Athena worship and bohemian grove

Athena worship and bohemian grove

Athena worship and bohemian grove

athena was worshipped along side artemis and aphrodite in ancient greece

They are also known in the bible as:
Mary (mother of Jesus), Mary Magdalene, Mary, the wife of Cleopas

They are also known as the three wise men or three monkeys, (see no evil etc) and the triple moon goddess from wiccan beliefs.

a fasces is a symbol of athena worship, one of three gods.

There are other examples across many other religions but I cant be bothered to mention them.

They basically believe in trascendent gods through time.

they symbolically represent orion's belt to high level bohemian grove members.

this is why bohemian grove were caught worshipping an owl at bohemian grove.

because they were worshipping athena! fascism is linked to bohemian grove (and the orion group if your an alien buff.)

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Terran resistance: triad

triad to pagans

el-Lat, el-Uzza, and Manat to muslims.

the ‘Three Pure Ones’ to taoists.

I believe the goddes lilith comprises one of these deities aswell.

Terran resistance: so fascists...

so fascists worship one of three gods.

Terran resistance: londis logo

three stars represent orions belt aswell as the triple goddess.

Terran resistance: explanation of triple moon goddess

theres three faces to the moon which is symbolic of the three goddess's.

Tarheel: Bohemian Grove is NOT Skull&Bones.

There may be some cross-over of members, but Skull and Bones is much smaller and east coast based. Bohemian Grove is in Cali.
Their 40' Owl is a MASCOT and serves as a shrine.
Your post is way flawed. Check your source because it's abd.
You may want to watch bradmeltzer's "Decoded" on Bohemian Grove. It will set you straight.

Terran resistance: they are very much interconnected

for example george bush is apart of skull and bones and he was in the republican party which its logo has three stars which represent athena, aphrodite and artemis.

also the nazis wore skull and bones badges during the war, and the nazis are known as fascists today are they not? athena carrys a fasces from which fascism is derived as i have explained.

you are quite right that they are probably different organisations but the similarities are very close and cannot be ignored, they are all zionists (zion, root word is orion as in orions belt, from which aryan is also derived as a word).

bluesbaby5050: I think you are both correct in your own opinions, but...

TR is More So. I have read the history of those three godesses before.(This is my opinion.)

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