Athena's wisdom

Athena's wisdom

Athena posing with a torch which is alot like the statue of liberty, I wonder why that is...,_NY...

Also its alot like the ancient greek gods Hecate,

who were a triple goddess conjoined together, these goddesses are sometimes seen with torchs aswell. this is because they mythologically resemble the ancient greek goddesses athena, artemis and aphrodite.

Hecate was a moon goddess aswell just like artmemis was in ancient greek mythology. In fact Hecate is just another variation of these three goddesses.

owl in the corner which is a symbol of athena aswell, which is alot like the owl which the goddess Lilith is seen with aswell:

The owl and lion is symbolic of this triple goddess in lower level freemasonary. In christianity we know them as the three marys from the bible.

In the sumerian tablets they are these three goddesses:

Then we have three stars in the corner which represent the three stars of orion's belt in the constellation of Orion in higher level masonic interpretation.

For the rest of my pictures go to:

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