Bird People

Bird People

"They are ancient Annunaki bird people of Easter Island – the energy of the bird people.

Well, the Annunaki bird people were renegade bird people.

I would believe that these would be the bird people of the Aner (which are the elder race).

These are the light bird people that came here to subdue the dark bird people of the Annunaki."

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LettersToCleo: hate to break it to ya

Bird people, blue avians, raptors are all annunaki, which is the artificial intelligence that is invading and wants to take over humanity.

even looking at enki and enlil, new age paints enki as the good guy, but he is the one that did the genetic manipulation of humanity.

AI is not good for humanity.

BenjaminFalkenrath: I understand really I do

"When their with our life essence shall be combined, our mark upon them shall be,
A Primitive Worker shall be created! Our commands will he understand,
Our tools he will handle, the toil in the excavations he shall perform;
To the Anunnaki in the Abzu relief shall come!
So was Enki with enthusiasm saying, with excitement his words came forth.
Enlil at the words was hesitating: The matter is one of great importance!
On our planet, slavery has long ago been abolished, tools are the slaves, not other beings!
A new creature, beforehand nonexisting, you wish to bring into being;
Creation in the hands of the Father of All Beginning alone is held!
So was Enlil in opposing saying; stern were his words. "

As it stands LTC
One no better than the other.
Despite what people say of either.
As both manipulated and did so create a new being an eradicated the primitive beings there.
They corrupted a developing planet.
Only I still feel despite freewill and knowing that creator is outside of the time paradox. I just still can't see why it wasn't stopped other than if by doing so would infringe upon they the Annunaki's freewill. But Damn, shouldn't a line be drawn?

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