Enki, seven pointed star and moon

Enki, seven pointed star and moon

Enki is the fellow with water coming off of his shoulders seated on a throne.
The seven pointed star has to do with the 7 stars of the Pleiades, but is connected with the hollow earth. Just like the 9 pointed star is sometimes.
because both 7 and 9 have to do with the stars of the pleiades
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The moon has to do with the triple moon goddess which has to do with Orion's belt
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so from this we see that there is people from orion (or atleast from the orion group which is an organisation which UFO contactees talk about) and pleiadians who are in the hollow earth.

becuase enki is associated with the abyse aka hell

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bluesbaby5050: Well then, In all that Watery Abyss he must have..........

Must of Extinquished all the So Called fires! HAHAHAHA! Enki is also the Lord of the SEAS!

bluesbaby5050: Earth was Enki's DOMAIN!

Because the Earth was Appointed to ENKI by his father,The KING ANU OF NIBERU! "EA" = EA rth is another name for ENKI, meaning the Earth! ENlil was Appointed the AIR by his father, The King Anu of Niberu! This was the Domains of the two brothers.They had rule over these two DOMAINS =AREAS! They both Had LEGAL CHARGE OF THIS, and so it Was! ALL of the Tribes of Niberu KNEW OF THIS! It was RE-corded in stone!

bluesbaby5050: The King ANU of Niberu had............

The LEAD in what was to be done on Earth, and His two sons just followed his ORDERS! King Anu had the Last say in what was to happen down on the Planet Earth! The two sons followed the Kings plans. They were the Kings Subjects, and took orders from him, and they had to fill those orders. They kept in contact with Niberu with their form of communications like radios= The ARK of the Covernent. You could send messages, as well a recieve them. They used to carry this around with them in the desert too, and it was kept in the tent of ENLIL when he would spent time on this planet.

Annunaki77: You are Intuitive Bluesbaby5050

Your Heart and Soul serve you well Falcon Goddess.


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