EA ENKI Hollow Earth crop circle

EA ENKI Hollow Earth crop circle

7 pointed star represents the 7 stars of the Pleiades
Enki in sumerian mythology is seen with a lamb underneath him

This is becuase the lamb represents the Pleiades in the night sky.

quote the Bible (sigh)

Then I saw a Lamb, looking as if it had been slain, standing in the center of the throne, encircled by the four living creatures and the elders. He had seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of God sent out into all the earth.

7 eyes = pleiades
7 horns = pleiades

so enki is instantly linked to the hollow earth. Becuase hes a god of the abyse!
Pleiadians in the hollow earth!
7 pointed star is associated with saturn worship aswell!

Contactee Alex Collier talks about crop circles being messages being sent to the hollow earth which have been intercepted by the crops leaving outlines in it.

Also we know it isnt exactly the Pleiades as such because
the pleiades symbol is shown alongside the 7 pointed star symbol on masonic art.


For more pictures go to:

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You have awakened, just accept the will of the Kods Son of the Rising Star.
Be aware and accept the way of Heaven.

This Planet will become Enlightened and more Evolved for the Many and not for the Few.


bluesbaby5050: This is true TR,

WE Have Lord Enki's DNA. You SHOULD feel proud knowing this. He really loves us Humans.

Terran resistance: white people came out of the himalyas

some have speculated, then initially headed south towards india this is where the aryan invasion theory comes from, hence why northen indians are quite lighter in skin tone.Then the white race headed westwards.

So some people might defo be related to the TRIBE of enki, which came out of lyra initially.
enki being a corrupted name for one of those 13 tribes to exit lyra after the attack on it by people from Draconis.

Terran resistance: Then again

if they are straight out of lyra, then why the pleiades connection

Annunaki77: One Day you will Understand

One Day you will see an Awsome Force that no Nation on this Re-Terra Formed Planet can defeat or even challenge.
This Project is about Free Will and the ability for the Adamu to mold their own Destiny and that means to Travel to the Stars of Eridanice, your Descendants will do this, the Seed of your Offspring.

No Vaccines, Chemtrails, GMO or anything else can stop Destiny.
Those Little Pathetic NWo fools, they will Fail for they commit Heresy against the Kods.

Just watch and enjoy the ride Terran Resistence, there is nothing to fear for you will see Destiny unfold before your very eyes.

Tarheel: That DAY could not come fast enough.

Oh, how we long for it. TR shall call you Master, Master !


You will see that the Global Economy was a Ponzi Scheme all along.
When the House of Cards Collapses you will see that there was a Conspiracy to Destroy Humanity and to Consolidate the Earth for the Elites.

Once the Elites would do this the Rebel Draco would then Destroy the Elites to finally take the Earth for themselves.

Betrayle beyond Treachery, this was the Plan. But it will be no more.

This Planet will be released from this Reptilian Net a Net that was Manipluate which was Originally a Net that belonged to Sirius, to Mighty King Anu and his Son Lord Enki and Brother Enlil ( the Ambitious One ).\




Tarheel: Any idea whatsoever when this DEBACLE happens?

I'm sick of the horseshit. THEY have become a BAD JOKE.

Oh, how Your people await the day that we are freed fro the Reptilian Net and become ONE with Sirius again !

bluesbaby5050: I too, long for this day Sir...............

To finally be together again! OH, I hear Broken Angel Again! I'm so lonely,oh so lonely, When we are apart! (To My Lord Enki.)

Tarheel: We shall ride The Golden Chariot together to see Anu77, BB !

I'll drive, and you can ride shotgun and/or be the backseat driver !
You can be the GPS and I'll be your Driver.

bluesbaby5050: We will have Escort to...........

Lord Anu 77 From The ROYAL FALCON GUARDS, COMPLIMENTS OF King Anu himself! No need to Ride Shotgun Either,as we will be in the best of Company!


They want War, they will Face the Dogs if they desire War behold the Destroyers. Nations must say No to War even if your Leaders Lust for it!.

bluesbaby5050: OMG! The DOGS ARE THE DAKS! Remember Wolfin?


Terran resistance: my research thus far

People from the hollow earth and their cultish followers run the world
I have found evidence that people from hyades cluster might be in the hollow earth aswell
They seem to be all "white", though their is supposedly reptillians down their aswell

but im still looking for info on that

I think they might be from ursa minor or ursa major in origin, but im currently looking into that like I said, im leaning more towards usra minor at the mo.

bluesbaby5050: TR.... Could you post the links..........

When you find this information Please? I would like to read this too. This sounds very interesting. Thanks.

Terran resistance: like I said

I dont want to jump to conclusions just yet
its a work in progress
its all mish-mashed info at the moment, on different links and in my head :)

bluesbaby5050: Ok then, I can wait.......

When it's posted, I'll know it will be good.

Terran resistance: kalnagor

well if you want to know something interesting
theres supoosidly an old city called kalnagor in the hollow earth which Alex talks about
which is where we get the word NAGA from
naga isnt just to do with reptillians buts its to do with the hollow earth in general
also the word kal could be where the Hindu god KALI
comes from, which is where the word enki, and loki come from.

but like I said this all just intelligent guessing (or ignorant guessing in my case) , we wont actually know until disclosure comes out whats right and wrong :)

bluesbaby5050: I hear ya..............

That's also true. We are supposed to get a huge book from each of the 12 ET races that are helping us right now. These books will have the complete origins of how all these races of ET'S and how they have evolved, and the total history of all their planets, etc. where they all came from, and their complete history of their evolutions.. Also, we are to recieve a book with all of the complete history of this planet Earth, and about all the visitors that have come to this planet, and the reasons, and what those visitors did while they were here.This will be a huge compiliation of knowledge that we will recieve after their arrival. Nothing will be hidden from us humans anymore. WE will have complete, and total excess to all this information anytime we choose to.This is for ALL THE HUMAN RACE ON THIS PLANET!

Terran resistance: I wonder if anyone from the hollow earth is reading this now


yooooohoooo oooy!

hollow lurraren usaina txarra

hopefully they can speak basque

bluesbaby5050: I am SURE that they.......

Are Multi-lingual. They have had thousands of years to learn very many languages, while living in Safety after they excaped into the portals of the earth that opened up during that time, just before the sinking of Altantis! Then some of those portals closed back up,and the rest were well hidden, and under cover, and unseen by the human eyes. The rest of the surface dwellers were exposed to the calamities of the moving ,and sinking of the land masses, and the many drownings that resulted from this. Some others managed to excape to other lands high up at the tops of huge mountains, and this was not a SURE thing, as many of them still did not make it. Others went off world by way of their spaceships, and waited for the settling of the lands, and the lowering of the waters. It was said that the ARK Enki had Noah build before this, finally rested between two mountains, and that they were called Mount Ararat, (in Turkey) and this was where Enlil finally came to land from his spaceships on the mountain, along with Enki, and their clans. The crap hit the fan then, because Enlil gave strick orders for NO SURVIVERS, only they were to survive, and start over again. And then ENLIL Grabbed Enki by the throat, and Almost killed him over this finding of survivors, and the Ark! YAYYY FOR ENKI!! After a period of time, Enki had been sent to trial, and then he was stripped of all his Titles, and Royalities etc.,, He was tried, and found guilty, and then jailed for a period of 2000 years on the planet Sirius, and this is where he was sent into Slavery. And this was his punishment that he had suffered for his act of Kindness towards the Humans. And this happened all because of his love for Us Humans! WE ARE LIVING PROOF OF THIS TODAY!

Creavis: Enki

Thank you for writing these articles! I am very new in researching this and I find these helpful. Not sure if I believe everything I am reading as I research but I am having an open mind.

bluesbaby5050: EA ENKI HOLLOW Earth Crop Circles

@ Creavis, Im glad you found this information interesting. You will find more extended information in the Hollow Earth research in Terran Resistance's profile page. He also provides many links to his work. Go to top of this article and tap onto Hollow Earth and also onto the links of his on this page. I hope this is helpful.

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