Buckingham Palace From The Air Symbolism

by Quinton on August 28th, 2013
Buckingham Palace From The Air Symbolism

"Buckingham Palace from the air. An Egyptian pyramidical layout, same as at Washington DC, and at Paris, etc. Atonists like to remember the good ol' days and so designed new cities as a "new Egypt" to replace the one they lost long ago. Theirs is the New World Order" -- Michael Tsarion

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bluesbaby5050: Good Job Quinton!

I see what you mean. Great View :-)

bluesbaby5050: I have one new book by Michael Tsarion..........

They are: SLAVE SPECIES OF THE GODS. It's a great read, and many pictures on his mentioned sites are also included in this new book that was just released by him. I also have a new book of, THE RISE, AND THE FALL OF THE NEPHILM, by Scott Alan Roberts. And a new book by, Sasha ( Alex) Lessin, PhD, It's title is: ANUNNAKI GODS NO MORE. I will be posting information from these 3 books for the forum as soon as I finish them. They were on Sale on -AMAZON .COM FREE Shipping, and Handling too. ( A BARGAIN )

Tarheel: I see

I see a FreeMason slant as well. Yikes!

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