The cult of Pythagoras and Plato

The cult of Pythagoras and Plato

To occultists numerical values became of great importance especially at the time of Pythagoras, who used to belong to a cult, who had some very bizarre beliefs, and some of their beliefs are still seen today in freemasonry especially with numerical values. Pythagoras was rumoured to have died because he was being chased by his enemies and refused to run through a bean field because it might harm the crops, this immediately tells us that no doubt he had very strong beliefs but also that he worshipped a fertility god no doubt.

To the cult of Pythagoras the significance of the numerical value of 1 represented reason, 3 represented the feminine spirit, however 5 was the most powerful number and represented the divine masculine.

Also the number five was very important because, Plato describes five regular solids or polyhedra. Regular means that all the edges were of equal length all connecting at the same angle, and thus with all faces of identical, also irregular polygons. These are known today as platonic solids.

The shapes are Octahedron, Cube, Tetrahedron, the dodecahedron and the isosahedron. Plato then added a mystical character to all the different shapes, such as fire, earth, air, water and metal and possibly attributed these shapes with religious significance and evidence for their beliefs.

These cults no doubt worshipped the greek god pan or an equivalent god who was seen as a fertility god.

Thus why the pentacle is some times seen with the five primary elements around it

Though the five elements change from source to soruce.

There are other reasons why the number five is so important to the ancient greeks because it represented the five stars of the Hyades cluster in the night sky. Which is V shaped.
V in roman numerals represents the number five also.

The V shape also represented the divine masculine because it was penis shaped, the greek god Pan is often seen with an erection. The god was half man and half goat.

Window on a Parish church of St.Barnabus in Bethnal Green, London.

with a Pentagram!

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