michael was an Orion ship

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Tarheel: I was told that St Mike was/is a craft.

I heard it from a good source. You'll have to trust me, as I cannot divulge my source.

Chris: Alex Collier The Human Concept of "Angels"

The Human Concept of "Angels"

Angels. Folks, be very careful about someone who tells you they're an "angel". Now, I have asked about the concept of "archangels", and the Andromedan perspective is that the "archangel Michael" was literally a fleet of craft that were called "Mi-Chael".

That was the name of the fleet, and they used to patrol the northern hemisphere of the planet when the Orion group was here in full force.

The name "Gabriel" was the name of another fleet of craft, and so on. It has been changed and manipulated into the appearance of a concept that will "save" you and "rescue" you, when in fact it was not the original intent at all.


interesting; this days I; received this below text that I understand; convenient, so, share with you...
was signated by Michel Arcangel (Arcanjo Miguel); Was writed in portugues, I wait if you would like read that translation may say clear.

I not judge if true or not, if good or evil, just... this days somethings happen about Michel in my; experience. and I think maybe isnt coincidence include ... because this post.


Cheers to all.


Beloved masters, what we call Holy Breath is the normal air of the third and fourth dimensions, which contains oxygen and prana, which is the air / ether the third and fourth dimensions, which contains the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light. The magnitude and power of these God Particles increase every higher level of consciousness that you reach. The ability to access the power of the Infinity Breath opens the paths leading to the multidimensional levels of consciousness of the Creator. Its internal perspective will expand automatically as you, so progressive, change your way / way of thinking and perceiving.
The tie Inspiration Breath of Infinity is the Medulla Oblongata and the back of the head, while following in upward movement for the Soul Star Chakra. The Adamantine Particles of Creator Light, you inhaled the posterior portal to your Sacred Heart, are scheduled to integrate a specific number of atoms Codes of Life Seeds of Your Higher Self, Oversoul, as the Holy Breath through the Soul Star Chakra . The Expiration or exhalation through the Root Chakra and enters the Seed Atom Kundalini contained therein. Monitored by Supersoul-Self, calculated portions of Adamantine Particles, which are stored in the Root Chakra, is appended to the Holy Breath. The Adamantine Particles of Light which are stored in the Root Chakra, are unique because they have been programmed with some of his talents, attributes and qualities coming from past life experiences. The Sacred Breath, then rises again in front of the physical vessel and automatically enters the body is located where your Seed Atom Point of Tranquility. This Seed Atom is designed to attract, integrate and retain these particles Light higher frequency. It could be called a reception center, because it is connected directly to your Sacred Heart. The Adamantine Particles of Light are then attracted to the Sacred Heart in order to be activated by your thoughts and seed intentions. These programmed Adamantine Particles are therefore ready to be expired in his wheel Twelve Rays of the Creator, as well as toward the world as a whole. A reserved portion also will flow to the World Pyramid and other pyramids light of your choice.
The Pineal Gland could be called light filter to the brain. The chakra system is designed to attract and filter for the body vibrational frequencies appropriate, irradiated by the Archangels, who hold the attributes, qualities and virtues of each particular radius. There is a complex formula composed of a wide variety of frequency patterns which penetrates constantly in the human auric field, which is then transmitted to the physical glands within the body. Their levels of understanding and awareness will increase each transmission of higher frequency energy.
Once you gain access to your Sacred Heart and activate your Solar Power Center, Ground Zero or the Seed Atom Tranquility Point, within your Solar Power Center, begins storing your reservation cosmic energy. As we become masters of Self and conscious co-creators, you will have access to an infinite amount of Adamantine Particles for use in their creative endeavors and to share with others. COSMIC SACRED FIRE WHITE, Adamantine Particles that you draw to yourself, while Masters Themselves awake, must circulate continuously. Only certain amount, which is appropriate to each Alma integrate into your current level of illumination can be stored in the physical vessel. The balance should be spent towards the fashion world. Spirituality is not a mature unconscious experience. You must strive to develop a self-sustaining deity, as they are constantly breathing the rich Pranic Breath of Life / Adamantine Particles of Creator Essence. By doing so, you will begin to receive spiritual sustenance of the River of Life, through the Eighth Chakra, the Soul Star, and the rear door of your Sacred Heart.
Each person acts as a self-conscious living star capable of receiving and transmitting frequency harmonic vibrations according to their level of consciousness. As you are now aware, these frequencies are called Soul Song. You are a point of light, a vibrant spark of the Divine. This Subuniverso consists of a gigantic Celestial Soul Song.
As you develop the ability to perform the Holy Breath, deeply and effortlessly, his consciousness gradually descend to the center of your Sacred Heart, and then even deeper into Mandala Vesica Piscis, which contains the White Fire, The Sacred Seed Atom - their personal facet of our Divine Mother / Father God. That's when you can attract all that can contain Sacred Love. That is when you realize they are the dreamers and the dream. In this Sacred Space is that you will start your journey back to wholeness (holiness) as they strive to recreate themselves as SOLAR CHILDREN of our Father / Mother God. This was predestined; your Divine Heritage.
Please remember that only a tiny facet of his "Being" fully incarnated in the density of the third and fourth dimensions. The fourth dimension is the astral plane, a bridge to the fifth dimension. The three lower sublevels are populated by a wide variety of waste of emotional energy and a broad spectrum of thought forms of mental dissonant frequency. The fourth dimension is the repository of the beliefs of mass consciousness of humanity from all eras of the Earth. The fourth dimension also contains the auric field of the mental body of the Earth.
You are called Starseeds for a reason, because, as they return to Self-mastery, you will start the process of integrating the highly developed crystalline Atoms Seeds Code of Life, a new advanced evolutionary process to be used in the coming Golden Age. Humanity is poised to make a quantum leap in consciousness. At some point of the journey of the soul of every person, throughout time and space, there is a yearning to return to the higher realms - a divine discontent set that can not be denied. First, you should be aware of the voice of his conscience. The whispers of your Soul will be louder and more distinctive as you to tune into the higher vibrational patterns of people, places, thoughts and actions. Finally, you will learn to distinguish the vibrations of Soul Song of your Soul Family, and many masters and angelic Beings.
Yes, humanity is immersed in dramatic changes, an evolutionary process of profound proportions. But remember, this is just part of the endless spiral. All of you who are awakening to their divine consciousness, experiencing a wide variety of transitional processes throughout this grand universe.
Please pay attention: do not allow more stagnate or even stay at a certain level for a long time - the time and process of transformation are moving very quickly. Their language is changing: their thoughts are different shapes. The old parts of your brain that contain your past are gradually being refined or broken, so is starting to seem as if everything that happened before, even last year, is a vague dream. New areas of your brain are being activated and you must learn to think in a completely new way. Light packets of information, holographic images of great significance and patterns of sacred geometry begin to access your consciousness, and you must learn to decipher them. It may seem as if those who are moving away from you no longer understand them more, or you can not find the words to continue the patterns of old and worldly conversation. You also will find that need not verbalize every thought as you begin to telepathically capture the energies and thoughts of those around him. Her intuitive abilities will increase, and you will not be easily fooled. You will speak your truth with spiritual integrity, and will not be willing to engage in games of the past negative.
We beg: do not be attached to any way of being, of any form, of any philosophy that is too narrow or structured, or be involved in any deal that gives power to someone other than yourself. Discernment, judgment, judgment - we can not emphasize this enough, because as soon as a truth apparent arises and you incorporate it into your belief system, it can be replaced by a higher truth or a new concept. Looking back, can you not see that much of the knowledge we now accept as their absolute truth, was beyond his wildest fantasies ten years, or even six months ago? Be aware that many of the things that you are so certain today undoubtedly will change tomorrow or in the near future.
Mentally, new ideas and concepts are bombarding your consciousness. Fuzzy at first but gradually solidifying as they use their reasoning skills to uncover and decode advanced formulas and inventions of the future. As they connect with the higher planes of the fifth dimension, you will begin to remember the facets of Creation project for this Subuniverso: how to maintain a pure thought until it becomes reality and how you helped in creating a wide variety of wonderful things. Many of you will begin to see geometric shapes, sparkling crystals and bright new colors as they move through and beyond time and space into the realms of Light
We said many special dispensations are given to those who. so brave, go ahead and claim his inheritance. As the masses wake up and cry for help, solutions, information and incentives, you will be needed more than ever, my brave. We are awaiting enable them to grant them wisdom, knowledge and skills beyond their wildest fantasies. You see, your brain has always worked one hundred percent of its capacity, which may come as a surprise to you, because they heard that the average person uses only about ten percent of their brain capacity. Before the mid-1900s, the masses had access only to that limited portion of the brain, which resonated with the frequencies of the third and fourth dimension lower. It is the mind that is / was restricted and not the brain. As you balance and integrate the higher frequencies, you get access to more and more of their brain capacity, which resonates with the fourth dimension and the upper fifth. Some advanced souls are even connecting with the lower levels of the sixth dimension. You can not access these advanced parts of your brain until you tune into these frequencies are refined. The main goal right now is to raise your vibrational frequencies to the level necessary to remove the membranes of Light that guard the portals of your Sacred Heart and Mind and levels of the fifth dimension of brain structure. At that point is when you really begin to make progress in their spiritual quest.
Be mindful of the fact that there is ebb and flow in the ascension process. There are great new vibrational patterns of pulsation of the Cosmic Ray higher bombarding the Earth, interspersed with moments of rest, so as not to create an overload situation. The rise is not a stable process of moving forward. It is an insurgency energy and new information, and then a time of assimilation, integration and demonstration. Many of the sensations seem more obvious to you at this time. You may feel as if they have taken a big leap into the unknown, sometimes, or a step backward to the uncertainty. At other times, you may feel a heightened sense of vulnerability. By now, you should be somewhat familiar with the ebb and flow of frequencies expanded, accelerated, however, when you are pushed to the next level of awareness, often triggers an alarm varying degrees in your physical, mental and emotional .
It is a moment of decision, because it is a one-time harvest of souls. Everyone must decide whether to proceed with the Earth as it moves to spiral higher dimensional frequencies if they will choose to leave and return at a later time, or to move to another planet's third dimension of reality to finish their lessons in physical expression. Many souls will choose to leave the Earth plane as part of its contract and divine mission, and many other beautiful souls are being placed or prepared to assume positions of authority, positions of power. They remain discrete, possibly in the background, until time to move forward and make themselves known. They are dynamic, strong and lead a new vision for humanity - one that will serve all the people and create the foundation of the New Age to come.
And so, we say to them: 'Stay strong, Beloved'. This is the time to seek your truth, to once again take control and dominion over your world, remember that they are representatives of the Creator in an important mission called "the evolution of humanity and planet Earth." Accept his power as masters of co-creation. Accept and activate the gifts with which they were endowed and which remain dormant inside.
This is a time of mass awakening as increasingly dear souls feel the touch of the Spirit and begin to hear the whispers of your soul-self. Therefore, in our missives from the future, we will include some of the concepts that previous demos during the last twenty years. This is a good review for those students who have been devoted for many years. It also will encourage and inspire those who are just starting to seek the Light of Truth, because the messages will include segments that they can clearly understand. Do not despair, dear, if you were led to our current teachings and they have proved very difficult to understand. Our many messengers of Light have worked tirelessly to produce our wisdom teachings that address the basic principles of spirituality, through many intermediate levels, and now, even the current cosmic advanced teachings. If you are seeking these previous posts, will find their own level of understanding and can comfortably continue from that level onwards.
The evolutionary process of humanity is in full swing and progressing at an impressive pace. Open your minds and your hearts, dear, and welcome the infusion of Divine Love / Light that awaits them. Rejoice in the glory of the reunion with us, as we go forward together on this amazing journey to a new reality. We are always with you. You are loved in a very profound."


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