The devils triad - the various forms of the trinity

The devils triad - the various forms of the trinity

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contactorion: the two girls

I think they are the two lion lilith rests upon.

UN.i1-PHI: yes and it makes sense because the three Lions represent Orion

yes and it makes sense because the three lions represent Orion wich Lilith ofc is also associated with, and since the name 'Lilith' seems to be derived from 'Alnilam', wich btw is the middle star of Orion's Belt,( and another btw notice how LIon is spelled too, and also rhymes like the english pronouncation of orion as or-eye-on) and since the three lions represent orion's belt, it's no wonder why she is depicted in the middle surrounded by two lions, just as anlilam is in the middle and is surrounded by alnitak and mintaka(in the depiction of the constellation we know), notice that even the similarity in their names of indicate this configuration as alniTAK(left) and minTAKa, on both sides surrounding the middle Alnilam (notice lam(b)?)

so lilith is depicted with two lions surrounding her, now do you remember the post you made about the symbolism that look similar to the (inverted) exclamation mark, also to be described as a pyramid with a dot/circle/eye on top, i already showed connection to orions there about that,
but here might be another connection/clarification;

so assuming lilith symbolic representation is the middle of orion('s belt) Alnilam, so again returning to the common depiction of the orion constellation from earth as we know it, the legs of orion could be the bottom of the pyramid with orion's belt on the top with Anlilam as the all seeing eye/star (literally and figuratively: what is (literally (in depiction) above her, is 'left' away/'ignored'), so that could explain the pyramid with the circle on top of it as depicted in that post with the khufu pyramids etc.. but even the line separating the pyramid and the circle, there's a shorter line in between wich could represent the line that orion's belt would make (despite that one of it's main characteristics is that one of the stars is a bit off line, it is still pretty plausible/possible)

so now lilith is depicted as the baphomet goat (lamb?) and surrounded by two girls, lilith representation is also female, three females (in contrary to the mainstream pushed 3 kings/males), also this makes sense with Orion being ruled by the Orion Queens (females)

now here another TR-post about 3 women representing orion ;)

also notice the symbol (another one on their foreheads) representing orion, but notice the crescent / moon shape on the top too just like with in the first post that you posted that i linked here

also TR has been making associations of representations between Lilith and the Virgin Mary, i tought i reposted that one already before somewhere anyway here's another i just searched and i see he also mentions the three (wise) kings and orion etc...

contactorion: Awesome

Thank you for keeping an open mind. That was cool. Im not following the lock and key tho going to have to look into that. But the rough symbolism hell yeah. Pyramids line up with orion and also there is a hole that lines up directly with the star sirius (star of isis) that the pharoahs lined up with a fake penis in an erect posision so that the (night) of the ritual isis could come down and have sex with him. but lilith is older than eygpt. So its probably just evolved into that.

contactorion: the little girls

Maybe the midgit i saw? HOLY SHIT there are always two lions one smiling always the other always grimacing , snarling......when i originally woke up in the dream i heard demonic growling from the corner of my closet......fuck thank you un-i1-PHI. She is the owl. Fuckin hell holy shit

contactorion: One midgit snarling, growling at me in the closet

One midgit with her smiling just like the old representations.

UN.i1-PHI: yea so the wig could represent a lion's mane and the dress the f

yea so the wig could represent a lion's mane (if it kinda looked like that) and the dress, the femininity associated (tough there is aswell male representation wich is considered apart and another version but this could be just another indication that it is indeed hermaphrodite species|mental )

i was connecting lilith to alnilam wich is the middle star of orion, and while whole orion represents the keyhole, if you would connect the legs with the middle star (of orion('s belt); alnilam) wich could also be seen as the eye/circle on top of the pyramid/triangle you roughly have a triangle/pyramid and if you would connect the outer two stars of orion's belt alnitak and mintaka you have a line between the circle/eye on the top and the triangle/pyramid below it like in the figure you posted here;

this would explain the more regular/equilateral(tough still elongated) triangle in that version/aspect because you also have the elongated one wich looks more like a keyhole wich is a bigger one so maybe crescent could also indicate the bigger hole of the whole surrounding it... besides the moon/night god associations that come with the crescent...

btw if you make the triangle by connecting Saiph and Rigel (bottom stars of orion) with alnilam (middle star of orion's belt), you see the nebula in orion's sword is in the middle as the all seeing eye in the middle of the triangle, but yo could also consider anlilam as the all seeing eye, and even more convenient is that in the middle-top of the upper part of orion, his chest/neck (of the 'hunter' image) somewhere there is another nebula that is even more characteristic for the all seeing eye (and now i've mentioned three plausible/possible all seeying eyes in a row forming another trinity like orions belt but then vertical line-connection with the same star in the middle, these three all seeing eye's, (one in the middle of the bottom part, one in the middle of orion's belt wich is the star alnilam, and another red eye nebula in the middle of the upper part), form an imaginary vertical line that crosses the other imaginary line of orion's belt, wich would be forming another secret cross...

anyways here's some more links about the keyhole symbolism of the whole of orion as the keyhole (unlike from the bottom to middle wich i suggested could be another one) to be seen extensively in the vatican

contactorion: Yeah thought that was a typo or something

I made an audible ah when i saw the key hole configuration. I literally just read about the octagons conection to the church.

contactorion: To the jews, to the old testament, the devil was lilith,

Ha shem, the opposer, the enemy, the unamable chaos. Because lilith blasphamed the holy name of g-d.

pasqualie: its being pulled from the polarity of your mind

if you are seeing those in your dreams. they pull out from your memories what will push buttons to bring more polarity or emotion out of you.

if you react with polarity, it pushes you from your center, that you are vulnerable or threatened evoking fear. its why its best to stay neutral. if you didnt feel threatened or vulnerable there would be no need to respond. only when you respond with polarity is when you create openings.

when you react in polarity you being pulled into it and you draw more polarity into you.

think of it as a 4 d world where what you think about manifests. you bring fear in there or polarity, you manifest it and see it. you react with polarity, one becomes two becomes 3 becomes 4 and so on....... at the same time they harvest your negative low energies. because you give control over, you are the creator, by going into polarity you are not creating but reacting. and thus giving over your power.

contactorion: the seven hills in rome

Thats been used as the representation of the seven headed beast in revelation.

contactorion: nope didn't look like a lions mane.

Looked like a little stupid black wig. Like it was trying to be funny or something. But. I die since that i wasent supposed to see it. Like i messed up the plan when i originally walked through the door to my parents door. I tought about how these doors were like ......not bad... on my side. The white light doors. And the final door which was difficult to go through which lead me to the good part of the dream was the front door.... i wondered why these door ways were not malevolent and appeared to be taking me where i needed to go.

Then i rememberded that my father even tho he isnt jewish drilled in the, i think ritza, it is little prayer put into a sleve that is attached to the doorway. These hqve been used since the jews were in eygpt. Perhaps thats why the door ways were made of light. And after i realized they aided me.

contactorion: I reqa about the devils tarot card that, that is a new rendition

Of. The original only shows(from my knowledge) thqt the two below the devil are pictures of adam and eve. But at the same time they arnt. They are the representation of fear, and want. Desire, and anger.
In the classic christmas tale of scroge. The angel of christmas present shows scrodge two children. One called fear and want. Same as the lions. Except its just one smiling and one growling.

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