Bahai Faith Ringstone Symbol

Bahai Faith Ringstone Symbol

Bahai Faith Ringstone Symbol originates from the constellation of Orion.

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HebrianDaniel: I always wondered why this

I always wondered why this symbol was very shown in north Africa and Africa and Mesopotamia.

pasqualie: Its just the infighting between reptilians and annunaki

one is matriarchal, the other patriarchal, they attempted to infiltrate various strongholds.

just like there are factions in christianity, the annunaki introduced a patriarchal protestant movement to counter the matriarchal mary worship in the catholic church which was dominant at the time.

you know which groups religions follow based on male or female deity or god worship.

reptilians have a queen, annunaki have a king.

pasqualie: So the converse is

Islam and other cultures have male external deity or saviour worship. So this is annunaki influence since they have a king. So the reptilians added a counter insurgency within their religions ranks by having the bahai and others in the middle east.

in europe you have various orders reflecting annunaki or reptilian allegiance, like knights templar and knights of gnossis.

Terran resistance: ...

you speak so much garbage it is unbelievable.

pasqualie: Its just a matter of if you buy into victimization programming

and if you resonate with it.

religious constructs mimic the new age religion of deities aliens and angels and demons and ascended masters. if one realizes this, one sees this. just as one sees the new age disinformation of creating an advance civilization in outer space and the universe with the same flaws and pettty conflicts on earth only magnifide on a grander scale.

if its garbage to you, you are unaware of the influence of the reptlian queen, and the annunaki king, and how they want humans to see them as gods, thus translated to humans in stories and creations of religions to reflect male or female god worship and victimization programming.

you havent yet see above the same patterns of disinformation , the tools are the same that they applied in religion 7000 years ago to current religions, to the now current new age religion of aliens, ascended masters and angels and demons. if you look and are honest, you see the pattern is the same, maybe just a different colour.

pasqualie: put it this way

if they aliens were going to wipe humanity out, they would have when we had bows and arrows.

if someone was going to come down and save humanity they would have.

so the grand story and drama and victimization programming goes on and on and on, the real purpose being to distract you. focusing on the external so you do not go inwards or internal. believing the answer lies outside of you or from someone else when its inside you, connected to your higher self.

pasqualie: rule number one

never give away your personal power.

which means dont follow gurus priests, ascended masters, aliens etc etc etc.

why is this false, because hierarchy is in polarity. higher beings of 5th dimension or higher dont have cast systems or hierarchy, and they dont want followers or to be worshipped.

pasqualie: I dont take it personal TR

I just offer an alternate view. if it doesnt resonate with you, its ok also. everyone is on their own path.

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