NO One wants to talk about this ---------> " THE " PINK ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM ", And Why is THAT? "Does Anybody Really KNOW " ?? HOW are WE Going to Handle This? -------> { Our " YRUE " Reality on this Planet? }

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bluesbaby5050: " HOW ".......... ?

HOW ? ...........

nivine: so simple

Bz as I said before, people find it so easy to live a lie.... But hard to look for the truth!
They can't even accept the idea that they are sometimes fooled by their own partners, u want them to believe that the whole world is fooling them? Where is their pride?

How we can handle this? Maybe we should make a new book that only talks about humanity, and release is it as a new religion., only by then they will think about listening! Millions of religions are present worldwide.. It's not gonna make a difference by adding one! They are so easy to be fooled.. Thus so easy to believe!

UN.i1-PHI: NO!

but, yes many ppl are too lazy to recognize the lie they're living and start digging for the truth wich often can contradict their whole common view of 'reality', out of comfort of being spoonfed and thinking its all'right

and i understand your intentions for passing on the truth to wake up humanity, but this MUST NOT be done in any form of religion! as this is the exact opposite of what is supposed to happen;

people need to get awake/aware of the fact that their whole reality /system is being manipulated in tyrannical & malevolant sneaky ways and start to find out whats happening behind close doors/ human perception and finally really do something about it!

but they will have to start changing this themselves with their own personal initiative to be your own master on a journey for truth and not surrender to any kind of AUTHOROTY BECAUSE they put their faiths in someone else's beliefs and/or because of 'secure' feeling of being commited to a sect or religion

NO first religions must be exposed, understood and realized for what they truely are
religions are Extraterrestrial Manipulation Systems Inferiolizing Humans By Making Them believe in External Superior Authority to instill Fear for Disobedience so they can be Controlled more easily in many ways

if they realized they've been lied to they can better use that frustration for seeking the underlying truth in things

last thing we need is to label the REAL TRUTHS under another religion!!! (wich could be used as a layered tactic to deny the truth because it would be again presented in form of religion and equal in sake(excuse) of tolerance to other kinds of religious perspectives, to dimmish the real truths exposing the hoax of reality (including religions as a tool for control) under the many religions)

Truth must be in its purest form as possible and not confused with religion!

nivine: Cant agree more

Ofcourse i wasn't serious about making new religion, It was more like a ''Way'' to point out that ,do we need to write things in books, deceive them, act as a huge power, so they will think about listening? Millions of religions are there, they don't even mind if more are created on daily basis! What kind of religions is this, that was the basic reason behind dividing the world and moreover making sure that each will criticize or hate the other.

This is the concept of everything. People only care about the ''SOURCE'' it popular? famous? being released in best shows? That's it!!! nothing else matters, who wrote it? whats the point from it? they don't even analyze things between themselves, simply bz they trust their source.

Who are we so they can listen to us? we will care about them and have humanity more than the government? religious people or any other power...This is how they think

i would like to end this in 1 question: If the world was to end tomorrow, who from this whole system will give a damn about them? each of the powers already got their alternative plans, do people really think they are part of the plan? they will do their best to save us?
They will pack everything and leave secretly!
People need to know that we have each others back, that's the only choice..

UN.i1-PHI: yes many ppl are too obsessed with 'source' but..

what they mostly dont realize is that almost all of the 'popular' or 'mainstream' , 'big-time' sources are structurally controlled and designated & designed in many (layered) ways
and that they think theres a such a huge variety of sources but theres an important thing to bear in mind and that is to recognize how and wich of these media sources are rooted into the claws of the controllers and wich are from free independent sources, and if they are really trying to expose this nasty bullshit and are on the right/good path

but this is why i say 'there is no (good) way' that the truth should be packed in religion of any kind or manipulated with to get it to the public, we need to spark em awake with shocking turths behind the lies they are told and live in and expose it for what it really is with respect to the manipulation target,
well there is a way , infact many ways to manipulate the public and decieve them, but ofcourse 'we' should not use them as our goal is to educate and present the hidden facts & histories and NOT to profit and seize control, as this is what the tyrannical controllers do

and so ofcourse u should NOT to decieve the public if you want to get the 'truth' trough, even if you think its the only solution because thats how they're managed by others anyway,


(and so the main factor for interpretating&judging a 'source' should be based on the underlying INTENTIONS and not on whatever 'AUTHOROTY')

UN.i1-PHI: source should be based on the

source should be based on the underlying intentions and not on whatever authoroty the presentator claims to have **

the world as we know it could end 'tomorrow' and it doesnt have to be completely destroyed to be at its worst, so we need to expose& stop the New World Dis-Order as soon as possible!!
and the terrible situations implicated by the NWO should be enough to motivate us all to work together to teach eacother and stop it!

nivine: great, but let me tell u something

This happened between me and someone on YouTube.
He said that David icke is just decieving us bz he asked for a donation.
If everything is an illusion why he talks about Money

I replied, its like saying if everything is an illusion,why he bothers owning a home,driving,or even sit on a chair! Yes he knows wat the really world is,but also he is already part of the system that was implemented for us.that's exactly what it needs, being in between!! He cant help us here,if he didn't go with the flow with the world that we see,bz simply we cant see what he can! how he will work on helping the world in knowing the truth?he give us his eyes to see through them?

So what I'm trying to say is that we dont see things in the same way at all even we are a copy of each other.. David was able to see the truth, but since we cant see through his eyes, therefore it's hard to believe for most people what he is saying.

Now the same thing goes for us.. How we perceive truth it's hard for others to do
Bz simply, the truth is always there ofcourse, But its hard to see.. It needs millions of combinations that is present inside us..
We dont see "MORE" than anyone else, we will live in the same world under same conditions...we just see in a " different perspective" and this is something hard to convince people to do. That's why from billions in the world, thousands only manage that

Simply bz each of us is shaped by his experience. Definition of truth they got introduced to, Or anything from their surrounding that shaped them to who they are today.. We can't blame anyone for that. The system implemented, worked out perfectly in controling their minds since they were born.

Despite world government or anything else..people in their daily life, the personal or social.. They are so easy to be fooled, Thats why u find most people are broken and in pain, even those who decieved them are a huge part of their daily life, from a partner or family member.

Moreover, if the things that are even evident infront of them, they dont care about it. Don't tell me that people don't know what they are eating from the stores & restaurants is deadly, their water is contaminated, side effects of medications, smoking and others. What the hell we will need to provide more than what they are already seing? But guess what, even their eyes can help in nothing!

They want "powerful evidence" to see by their naked eye so they can believe what we are saying. Ok lets say we managed that. But what can we do to the other part? The Part that we dont share, and the only way is by letting them see through us.
What about the truth that got no solid evidence?

We need the truth to be "self evident", if we provided proofs for million years, it's not enough, bz they got the Chance to already see that at least from their daily liFe

They are asleep from the inside with a huge magnetic force covering that! They need to be awakened.

Even reading, agreeing, and supporting the truth at home behind the screen means nothing! The moment we step out fearlessly is the day that we will start to make a enormous Change!
The more we incorporate ourselves, the more we show the rest of the world that its possible. People feel more safe walking in a crowd, & will get the guts to step out.

UN.i1-PHI: let-me-tell-u-something (it) means more than nothing

we can see the things others can, but from our own eyes/perspectives, and we can descripe ours and share with eachother and that does, and if they dont match we can explain why and how and then comprehend eachother better wether we agree or disagree
and means a lot in the process and can bring alot in the progress

UN.i1-PHI: if not disrupted by ignorance

if not disrupted by ignorance and frustration.. cuz thats when ppl get mad

nivine: Okay. __.

I highlighted we dont see more than anyone, it's just a different perspective.
The sharring method and convincing is ofcourse the best as an ideal solution, but it's not very applicable,. Ur talking as if people are so flexible, they listen, and share ideas. U dont know that this is the problem at the first place, being biased to their mentality. as I said if the things that are based on solid proofs, they are fighting on it? Are u actually expecting that method to work out? .
Something in them is controling them, as I said it's like magnetic force keeping them unconscious.. This is exactly were we need to start, their body is just their is only for the concept of being present, their senses were in control for a long time.. It's not the mean for us to go into them anymore.

No way, a complete consciously person will actually watch himself dieng just bz of food he is eating!! Where is the senses? Anything that just works in them, why isn't it functioning? Why they didnt give a damn to those got them evidence that their food is toxic? And ur still having hope in the slow process that will take ages, while already the main cause is inside them and hidden!

Btw, Nice discussion :d .. Peace

bluesbaby5050: I think this would be a good idea,and it's up to each person

To decide if they want to say so or NOT. To tell what country each person is from, but not the areas of that country, because I feel that this would help people to better understand why some people think different then others do, because of where they are from, and the different cultures do really make a big difference here..If they don't want to mention anything more then that, this is acceptable, and is fine. As most of you already know, I'm from the USA, born and raised in this country.

nivine: hello from lebanon :p

I think this needs a totally new forum topic, which I prefer all to participate..
To me, this will get us a lil bit closer, if we know that what a huge diversity we are from the whole wor
ld. What is noteworthy!! Is to show that our differences is not the main issue at all if we let ourselves free from what is controlling us! And if we manage to discuss things among these huge diversity on our 12000 small scale, that's the ultimate proof that we can manage it on a larger scale, which is worldwide.
Bz this is simply is pointing, it's not us.. It's them!

bluesbaby5050: OK! I already knew ............

Where you were from Nivine- Now I don't have to keep this secret anymore Hahahaha! Thank You, and I know this will make a difference here, or I would not have suggested it otherwise. Your right, this will bring us all closer :-)

nivine: okay, first secret is gone.. next :p

Come on! Bare with me, I was trying to look like a hero, since the first step needs the bravest :p
Thank u for ruining that :p
Ok, all of the above was a joke :d.. I thought of doing it, bz first I don't think it was an excepted answer. And second of all the first comment did already half the way.. Two or more from totally different countries and absolute different culture and mentality, actually managed to go through the hardest discussions peacefully

nivine: I can't get any luckier:d

I know that you know it's a good idea to suggest . __.
I was getting ur back and create supportive environment full of energy :p
Great job my friend, keep on going :p

bluesbaby5050: Truth Control is a Great Testing ground for your.........

Project. I think this has now opened up for you. I hope this was helpful. That's why I made the suggestion of telling what country we are from to the forum, and that other members should do the same. This will help all of us in the long run.

UN.i1-PHI: i really dont think it would

i really dont think it would be necessary for us here to mention where we're from to understand eachother better in this furom as long as were talking thesame languages
and i think its NOT an good idea to start thinking diffrent about people based on where they live or come from or to verify any prejudices..

nivine: ur taking things on ideal situations

It's not necessary that if it is ideal, then it's the best! Bz there are facts we live in(wrong ones) but we cant deny them! We can't reach the stage ur talking about without Solving what already caused it!
No we didnt ask for that and we are not even expecting that we will totally understand each other here.
The main point is that eventhough we are in this super diversity, if we managed to get out from what is controling us, is what we need to reach peace.
It is a fact and a reality that we are shaped by our surrounding, we can't deny this.Millions of religions are present worldwide, and it is mainly what creates the norms and values for each, and even How they were introduced to the definition of the word peace itself. We cant run away from this fact. But this is exactly the wall we need to break here. People will have a different perspective about this when they actually see that we managed to discuss things peacefully when we created our own lil world here baised only on love and respect to each other, we need nothing else!! Nothing!
Again this proves if we manged to do it on this scale, we can definitely on a larger one, and its "Not" us ruining the world but "them"

UN.i1-PHI: yes and i was talking bout

yes and i was talking bout this on a global scale
and i wanted to point out we can't/should not force others to change but they can choose to change themselves more easily in ways and learn things from eachother better when we show a 'good' example by respecting free will and wanting to learn from and understand eachother and enjoy the wide diversity of perspectives without having to / forcing to agree with eachother

but it is still important to address conflicts if you want to solve something, and ppl should respect eachother too if someone is trying to explain why something is not as it seems to be to another if its in good intentions like if someone has been lied to or decieved by something, wich is something important to know but wich many fear because of the controversy and unwillingness to the 'need' to start thinking different as theyre used to..

and thats an important step in getting to the truth..

nivine: this takes us back to what we started upon

"Being connected: love is the key"


bluesbaby5050: The Reason this was Suggested in the first place---------

Was to SHOW Others Around this planet that WE CAN TRULY CONNECT though our Minds/Hearts, though the Power of Love shared by Humanity. This not only shows all our governments that we really are able, and wanting to live this way, but it also shows the OFF world Civilizations out there as well, because some Species out there don't think we humans can Measure Up to their loving, peaceful ways of CO-EXISTING, living together on planet Earth. It was not to bring up, or to expose people's individual Prejudices, as there will always be that among those that are not spirituality advanced, and these types will have to re-incarnate again to evolve this out of them in another time, and place suitable for their own journey.

UN.i1-PHI: thats another reason why

thats another reason why ignorance is NOT bliss
but yes i do expect that it will make a big difference when more ppl start to live the way they preach/ behave how they think is right to others themselves instead of just expecting other to change infront of you, many people would automatically devalue the info you tell them if they percieve you as being hypocritical, even if you're telling something right/true

and yes i have hope in this slow, or should i say long process, as recognizing and understanding someones (benevolant) ways can make them respect and live by them too if you've respected and understood theirs too and their reasons for them

and this may seem as a slow process by individuals under eachother,and you may see the many conflicts etc keeping it down, but if we conversate respectfully and with understanding to eachother, the chain reactions can accelarate very fast!

UN.i1-PHI: considering time as just an

considering time as just an illusion were experiencing, this is not a really just a slow or 'long' process, but a real BIG process of waking up and realizing the unrealized, for the huge amount of people on this planet.

and seeking shortcuts for the progress of a process in sake of impatience and/or laziness,can mostly only bring devolution istead of evolution, as it is necessary to go trough the progress step by step and not leave things out as theyre often turn out to be more important than ppl have imagined/considered

nivine: I respect

If this is what u really feel as a solution, then this sounds perfect to me, bz it's not necessarily at all for us here to have same solutions.. As long as we have the same target, do whatever u want and we will also support and be part of that even we got our own other way,
This is actually an amazing thing if we have different solutions, each will act as a plan "B" for the other in case it didnt work. And also different people worldwide need different ways of approaching them and convicing them by taking into consideration their beliefs and the way they interpret And accept things

UN.i1-PHI: i did NOT meant to imply that

i did NOT meant to imply that ppl should have the same solutions or perspectives or (dis)agreements, but that we first need to try to understand eachother and then we can explain why we personally agree or disagree, problem is that many ppl get too quick personally offended when someone elses expresses their personal opinion and others do offend others because of their diffrerent beliefs or perspectives..

bluesbaby5050: These are great responses..........

To this GOBAL PROBLEM. These are fine examples of some in depth, and detailed solutions to this purposely asked question that I had posted to this forum. I wanted input from many members, and to be able to share in our helpful ideas on how we can take back our power, and turn this planet around with love, and connectedness for Humanity. Please feel free to keep adding more ideas here..... All are welcome.

bluesbaby5050: Another Idea...........

Remove-Take Down ALL SKIN-COLOR PREDUDISHES. for starters.....WHY? Answer: WE are all the same,,, Male/Female-Human Beings. OLD SCHOOL Teachings,,,,Taught by our Masters/Controllers to think skin color differences are Different, and should be kept true reality,,, they are the same, just more shades of pigment for protection from the radiation, and the strong rays from the sun. The human skin has adapted to the areas/locations from where people live on Earth. Underneath the skin,,, we are still the same,,, we are CONNECTED as a species. See THOUGH the Lies.

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