Black Hole Picture

by Quinton on February 14th, 2008
Black Hole Picture
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harleyborgais: Black Holes/Dark Matter

Niel DeGrass Tyson disagreed with me by emails, when I stated that Black Holes Were Dark Matter.

I think it is obvious judging from the video that he himself was in, showing the "Bullet Cluster". There the majority of visible matter is at the center, but the dark matter is seperated, which you can tell using lensing around the black holes at the centers of the galaxies on either side.

All galaxies are centered by a black hole, which catches and/or forms two or more arms of stars with meteors and moons and planets very gradually.

The tendency of matter (Including human and all other tissue/flesh) is to become more dense.

It all starts with hydrogen, which compresses gradually through gravity/electrical charge/magnetic force generated from spinning charges, the friction between atoms breaks up some of the electrons and protons forming strong clouds of charge, and lightning sparks fusion, which fuses Four H into two He. This creates two neutrons using up two of the atoms, putting together an electron and proton for each neutron, then two electrons and two protons for the rest of the Helium atom.

The pattern of the ratio of neutrons to protons increases, so past the twenties all the atoms have more neutrons than protons.

When a star is old enough (a few billion years for ours), it explodes (ours will go red first because it is fusing up to Iron #26). When a star explodes, it leaves a core of neutrons, because the neutrons have far stronger gravity and magnetic field, even though the electron and proton kick out an anti neutrino when they form into a neutron.

The mass or neutrons is a neutron star, white dwarf, quasar, pulsar, or magnetar. When these reach three times (3x) the mass of our Sun, then it explodes, and a dark mass called a black hole forms.

I believe that the neutrons, which last up to 15 minutes outside a stable atom by the way, crystallize into a denser form which is the black hole, which clearly is dark matter.

The same way we see the black holes, is how we see the dark matter, the lensing, or motion of stars around galaxies. Its the darn black holes, and some missing calculations...

All gravity and other fields of energy extend forever, never reaching zero, on an exponential decrease. So you have to add up the overlapping magnetic and gravitational fields of all stars and planets in the universe technically to be accurate, but really you have to estimate better. The magnetic fields dont add if the are repelling, only if the are attracting.

That explains the cosmic inflation, the dark matter mystery, black holes, galaxy formation, and more. In the end of time it will all be dark matter, and then it will be consistent, so matter will be irrelevant, there will be no forms left anymore, and it will all start over again, at the void, with the Genesis of Relativity...

In the first event, two fronts of opposite pressure, interact at 90 degrees, forming a spinning, outward traveling front of two opposite pressures, negative and positive, which react forming a pattern that represents the flower of life patter, and the actual photo of atoms from the nemescope, then that pattern becomes conscious, which is God, which forms our universe, like this....

By stretching negative and positive pressure out along one dimension, spinning it around one to make magnetic fields, another to make spheres for matter, then let it go to make the speed of light, which is all motion of all energy, which is Time. The push and pull between real matter is a fourth dimension which only exists between material, spherical particles.

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