The Compass

by Quinton on June 7th, 2009
The Compass

The compass is the conventional replacement for the circle, which symbolizes the feminine principle.

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harleyborgais: Making perfection

The compass draws perfect circles, and is needed to make the sacred flower of life patterns which look just like atoms from the nemescope photos.

The right angle or square is needed for perfect straight lines and square angles.

You can make all the geometric shapes perfectly by using the right combinations and progressive patterns from these two tools alone. In the real world you also use the plumb, level, and other tools to square things up.

Understanding these things you see why the Masonic symbols have these things in them, because this is how you create perfection, this is how God created the universe, using geometry, and that is why Geometry is the universal language. When you learn how form determines function, then you can understand the meanings of all geometric forms, and that is why I have nearly competed the sacred system of 13 geometric systems. 3x4 plus one more. The last one is dimensions, the four is spiral, circle, triangle, square, and each has meaning. Triangle is three dimensions, square is two like a plane. Spiral is dynamic and changing, circle is static and not changing. Straight edges refer to the male aspect of push and pull forces in the physical 3D world, and the circles or curves refer to the fields of energy which are the female aspect because they are the cause or source of all forces, which are effects of the fields.

Still working on the three, but one is the golden ratio which makes spirals out of any of the four shapes, and that is the growth pattern of life and matter, doubling. Then there is nesting or seeding where shapes come together side to side or inside each other. Then there is transformation or combination of the shapes. All these form 12 systems of geometry, where forms determine functions, and the 13th is where you add the axis or dimensions to make the universe and reality, modeled by Geometry. This is one of the sacred secrets of the secret societies, the Rosicrucian, the Freemasons, and then the Illuminati. I think the Rosi Crossians got it from Jesus, who was simply so learned that he under stood all this, then they passed it down, some stone masons learned it, made the free masons, then the evil bankers corrupted it and made the Illuminati to further their schemes, stealing and abusing the knowledge of how Minds work, which is the greatest power knowledge, (How energy works is 2, how the govt. currently works is 3, I got you covered on those second two).

So the star of david represents the six dimensions, two opposite 3D realms, and the triangle represents forces in 3 Dimensions, or 3D force. The circle the field of Energy, or static, stationary, consistent, cycles, etc..

This is new to me though:

I knew about this however:
Light on Masonry

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