Bilderberg Group Infographic

by Quinton on December 19th, 2013
Bilderberg Group Infographic

Cool graphic I came across

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Sky: This is a detailed picturesque chart that says more than a book.

Several years ago, I read several chapters from who I believe, based on my GENERALIST LAY PERSPECTIVE HUNCH to be the most prolific and accurate writer on the Builderburg organization being DANIAL ESTALIN. He wrote many books on this organization. I developed this hunch in part by listening to GEORGE NORY on COAST TO COAST radio program with ESTALIN being interviewed for approximately two hours several years ago. The book by Estalin I became very familiar with was THE TRUE STORY OF BUILDERBURG published in 2009. Anyhow, as I recollect the book delineated, as it were, how producers of macro-supplier chemicals charge prices for their stock at prices similar to high priced illicit drugs. ESTALIN as I recollect explained the symbiotic relationships with pharmaceutical, Monitary Banks and the actual trade of illicit drugs along with other spurious implications. These symbiotic, alagarkic, business dealings work to protect their trade routes by using all kinds of official and unofficial armed forces.

While searching for the writer Daniel ESTALIN books on AMAZON, so as to better recollect the book I read from him, I came across a vehicle bumper sticker selling for $4.25--The decal reads something to this effect: The REAL POWER BROKERS: BUILDERBURGER (followed by in descending level of power) THE TRIALATERAL COMMISSION then lastly THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS (the name for the British version of the Trilateral Commission not mentioned). I mention this in that this decal for $4.25 further adds to my hunch being BUILDERBURG IS THE LINCH PIN so to speak. Just like FEDERAL RESERVE is to Chase Manhatten bank as I believe EDWARD G. GRIFFEN would ascent to. My guest being Chase Manhatten Bank and Citibank are liasons of sorts to the BANK OF ENGLAND and then Bank of England onto the IMF.

Anyhow (I over use the word "anyway" HA! ha.he! He!) getting more serious with a sobering face, I was impressed that the diagram above as you (Quinton) listed toward the bottom Center lists two entities. Those being firstly THE GOVERNOR OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE. I did not realize there is a GOVERNOR of it. The diagram nearby lists THE CHAIRMAN OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE (probably Ben Bernaki or Hilary Clinton is the chairman now is my guess).

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