Credo Mutwa Painting of a Royal Draco/Chitauri Reptilian Being.

by Chris on March 17th, 2013
Credo Mutwa Painting of a Royal Draco/Chitauri Reptilian Being.

The Anunnaki god Ninurta was called a MUSH-SHA-TUR-GAL-GAL - the "flying serpent with the fiery glance" and this fits perfectly with the descriptions by the Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa in his stories of the reptilians in ancient and modern African legend. He says the reptilians have a third eye between the other two which opens from side to side instead of top down - the "fiery, red eye" in African tradition.

From this can be flashed a red, laser-like beam, he says, which can knock a person down and paralyze them. This is an origin of the phrase about giving someone the "evil eye".2 In China the Lung Wang ("Dragon Kings") were said to have a "magical pearl" on their foreheads, a "divine eye" and mystical source of power. French stories from the Alpine regions speak of a dragon with a blood-red ruby "eye" in the centre of the forehead that was so bright the creature seemed to be projecting fire.3

Sometimes this middle eye is called a dracontia 4 and the eye in the centre of the forehead in the ancient stories of the beings called the Cyclops may well relate to this, too. Credo Mutwa and modern abductees describe how the most "royal" and senior reptilians, the Draco, have horns. Some look like Darth Maul in the Star Wars movie with the nodules or "horns" around his head. So much truth is told as fiction through Hollywood movies, both by those trying to get the story out and, overwhelmingly, by those conditioning humanity for the open appearance of these beings in the years to come. In my view, George Lucas of Star Wars is among the latter. The Sumerians depicted their "gods" with horned helmets and other headgear that was later

used by the hybrid bloodlines to symbolize royalty and kingship, and from this came the symbol of the royal crown. Look at Darth Maul and you will perhaps see where the crown comes from. Credo Mutwa says on the Reptilian Agenda, part one, that he was amazed to see Darth Maul because of his likeness to the reptilians in ancient and modern African legend.

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