Bahai Temple Israel - Orion's Belt and the Pleiades

Bahai Temple Israel - Orion's Belt and the Pleiades

Bahai Temple Israel - Orion's Belt and the Pleiades

I think the nine pointed star has to do with the hollow earth.
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HebrianDaniel: pleades are 7stars which

pleades are 7stars which known as the 7 sisters what a fail :P

Terran resistance: Pleiades

Theres 5 bright stars in the Pleiades which is why the number 5 is used for the Pleiades
There are 7 visible stars of the Pleiades in the night sky thats why the number 7 is concerned, and there are 9 stars which are controlled / lived on by Pleiadians thats where the number 9 is concerned.

I dont think I need lectures from someone who cant even spell Pleiades correctly.

bluesbaby5050: The Ummites?

Hey TR, What do you know about the alien race of the Ummites,from the planet UMMO? They are also Human too. Do you have any information on them? Any pictures? Thanks.

Terran resistance: the ummites..

they MIGHT be apart of the orion group.,

evidence for this is the god marduk holds a similar symbol to what the ummites represent themselves as.

marduk fights the god tiamat in sumerian mythology repressented by a griffon like in the image.

marduk is where the roman god mars comes from, the god of war, which is where we get the virgin mary from which there are three of them in the bible each representing a star in Orion's belt which I have talked about in previous posts.

unless the ummite symbol doesnt represent the constellation of orion then the person who made this image is wrong about the bahai faith ringstone symbol representing the constellation of orion.

then the ummites might not then be apart of the Orion group, the fact that the ummite symbol is similar to bahai faith symbol (ringstone symbol) is not a good sign what so ever and its similar to the layout of the constellation of orion is not good either, bahai faith is linked to the templars and teutonic knights and zionism in Israel from my previous research into the subject, and as you probably know the orion group has been responsible for alot of bad happening here on earth.

so overall I have mixed feeling about the ummites. If they are linked to bahai faith , then they could be linked to zionism, if they are linked to zionism, they could be linked to the nazis.

All depends on whether the ummite symbol represents the constellation of orion or not!!

sorry I dont have pictures of ummites, wish i did though :(

bluesbaby5050: TR,and the Ummites......

Thank you Tr for this information.It was nice of you to provide this for the people in the forum.Please feel free to teach them as well.BB5050.

Terran resistance: I couldnt get this out of my head today so here:

The fifth month of the year is May is named after Maia a star in the Pleiades.

Also September, septem being 7 in latin, is the 9th month of the year!

Tarheel: So 7 is 9 and May is Pleiadian?

And, HebrianDaniel, you crack me up!

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