Double headed eagle meaning

Double headed eagle meaning

Double headed eagle meaning, as with lots of things with two heads in mythology and symbology, its usually a reference to a double headed god which represents the biblical alpha and omega from the book of revelation in the bible and the Hyades cluster and Orion in astrotheology which the ancients associated this double headed god with.

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Quinton: What are your thoughts on the

What are your thoughts on the double headed eagle symbolizing the completion of the soul, or put another way, equilibrium? The two heads represent male and female (duality) while the body represents an androgynous being. When the two heads are merged into one it represents a reconciliation of all opposites and a mastery over duality. What are your thoughts on this interpretation?

Terran resistance: yes and no...

yes and no...

funny you should mention it only the other day i was researching it, I think the whole androgynous thing is to do with the nibiru that contactee alex collier was talking about, when males from a bloodline from sirius B, and females from a bloodline from Orion came together to form a new tribe.

This can be seen in mythology when particular gods change gender between mythologies quite alot, because they are techinically neither male nor female.

one eyed Hera here, FEMALE:

Eye of Ra, MALE:

The ancient Egyptians got the most accurate version of the trinity, Isis (sirius),
osiris (orion (and Hyades cluster) = horus (nibiru)

the confusion comes when people mistake joseph and mary for these gods becuase joseph is actually more to do with the Hyades cluster while mary is to do with Orion.

Isis and Osiris = androgynous being
mary and Joseph= simple duality god

HOWEVER you are right because sometimes the all seeing eye of nibiru is seen along with mary, for example fuxi and nuwa from eastern mythology:

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